Our mission is to provide a multicultural music curriculum with resources that teach children the fundamentals of music and address the needs of music in early childhood & secondary education. We also support musicians of all ages and stages with conservatory-level private instruction.

Learning with Ms. Angel Mone’t has programs for all ages. For our very young audience whether virtual or in-person,  “Join us for an unforgettable journey with Ms. Angel Mone’t Children’s Show, where entertainment meets inspiration in the most magical way! This virtual show is delightful in captivating storytelling, lively music, and interactive adventures that spark imagination and creativity in young hearts. With each episode, Ms. Angel Mone’t encourages children to dream big, embrace their uniqueness, and embrace the joy of learning. From uplifting messages to empowering lessons, this show is a treasure trove of motivation for children of all ages. Tune in and let Ms. Angel Mone’t light up your screen in REAL TIME OR ON DEMAND with laughter, wonder, and endless possibilities!”

For our (Virtual):

We will start the show with a lively and welcoming introduction, both virtually or in person.

Engage the audience with a fun greeting and set the tone for the musical journey ahead with Interactive Songs and Rhymes (Virtual & In-Person)

incorporating singing and dancing that will encourage movement and participation with simple hand motions, clapping, and stomping to engage both virtual and in-person audiences.

Storytelling with Music (Virtual & In-Person):

Ms. Angel Mone’t will share musical stories or narratives accompanied by live music or recorded soundtracks.

Use of props and costumes will be used to bring the stories to life and capture the children’s imagination.

Ms. Angel Mone’t will showcase different musical instruments virtually through pre-recorded videos or live demonstrations.

Introduce each instrument and demonstrate how it sounds, inviting children to listen and learn about their unique qualities.

Puppet Show with Musical Accompaniment (Virtual & In-Person):

Our music program uses puppets with musical accompaniment, combining storytelling, puppetry, and live music.

We will incorporate themes related to music, friendship, and imagination to captivate the young audience.

The show usually ends with a high-energy dance party where children can let loose and groove to their favorite tunes.

We encourage virtual participants to dance along from their homes while those in-person enjoy dancing together.

By blending virtual and in-person elements, this music show provides a dynamic and inclusive experience for children aged 2 to 7, fostering their love for music and creativity in a fun and interactive way.



Warm and friendly Welcome to our virtual/ In-person lesson with a technical check-in to ensure that the audio and video connections are working smoothly.

Briefly review the agenda for the lesson and ask the student if they have any questions or specific goals for today’s session.

For Piano Lessons, we will begin with an introduction to the piano by encouraging the student to explore the sound of the piano by playing a few notes. Let them experiment with the keys and observe how the sound changes with different dynamics (soft vs. loud) followed by demonstrating technique in how to place the fingers while guiding the student through different exercises. After laying a foundation down for learning how to sight-read music, Ear training will be used to develop other ways of playing music without needing physical notes. For the very young(4 to 6), we will incorporate puppets to explain some lessons to make it a more fun

 and engaging lesson. Activity sheets will be used for all students and homework theory assignments will be given. Book purchase information will be given based on skill set and age. We will also use backing tracks or accompaniment recordings to provide musical support and enhance the learning experience.

We will also offer constructive feedback on the student’s performance and suggest specific areas for improvement. 

For Voice Lessons, we will begin with an introduction to the voice and its capabilities. Then, vocal warm-up exercises to prepare the students’ voice for singing.

We will lead the student through a series of breathing exercises, lip trills, sirens, and vocal scales to improve vocal flexibility and resonance. 

For the very young students 5 to 8 yrs, some videos will be incorporated to better describe vocal exercises and descriptions of proper singing and posture. 

We will provide feedback on proper breathing technique, posture, and vocal production.

For singing, we will select a vocal piece or song for the student to work on based on their skill level and interests.

Guide the student through the lyrics, melody, and phrasing, emphasizing interpretation and expression.

Work on vocal technique, including breath control, pitch accuracy, diction, and vocal dynamics.

Use backing tracks or accompaniment recordings to provide musical support and enhance the learning experience.

Offer constructive feedback on the student’s performance and suggest specific areas for improvement.

For those interested in learning piano and voice, we will Integrate piano and voice by practicing singing while playing simple accompaniments on the piano.

Encourage the student to experiment with different musical styles and interpretations.

Discuss the importance of listening skills and musical expression in both piano and voice performance.


We will provide resources and additional materials for independent practice, such as audio recordings, sheet music, and online tutorials.

Schedule regular check-ins or virtual recitals to showcase the student’s progress and celebrate achievements.

We encourage communication between lessons via email or messaging to address any questions or concerns.

By following this structured lesson plan, virtual piano, and voice students can receive comprehensive instruction and guidance, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling learning experience. We will adjust the activities and pacing as needed to accommodate individual student needs and preferences. 

We also offer Professional Development Workshops for early childhood educators. The sole purpose of our ECE workshops is for Educators to understand how music affects the brain in early childhood development and teach strategies and ways to include music in the curriculum.

Benefits include:

To learn more about the importance of music in Early Childhood.

To learn new strategies for incorporating music into a curriculum.

Strengthen relations between teacher and child.

Therapy for the mind through Mindful Music Matters, the joy of singing and listening to music.

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