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Real Science-4-Kids is the logical approach to science education you’ve been looking for. This sequential methodology teaches the mechanisms and terminology that professional scientists utilize, and presents the information at an appropriate and digestible pace for students of all skill levels.

When Dr. Keller began homeschooling her children, she quickly spotted a deficiency in the available curriculum for her professional specialty, science. Some might have viewed the situation with a spirit of resignation. Dr. Keller, however, saw it as a challenge and a call to action. She identified what needed to be improved and then worked to produce a more effective curriculum. Because of her tenacity and logic, thousands of students have reaped the benefit of an intelligent and innovative approach to science. The result of her years-long labor of love is the Real Science-4-Kids program available today.
Whether you are looking for a year-long curriculum or a semester unit study, we have a course that is right for you. We offer two choices of curriculum, both of which provide a solid foundation in the five core areas of science: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy.

Semester Courses
The Focus On Science Series is a semester-long unit study that encourages kids to focus on one subject at a time. It’s offered for an age range of either elementary or middle school. The Focus On Science Series is based on a ‘block’ teaching method, where focused learning is condensed to a shorter ‘block’ of time. It was purposed for those parents and teachers who want to sequence their own science program, and for those who want a solid introductory level science course. The Focus On Science Series is also beneficial for a student with an inherent interest in one particular area of science, since one subject at a time is presented.

Full-Year Courses
The Exploring Science Series is a year-long program that integrates the 5 core disciplines of science into one book for each grade. It’s based on a nourishing upward-spiral teaching method where disciplines are repeatedly visited and built upon over months and across grades. This method was chosen because it is proven to lead to better long-term mastery of facts and concepts. Spiral learning is effective for all learners, including struggling learners, and is the first research-based recommendation in a practice guide from the U. S. Department of Education’s Institute of Educational Sciences.
The Exploring Science Series introduces the foundational concepts starting in first grade, and then builds on those concepts each year. Science is unique because the disciplines are so interlaced. Teaching one subject requires a foundational understanding of another. This program is specifically designed to address the overlapping of disciplines and, as a result, it will increase the depth of student comprehension. Parents and teachers who want a year-long program that has the optimal sequencing outlined for them, with information being introduced according to appropriate spacing guidelines, should choose this option. By the time students have finished 8th grade science, they will have a solid foundation in all of the 5 core science subjects which will make high school science easy for them.

Real Science-4-Kids also offers programs for high school chemistry and kindergarten. Both of those programs can be found on our website.

Supplemental Material
All the Real Science-4-Kids courses are completed with a lab workbook. Our experiments are based on real science inquiry and teach kids how to follow the scientific method. Each experiment delves deeper into one or more concepts covered in the text. Mixing laundry starch and white glue is just a meaningless demonstration until you incorporate the chemistry and physics of polymers. Going on a nature walk becomes more than just an outing. It becomes immensely educational when you can imagine a habitat and how it fits into the ecosystem and the greater biome.

Real Science-4-Kids also offers an array of supplemental experiment books for more hands-on learning. You can study science history with the Philosopher Quest game or learn about women in science with the 21 Women Scientists game.

Just Released! Real Science-4-Kids now offers an introduction to science through literature. In Tess and the Mystery Rock children meet Tess, a very curious girl who wants to grow up to be a scientist, just like her mom. Asking questions is a great way to find out about the world around us, and Tess is very good at asking questions. When a mysterious rock falls from the sky, Tess begins a quest to find out what it could be. What she learns is amazing! Follow Tess as she learns to ask questions and use the scientific method.
By following Tess through her process of discovery, children learn an important aspect of doing science — making observations. Through storytelling, scientific concepts are presented and explained and children are encouraged to ask their own questions, collect data, and even perform some simple experiments! By combining literature and science facts, children are introduced to science in a fun way and begin to participate in their own scientific discovery.

A Word From Dr. Keller
Real Science-4-Kids began in 2003 with a simple concept – create easy to understand real science textbooks for kids. Something virtually no other textbook publisher was doing.
Every time I see a passion for science ignite in a student using the Real Science-4-Kids program, my vision is realized. This program has the potential to unlock scientific curiosity as kids explore the real world with real experiments at just the right pace.

All of the books in this collection introduce real science to students. This means we include scientific facts and theories that are currently accepted by the scientific community. However, the books also introduce students to the philosophy of science and encourage students to explore opposing viewpoints when it comes to interpreting what these facts and theories may mean to individuals, groups, and the larger community.

My ultimate hope and vision is that through learning real science, a new generation of problem solvers will emerge. There would be no greater reward than to witness RS4K students move on to solve real-world problems. Gravitas Publications Inc. and Real Science-4-Kids is currently bringing real science to all 50 states and over 15 countries.

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