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Homeschool Mastery Academy is passionate about helping you become a well-organized and effective homeschool parent who inspires a love of learning. We also want to help you create the best educational experience for your family without hours of research and confusion. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just starting your journey, we can help you create a homeschool framework tailored to your unique family.

Homeschool Mastery Academy offers a unique and enriching homeschool curriculum and resources designed to help you cultivate a love of learning at home with little to no prep. If you want to:

  • Follow your children’s interests?
  • Capitalize on the learning experiences from holidays to seasonal activities
  • Make homeschooling something that your kids want to do

The world is a big place with endless possibilities. Let us help you have fun exploring it with your kids!

With The Homeschool Enrichment Collection, you can homeschool family style or use it for elementary. We incorporate rich activities in each themed collection, like poetry tea time, arts and crafts, fine arts, creative writing prompts, research ideas, hands-on learning activities, and more, helping your family embrace learning at home.

Not sure how to plan your homeschool days, weeks, and year? Master Your Homeschool Framework is a Self-Paced Guided Homeschool Planning Workshop for new or established homeschool families. We can help you create a homeschool planning system that positively impacts your home and family.

You will receive lifetime access to Master Your Homeschool Framework and our exclusive planners. Plan fun and excitement in your homeschool with resources like our Poetry Tea Time Planner, Morning Routine Planner, Unit Study Builder, Looping Planner, and Homeschool Mastery Academy’s Essential Homeschool Planner.

Need more specialized help on your homeschooling journey? We offer one-on-one homeschool coaching sessions to help you sort out the challenges of home educating. We believe in a tailored approach to education and extend this philosophy to our coaching. Your family’s needs are unique, and we aim to help you find solutions that fit your lifestyle. Let us help you make actionable plans based on your situation.

Our extensive library of digital and printable resources is thoughtfully curated to cater to the needs of homeschooling families. We’ve got everything from homeschool curriculum for various subjects to hands-on fun to unique unit studies that spark interest and imagination. Our adaptable resources allow you to tailor your child’s education to their interests, pace, and learning style. With our materials, you can ensure that learning is not just effective but also enjoyable and engaging for your child (and you).

Dive into a world of discovery and delight with our Complete Pre-K Homeschool Adventure: A Year of Learning and Fun, designed to sprinkle your days with joy and early learning concepts right at home. Tailored for bustling new preschoolers or for homeschool families with an energetic preschooler, our curriculum offers a treasure trove of activities that perfectly align with their developmental milestones. These engaging, age-appropriate activities are not only a breeze for parents to facilitate but are also brimming with fun and creativity, ensuring your preschooler’s learning journey is as enjoyable as it is educational.

Elevate your child’s early learning experience with our American Sign Language Explorers Course, specifically designed for preschool through elementary-aged children. This immersive course is packed with captivating videos, colorful printables, and innovative ideas that make learning ASL an exciting adventure for your children. Your child will embark on a communication and connection journey beyond words.

Don’t just hear it from us; here is what homeschool parents have to say about Homeschool Mastery Academy.

“I had anxiety about doing preschool at home. I didn’t want to do too many worksheets, I wanted something fun and active. ASL Explorers has been so much fun!” – Abby

“My oldest son hated homeschooling; I needed something that added fun and wasn’t expensive or hard to implement. The Homeschool Enrichment Collection is helping us to find new ways to enjoy homeschooling.” – Maxwell

“So far, we have had the opportunity to use many ideas from themes like Fun Family Traditions, Summer, Entomology, and Ocean…allowing you to capitalize on the learning experiences from holidays and seasonal activities, but also enrich your homeschool with hands-on learning activities including arts and crafts, field trip ideas, educational printable packs, book lists and SO much more!” – Heidi, The Curriculum Choice

Embark on an unforgettable journey of learning and discovery with Homeschool Mastery Academy. Let us help you transform everyday moments into extraordinary learning opportunities, and watch as your child’s curiosity, knowledge, and love for learning grow.

Visit us at Homeschool Mastery Academy to learn more about how we can support your homeschooling journey. Together, we can create a vibrant, nurturing, and inspiring homeschool experience for your family.


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