ARTistic Pursuits Art Curriculum Pre-12

Art, like other subjects, is a learned skill. Much like language, art is a way for your child to communicate their ideas to others. Fortunately, for children, the ability to draw comes far in advance of their abilities to effectively write the written word, making the art they produce a beautiful documentation of your child’s earliest thoughts. Gaining the skill to make pictures, your child… 

  • effectively shares their thoughts, ideas, and interests with others 
  • gains focus and problem-solving skills 
  • develops good eye-hand coordination 
  • has increased sense of purpose and accomplishment 
  • observes more in the world around them 
  • uses information in creative ways 

You can provide your children with the opportunities they need to develop art skills with ARTistic Pursuits art curriculum by Brenda Ellis. This art curriculum includes text and video lessons, designed and written for your child at every stage in their development.  

Using a unique combination of art history study and lively video lessons showing how to use art materials, ARTistic Pursuits makes the subject of art accessible to all families,  and not dependent on the parents’ knowledge of the subject. We provide learning opportunities with clear art class objectives that fit your child’s needs as a growing artist and expand their visual experiences.  

Skills in art come in developmental stages, documented in the early 20th century by  Viktor Lowenfeld, Dr. Charles Gaitskell, and others. Brenda Ellis, author of ARTistic  Pursuits, loves to spread the word about what you can expect at each stage of your child’s artistic development. In knowing, you can have confidence that the art you see your child producing is appropriate for their age. Each stage of development is a natural step in how your child views the world. Artistic Pursuits lessons provide your child with the right type of art lessons at the right time to encourage growth.  

Your Kindergartener and Early  Elementary Child is ready to Express!

The art you see at this stage is based on your child’s ideas, experiences, and imagination, expressed in personal, creative ways through the use of simple lines and shapes that we call symbols or schema. As skills develop, your child makes use of additional details and color in their picture-making for the purpose of identifying people,  places, and things.  

Learn more about the art of the 5 to 9-year-old.

Your Preteen is ready to be a Realist!

The art you see is starting to look more realistic, based on your child’s increasing awareness of the appearance of objects.  Without instruction, picture-making can stagnate, resulting in continued dependence on symbols such as stick figures.  However, with instruction in three-dimensional drawing and the elements of art, children in this stage quickly acquire the more realistic drawing skills that they desire.  

Learn more about the art of the 10 to 12-year-old. 

Do you have children at other stages of artistic development and want to learn about their art too?  

Learn more about the art of the 2 to 4-year-old. 

Learn more about the art of the 12 to 14-year-old. 

Learn more about the art of the 14 to 18-year-old. 

The ARTistic Pursuits courses for Kindergarten and 1st – 3rd graders invite your child to take a sequential trip through the history of art in a done-for-you program. Each text lesson is complete with:

  • a child-friendly story of a culture or master artist 
  • a master artwork to ponder, explore, and discuss 
  • a project suited to your young artist’s abilities and interests while broadening  skills and development 
  • video lessons throughout the course show your child how to properly use art  materials 

Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary introduces children to the words we commonly use in art with video, art study and projects. Other titles include Ancient  Art, Art of the Middle Ages, Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance, Art of the  Northern Countries, Art of the Impressionists, Modern Art, and American Art.  

The ARTistic Pursuits courses for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades are built on four core activities designed to increase your student’s experience of the visual world. Your  child learns and applies knowledge through: 

  • Videos demonstrating use of art materials and techniques 
  • Text lessons introducing concepts, principles, elements of art, and color theory
  • Text lessons featuring Masterworks and art history 
  • Assimilating previously taught and current unit concepts 

See what those who have used our curriculum have to say: 

“I have never been so sold out on a curriculum in the 15 years I have been homeschooling…Artistic Pursuits is the first art program I have ever used that required no effort on my part to get my children to participate. AP involves the kids in the creative process and gives them choices in every lesson, so there is a constant state of interest and anticipation built right from the very first lesson…And just in case you missed my enthusiasm, I think EVERY home school should have Artistic Pursuits as part of their curriculum. It IS that good.” – Homeschool parent and product reviewer for The Old  Schoolhouse magazine, Heidi Shaw/ Canada 

“I’m not exaggerating in the least when I say that from the first project, the whole family was hooked…we love this curriculum. It’s the whole package in one easy simple-to-teach format.” –Homeschool Mom, Laurie Gauger / Illinois 

“One of the things that truly sets ARTistic Pursuits Inc. apart is the love and passion that’s poured into this curriculum; it’s truly contagious! My kids are asking to do “art class” all the time, and this mama is even getting a bit more confident with a paintbrush! It’s truly a complete, easy-to-use, and engaging art program.” – Alexandra  Kulick, author, blogger, and homeschooling mom of four. Blog: A Little Bit of Humor,  Homeschool, and Healthier Living 

I invite you to take a look at our products written for Elementary Students and watch what your child creates! – Brenda Ellis, author of ARTistic Pursuits 

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ARTistic Pursuits Art Curriculum Pre-12