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Homeschool Complete is a parent-recommended, all-in-one program that integrates all subject areas within the fully planned lessons. Use the unique, literature-based, unit-study curriculum to create an enjoyable, immersive learning experience that promotes strong academics and attains lasting success.

Explore new ideas and inspire your child using the engaging lesson plans that incorporate language arts, math, social studies, science, physical development, fitness, art, music, and character development. Homeschool Complete truly had ‘simplicity’ in mind while developing this curriculum–no more switching manuals or workbooks!

An excellent option for new or experienced homeschoolers, the complete program provides the tools you need to achieve your desired educational goals.

The hard work of planning is entirely done for you.

  • Eliminate the stress of daily planning. The detailed lesson plans guide you step by step so that you can confidently teach your child.
  • The design of this curriculum eliminates the need to write any lesson plans or create any activities, so you are free to spend time with your child instead of planning.
  • This all-inclusive curriculum is well organized and provides  documentation for your work during the year.  

Simplify teaching with just one binder for all of the subject areas.

  • No need to search and combine textbooks to teach different subjects. It’s all included in one binder.
    • Language Arts [reading, spelling, communication (written and oral), grammar, vocabulary, handwriting]
    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Music
    • Art
    • Physical Development and Fitness
    • Character Development
    • Bible (faith-based program)

The unit-study format encourages understanding and long-term retention.

  • The integrated, unit-study curriculum makes teaching more effective and increases your child’s comprehension and retention of the skills.
  • This unique approach to education enriches your child’s homeschool experience by diving deeper into themes that appeal to children.
  • Engaging opportunities for the child to learn subject matter through activities such as experiments, art projects, recipes, games, and songs make learning fun and enjoyable.

Kid-friendly activities create a love of learning.

  • The goal of the curriculum is to instill higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills as academic concepts are taught.
  • Foster enjoyable learning experiences with a variety of activities that accommodate your child’s unique learning style:
    • Auditory learning: (hearing/speaking)
    • Visual learning: (seeing)
    • Tactile learning: (hands-on)

Develop your child’s independent learning skills.

  • Homeschool Complete’s curriculum encourages your child to take responsibility for his learning activities while still encouraging parent-child interaction.

The curriculum utilizes quality literature within the thematic units.

  • The complete program incorporates “real books” to help teach skills and  concepts.
  • Each unit includes a list of additional books related to the theme.
  • Stories engage the child and provide context for the academic concepts.
  • Exposing your child to different genres, authors, and illustrators helps to instill excitement about reading.
  • Note: If you are unable to locate any of the suggested books, you may substitute comparable books. The curriculum includes enough content to cover all grade-level concepts without the additional literature books.

Be confident you’re teaching the skills necessary in each grade level.

  • Homeschool Complete’s curricula aligns with accepted grade-level standards and exemplifies excellence in homeschool education.
  • The elementary program is well organized and purposeful so that academic gaps are avoided.

Be prepared for yearly evaluations with the teacher’s manual that functions as a portfolio.

  • The curriculum includes a comprehensive skills list and literature list as well as student worksheets that document your child’s progress and mastery.

Effectively teach multiple grades at the same time.

  • The structure of the program enables parents to integrate family learning and successfully teach multiple grade levels.
    • Siblings can encourage one another as they work together on projects or skill review activities and games.
    • Family reading time encourages younger siblings to share their reading progress as they read to the family. Older siblings can practice reading orally with fluency and expression as they read to younger ones for daily story time. These activities help to instill a  love of reading and literacy.

Engage in meaningful conversations with your child.

  • Positive character trait development (and scripture application: faith-based program) throughout the lessons provide opportunities for parents to discuss their family’s worldview.

Save time and money with one purchase.

Choose grade-specific lesson plans for your child.

Homeschool Complete supplies grade-specific lesson plans developed with input from parents and teachers and tailored to each academic subject’s standards. Lessons contain clearly outlined activities, written and visual resources, assessment strategies, challenge ideas, and more. The curriculum ensures that any child can progress through their educational journey in a supportive and fun environment, building a strong foundation of knowledge as they journey through each year of homeschooling. Homeschool Complete also provides professional guidance and step-by-step instructions about best practices for teaching your child,

adjustments for students’ learning styles, as well as assistance with staying organized throughout the year.

Save money with all-inclusive bundles.

Homeschool Complete offers affordable homeschool curriculum packages that make teaching your child easy and enjoyable all year long. They understand that homeschoolers often have unique circumstances guiding their schedule—that’s why they strive to provide an all-inclusive package that allows parents freedom when creating individual schedules without leaving any important topics uncovered. In addition, the ‘skills taught’ chart and grab-and-go daily lesson plans enable parents to stay on track with their long-term goals while allowing maximum flexibility to adjust as needed. All of this combines perfectly into a complete elementary school curriculum provided by Homeschool Complete!

Homeschool Complete provides the perfect solution for your homeschool needs!

Homeschool Complete curriculum is now available in two separate formats (faith-based program or secular program) to provide the perfect solution for your homeschool needs!

Preschool prepares your child for kindergarten.

Prepare your child for entering kindergarten in either a homeschool program or a traditional school program with the unique, fully-planned, playful preschool program. Homeschool Complete is now developing a preschool program following the model of our grade-level programs. Packed with engaging, hands-on activities, this curriculum caters to the interests

of a preschooler. The lessons and activities integrate kindergarten readiness skills within all of the subject areas.

Look inside the Homeschool Complete curriculum.

Read what others are saying about Homeschool Complete.

  • Homeschool Complete takes advantage of homeschoolers’ ability to interact closely with their children with lots of discussion plus hands-on activities. Most programs of this sort have multiple teacher’s guides and student books, and it can be very cumbersome to juggle all of the resources. Homeschool Complete makes it easy with just one binder at a time for all of your subject areas, and no flipping back and forth through the binder.” Cathy Duffy 
  • “After an exhausting search, we finally found Homeschool Complete. We love the curriculum. Since this was our first year of homeschool, and we have multiple students and grades, we wanted something that had structure but was not completely regimented. This program has the freedom to work into our busy schedules with all the printed materials needed. The book list by unit makes it easy to plan and get the books from the library or their digital media source, which has encouraged an appreciation for reading in our kids, although the books could be purchased as well. The lessons are engaging and include reviews and additional literature references if needed. They are easy to understand, plan, and modify as needed. They are challenging and supportive at the same time, and I could tailor it to all three kids’ learning styles. Christian scripture and values are found throughout. It is in a way that opened a door for an in-depth conversation and review with the kids, instead of telling them how to feel or what it meant which let us as parents remain in control of that vital aspect. It felt great to see the kids work through the year, grow, and thrive. Homeschool Complete made it possible for us to transition successfully and I look forward to next year!” Daniella, homeschool parent
  • “The Teacher’s Manuals are quite a blessing! They are not only how-to manuals for the program, but they are full of guidance and are an inspiring, helpful reminder of staying positive. The curriculum uses reading activities that are grade-appropriate with books that the kids actually like. There is a nice combination of worksheet work and hands-on work. When they say “all-inclusive” and “complete,” they mean it!” The Schoolhouse Review Crew
  • “When we surveyed our homeschooling community, Homeschool Complete was the #1 most recommended curriculum for early education. One of the main reasons why Homeschool Complete is so highly recommended is because homeschoolers are able to place full faith in author Debra Arbuthnot. Her dual qualifications of being a homeschool mom to her three children plus having 25 years of teaching experience all levels in both public and private schools leaves nothing to be desired. There is no such thing as busy work, and the units are genuinely fun.” Homeschool Base
  • “This program has it all! I took one look at this program and fell in love. I opened the Teacher’s binder and was immediately impressed with the usability and attractiveness of this program, for both the teacher and the student. The plans are very clear and almost scripted, so it’s easy for a new homeschooler or even for a veteran to be able to just pick up and do. The program is very heavily literature-based, which I love, and my kids love! You can choose to either check the books out of the library or purchase all or some of the titles. In the back of each binder, you’ll find an appendix containing flashcard templates, rhymes and songs, recipes, materials used (shown with general weekly materials, and broken down for each week which is very convenient rather than looking at each day!), a literature list, and more. All in all, this solid program gets a thumbs-up from me! It is so user-friendly, covers a full range of great concepts and skills, ensures lots of quality and fun school-time with your child, and introduces you to many engaging children’s books.” Rainbow Resource

Complete Unit Studies:

If you’re looking for a unit study to spark your child’s interest in a topic, choose a complete unit study by Homeschool Complete. A perfect supplement for any other curriculum you’ve chosen to use, the unit studies are written in the same format as the all-inclusive, year-long curricula and is designed to take one to three weeks to complete.

Reading Complete by Homeschool Complete:

The complete reading curriculum has been designed to ensure you have everything you and your child need for a successful language arts program. This self-paced reading program includes Levels A-E and helps your child develop confidence in reading with comprehension. Designed to teach beginning readers, it combines phonics and sight word recognition skills to teach a child how to read fluently and expressively.

The engaging daily lessons incorporate the use of flashcard activities, a worksheet for teaching new skills, oral reading, games, and independent written practice to help your child learn to read short vowel words and sight words within context. This literature-based program incorporates specific language arts skills, including:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Handwriting
  • Reading Comprehension

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