How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro

Hi I’m Delwyn, a professional music teacher with over 40 years of experience empowering budding pianists, young and old, to reach their musical potential. I now want to show you how you could do the same for your children. Giving your children a musical education is one of the great ways of blessing them. It is a gift that keeps on giving throughout their lives. How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro is a new online course designed specifically with you, the homeschooling parent, in mind. It comes from a background of teaching my own children (and hundreds of others), just as my parents taught me and my siblings (and thousands of others)! 

Keyboards, orchestral strings, brass, woodwind, guitar, percussion, voice—whichever musical instrument(s) your child eventually takes to, the best foundation for developing all round musicality will be some degree of skill at the piano.

For a variety of reasons, one-on-one lessons with a piano tutor are not an option for many parents. For some, the cost of lessons is prohibitive. For others, remoteness of location means such lessons are unavailable. And, even where there is a local piano tutor nearby, many who choose to homeschool prefer that their children’s musical education takes place in the home alongside other subjects. Many families may simply prefer to keep their children at home.

How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro is a course that will save you time that could otherwise be wasted using ineffective methods. It could save you thousands in the cost of materials and tutor fees. The content is clearly presented through Powerpoint slides, with voice-over explanations and includes audio tracks and some video demonstrations. All the course material is digitally streamed through a leading-edge education platform. It includes downloadable PDFs of the music used.

Who is it for?

Whether you are an experienced pianist, had a few lessons as a child, have some musical background on another instrument, or have never played an instrument, How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro can work for you and your family as it guides you step by step from the very beginning. It also works for grandparents who want to help their grandchildren experience the world of musical expression, for parents who want to learn to play the piano themselves before teaching it to their own children, or even capable musicians who may have struggled in the past to teach others. 

This course will not take you from middle C to Mozart, but it will show you the basics that need to be covered from the beginning—important steps that might otherwise be neglected. From there you will have a good understanding of how best to guide your child in working through any music tuition material, and how to formulate good practice habits to last a life-time.

A Varied Approach – How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro

How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro CourseBecause we all have different learning styles, How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro provides a varied approach to learning. As well as showing you how to teach the learner to read music and relate that to hands on the keyboard, there is also a playing by ear component, and, of course, musical theory, to give a fully rounded introduction to musical education.

Although many of the pieces are original compositions, designed for the course, the reading component is a blueprint method (tried and true over 3 generations) that gives a lifelong skill applicable to all future music reading on any instrument.

The playing by ear component makes use of ‘Pattern Pieces’—some familiar traditional tunes, and others newly created—which are learned by listening and/or through observation, without recourse to written scores. ‘Pattern Pieces’ teach skills that support reading music, such as fluency, dynamic balance between two hands, etc. without being distracted by the reading process.

“I didn’t have any ideas how to teach someone who struggles to hear differences in pitch. The strategies that you walked us through will be really good in helping my children with this.”

Theory is ongoing through each lesson as staff, notation, key signatures, dynamics, etc. are covered systematically at the appropriate level of learning.

Other features

How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro Course

As well as showing you step by step procedures on how to teach your child piano—engaging eyes, hands and ears—How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro also covers other areas that anyone new to teaching piano would want addressed:

  • The right instrument—What to look for in choosing a piano or keyboard.
  • Learning styles—Discovering what works best for you and what works best for your child, while still making good use of other styles.
  • Practice Plan ideas—Progress comes through practice. A clear plan helps keep practice on track. And fresh ideas keep practice interesting.
  • Reward ideas—Achieved goals should be rewarded. There is a section on good ideas for rewarding progress.
  • Reviews of various piano books—Choosing the right piano books can be difficult. This course includes a review of several well-known piano tuition books.
  • Extra helps—note reading charts, flashcards, speed tests, pulse exercises.
  • Essentials for success—a list of 15 components that together make success inevitable.

How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro Course

How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro  

Once you have completed How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro, 

  • You will be better equipped to identify the challenges and pitfalls of teaching your own children piano. 
  • You will know how to avoid pitfalls because you will understand how to identify problem areas of learning and communication that may come up in your particular situation. 
  • You will know how to overcome challenges because you will be resourced with new ideas for tackling them.
  • You will discover the learning areas you find easy and those that need more attention, and also those of your child, who may have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • You will have fresh ideas of how to keep practice interesting and how to mark those learning milestones by rewarding progress.
  • You will have an idea of what to look for in a piano or keyboard, and also which book(s) to suit your needs through our reviews of various piano books in common use.
  • And you will have a grasp of the sometimes intangible elements that lead to your, and therefore your child’s, success.

“Thank you so much for developing this course. It has given me some really good skills to be able to do a better job teaching my children to play an instrument. I am already able to play the piano myself, but it was helpful the way you stepped through all the basic steps in case parents didn’t play themselves. I actually got a lot out of you going through those steps, because it modeled for me the way I can go through those steps in teaching my children.”

Summing up the course: How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro

Ever heard someone say, “I wish I never learned piano.” No? Me neither. But I have heard many times, “I always wanted to learn piano, but never had the opportunity.” In this internet age the opportunity to learn is right here, right now—even when finances are a concern, even when living in a remote location, far from the best professional piano tutors. How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro is new course designed to give homeschooling parents a solid beginning, so they know how to go about making sure their children are off to the right start in learning piano—the best foundation for their musical journey. 

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How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro Course

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How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro is designed for the homeschooling parent. What about homeschooling students? Is there a companion course for them? Very soon there will be. Headstart Piano is my own online piano course for beginners aged 6 – 12. This has been wonderfully successful with my current pupils in my physical music school, so I’m looking forward to sharing it online. Register your interest now in this course at for notification and early access as soon as it becomes available.


How to Teach Your Child the Piano Like a Pro