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Harbor + Sprout is an engaging curriculum of unit studies and learning resources for all ages. It features both print and digital options including bundle-style studies for elementary ages, open-and-go unit studies for both primary and secondary grade levels, preschool learning resources, nature study and journaling curriculum, and supplemental materials suitable for all ages. Their curriculum is nature-inspired, high quality, and created with the aim of immersive learning.

Harbor + Sprout’s extensive curriculum library is full of engaging learning for the whole family. Here’s what you’ll find at Harbor + Sprout:

Primary Level Unit Studies

  • For elementary learners ages 6-12
  • Open-and-go
  • Available digitally or in print
  • Notebooking and activities incorporated in each module to help bring learning to life in individualized ways
  • 20 modules each encompassing all subjects in a multidisciplinary format
  • Accompanying workbooks (optional)

Harbor and SproutThese unit studies aim to inspire a love of learning as students dive into fascinating fields of study. In true unit-study-fashion, each module contains cross-functional material expanding over multiple subjects seamlessly blended within the unit’s captivating theme. 

Each module contains a reading portion, notebooking opportunities, and an activities section. Students will take in information, reflect on their reading, further their understanding of the subject through writing, and make personal connections with the information through hands-on activities that align with their learning style.

At the end of the unit modules, a selection of printable notebooking pages is provided along with the unit appendix. The appendix includes a book list of complementary titles, a vocabulary/spelling list, additional links to supplementary material, a set of flashcards, and other useful additions.

Accompanying Workbooks

Primary Level Workbooks contain complementary activities for each module in their respective Primary Level Unit Studies. They are intended for elementary-aged students to use in tandem with the unit study to enhance learning. These workbooks are consumable and while they are not required to complete the unit studies, they make excellent companions to your exploration through each module. Primary Level Workbooks are sold separately in both digital and print formats.Harbor + Sprout

Patchwork Studies

  • Ages 3-12
  • Bundle-style units
  • Family-style learning
  • Print-as-you-go, as needed
  • Digital format
  • 4 lessons each of science, nature study, language arts, writing, history, geography, music, art, math, and a supplement of additional themed activities

Harbor + SproutHarbor + Sprout Patchwork Studies, their original, well-loved bundle-style unit study curriculum, features a unique, eclectic style full of unexpected paths to be explored. These studies are made for the curious, opening new doors of discovery with every lesson. 

These themed studies are created for children aged 3-12. Each lesson is family-style and allows each child to complete the same lessons in different ways specifically tailored to their needs. Four distinct levels of learning are outlined in the unit handbook along with ideas for how to simplify or expand upon lessons for each child as you see fit. Units are delivered as digital downloads allowing you to save, keep, print, and use for your own family or classroom’s use for years to come. Discover the joy of “kitchen table learning” as you experience the joy of learning- together! Patchwork Studies are available in digital format only.

Secondary Level Unit Studies

  • Ages 12-18+
  • Open-and-Go
  • Available digitally or in print
  • Notebooking and project prompts are incorporated in each module to help bring learning to life in individualized ways
  • 9 in-depth modules each encompassing all subjects in a multidisciplinary format

Harbor + SproutHarbor + Sprout’s secondary level unit studies focus on project-based learning and notebooking for an experiential learning approach. Each module is designed to take the learner on a journey to discover a facet of the theme with a specific set of academic subject applications. With information, notebooking prompts, projects, and experiments that appeal to a wide range of learning styles, these unit studies can be tailored to bring learning to life in whatever way your student needs. These unit studies can be used in digital ebook form with a notebook of your own or printed and used as physical books. Explore the library of secondary level unit studies and discover how they might breathe life into your schooling.

Each module includes the following:

  • Backdrop for Learning: The backdrop for learning is the primary informational section of each module. This section is intended to provide insight into the unit theme as it pertains to a main subject of study (i.e. history or art). This section should be considered a springboard for further exploration as you continue through the module and seek further understanding.
  • Make it Yours – Notebooking: In the Make it Yours section, students will find open-ended notebooking invitations and journaling prompts to act as a guide encouraging reflection on the concepts presented in the module and exploration of their own ideas relative to them. This will be the unit’s primary source of language arts and writing studies.
  • Bring it to Life: In the Bring it to Life section, you will find hands-on applications and projects to further your student’s self-guided learning. This project-based learning will help students connect with each module’s subject matter. Through hands-on and complex applications, experiences, experiments, and projects, students will have the opportunity to draw connections between the modules and their own world. Each module provides project-based learning prompts that explore the theme from all learning styles (visual, auditory, linguistic, kinesthetic, and logical).

Each secondary unit has its own page on the Harbor + Sprout website with supplemental content and activity links to expand the student’s study. 

Each unit’s appendix section includes lists of vocabulary, literary elements, and references. These helpful resources are meant to aid in further research and to be utilized in the student’s notebooking and projects. 

Harbor + Sprout

Early Learning Curriculum

Early learning curriculum creates explorative invitations to learn for little ones. These activities are open-ended and provide a gentle framework for children to discover their rapidly expanding world through play.

Harbor + SproutComing Soon:

Until now, their curriculum offering has primarily consisted of unit studies. In the second half of 2024, they will begin rolling out their Math and Language Arts curricula. These are nature-inspired, thorough, full Math and LA programs for each grade level. Get ready to begin a more full, robust journey of learning the Harbor + Sprout way!

Additional Resources

The Harbor + Sprout curriculum library is forever growing. Don’t miss their Nature Handicraft Ebooks, Notebooks, Journals, and Curio Nature Society nature journaling curriculum.

Harbor and Sprout

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