Forte Violin Academy

What is Forte Violin Academy?

Forte Violin Academy is a subscription-based, comprehensive online violin school offering a carefully sequenced curriculum with easy-to-follow directions via instructional videos, play-along tracks, sheet music, and commonly used music books. This program covers every step for learning to play the violin. Emphasis is placed on multiple areas including ear training, reading music, music theory, technique, and performance. Students will receive individual, personalized feedback through regular video assessments and unlimited email support. Our team of instructors will make sure students are on track and making great progress. Students know exactly what to practice each day and have a practice log where they can record what they are practicing.

Our hope is to make learning the violin more accessible and to eliminate some of the barriers that may keep children from learning, whether that is access to a teacher, time constraints, logistics, schedule demands, or the cost of taking private lessons.

What will students learn in Course One?

FVA Course One is modeled exactly after how we have instructed our in-studio students the past 25+ years. We have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students with this method which is now available online.

Students will learn pieces from Suzuki Violin Volume One, pieces written exclusively for FVA, jazz pieces, and fiddle tunes from various fiddle styles including Celtic, old-time, bluegrass, and contest-style. Students will also begin learning how to read music and how to play the D, G, and A major scales and arpeggios. Music history, music theory, and technique are included throughout the course. Each lesson features instructional videos, play-a-long audio tracks, sheet music, and flash cards. In Course One, there are 100 instructional videos, helping students learn 58 pieces of music.

Course One is divided into 8 levels which contain 8 lessons each. A video assessment is required twice in each level for students to progress. Students will record themselves playing and demonstrating the material specified for the assessment. An instructor will review the video, celebrating the student’s success as well as giving a few tips that students can concentrate on as they proceed to the next section of the course.

Each video lesson contains “Secrets of Success” for the student and “Tips for the Practice Partner.” These tips cover topics such as habits to avoid that hinder a student’s progress, what to do when a student does not want to practice, how to overcome nerves and anxiety associated with performing for an audience, and how to stay focused. Neither the student nor the practice partner needs to know anything about playing the violin before beginning Course One. Students will be shown how to care for the instrument, how to properly hold it, how to tune it, how to change strings, and more.

Who is the ideal student for Forte Violin Academy?

It is recommended that young children be able to recognize their alphabet letters A-G, track left to right as when reading, and stay focused and engaged for 20 minutes. Students under the age of 12 should work closely with an adult practice partner. The practice partner will take notes during the instructional video so they can remember the small details. They are also responsible for playing the audio recordings frequently for the child and reminding them when it is practice time. The practice tips are geared toward children, although they are valuable and applicable to players of any age. In our studios, we teach adults using the same methods we use with children.

What is needed to start lessons?

● Violin (properly sized) – watch “How to Choose the Correct Violin Size” video
● Shoulder Rest
● Music Stand
● Book and CD or audio download: Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 (ISBN-10: 1470644134, ISBN-13: 978-1470644130, Hilary Hahn audio)
● Book: I Can Read Music Volume 1 (ISBN-10: 0874874394, ISBN-13: 978-0874874396)
● Book: I Can Read Music Volume 2 (ISBN-10: 0874874270, ISBN-13: 978-0874874273)
● Rosin
● Spare set of strings
● Cleaning cloth
● Metronome (app or device)
● Tuner (app or device)
● Finger positions taped on neck of violin – watch “How to Apply Finger Tapes to Violin” video

All items may be purchased through The Violin Shop. Violin rentals are also available from The Violin Shop.

What is our story? Who are our instructors?

Forte Violin Academy was formed in 2021 by sisters, Amy Carwile and Cindy Miles, when they realized the great demand for learning violin remotely. Teaching online during the pandemic, they observed their students not only progressing during remote lessons, but flourishing while learning in the comfort of their own homes. After countless requests from students to create a remote option, they made the decision to combine their efforts and talents to form an online school. Not just any school, it had to be thorough with detailed and sequential instruction. The curriculum needed to represent them individually as players and include stylistic diversity from classical violin repertoire to a variety of fiddling styles. Feedback and accountability for the students as well as interaction with instructors seemed to be greatly missing from many online programs, so they were sure to include this important component.

Our lead instructors are Daniel and Amy Carwile from central Kentucky and Cindy Miles from north central Idaho. Daniel and Amy each have over 25 years of teaching experience. They currently own and operate a private violin studio which has twice been awarded “Studio of the Year” by the American String Teachers Association. They have also taught and performed throughout the United States and abroad. Cindy has taught violin and piano to students of all ages for over 30 years. She also developed and published a fiddle instructional series selling thousands of books to customers throughout the United States and Canada. She began her homeschooling journey in 1997 when she began teaching her oldest child and continues to homeschool the youngest of her 5 children today. Read more about our instructors at

Why should students choose Forte Violin Academy?

Here are the top three reasons students should choose to learn violin with FVA:

  1. What truly makes this program stand out above other online programs is the student’s ability to connect with teachers for the next steps in their improvement. Students have periodic video assessments with instructors and unlimited email support. They are not left to learn the violin alone.
  2. Students will know exactly what to practice each day. The lessons beyond the introductory videos provide a detailed list of exactly what to work on. Students do not have to guess from a collection of random videos.
  3. Barriers associated with taking violin lessons are eliminated, whether that is access to a teacher, time constraints, logistics, schedule demands, or the cost of taking private lessons.

Begin your musical journey with Forte Violin Academy today!


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