Flowlab Game Creator

Welcome to Flowlab Game Creator! Video game creation is a way to build technology, logic, and computational thinking skills in a fun, creative, and engaging way.  Game development not only fosters creativity and problem-solving skills but also equips students with a range of technical and soft skills.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Game development is an inherently creative process. Video games are unique interactive worlds, populated with unique characters and stories populated from the creators imagination. Game worlds combine art, music, sound design, and game mechanics to craft a compelling experience for the player.

Through building their game projects, students learn to translate their ideas into tangible, interactive experiences, fostering a sense of accomplishment and providing intrinsic motivation.

Learning Technical Skills

Game development with Flowlab is a simple and engaging introduction to programming. Flowlab’s intuitive visual logic builder enables anyone to get started creating their own logic and game mechanics without struggling with coding syntax.

Although Flowlab’s visual programming provides a low floor for those just getting started, it has a high complexity ceiling, allowing advanced users to build extremely sophisticated logic and games as they improve their skills.

Strengthening Problem-Solving Abilities

Developing a game involves solving complex problems. Whether it’s debugging, balancing game mechanics, or creating AI behaviors, learners must think logically and analytically. This process helps sharpen their problem-solving abilities, teaching them to approach challenges methodically and persistently.

Fostering Collaboration and Communication

Creating a game can be a collaborative effort, requiring teamwork and effective communication. Students working in groups must share ideas, delegate tasks, and provide constructive feedback. This collaboration helps them develop interpersonal skills, learn to work effectively in a team, and understand the importance of clear communication. These soft skills are crucial in both academic and professional settings.

With Flowlab you can create development teams, and easily work together on game projects.

Encouraging Perseverance and Resilience

Game development is a complex and iterative process that often involves setbacks and failures. Students learn the importance of perseverance and resilience as they refine their projects and overcome obstacles. This experience teaches them that failure is a part of learning and growth, helping them build a growth mindset that will serve them well in all aspects of life.


The Flowlab game maker is a simple way for learners to begin channeling their love of playing games towards designing and building them from their own imagination.  Everything needed to make complete games from start to finish is included, and it runs in your web browser, so there’s nothing to download or install. If you have ever wondered how to make a game, Flowlab is the perfect way to get started.


Flowlab contains an innovative visual logic builder that’s easy to learn, and fun to experiment with. Get started building custom logic without first memorizing lots of programming syntax and keywords. Using the behavior editor, you can build and test your logic, and examine it while your game is running to make debugging problems easier.

Because all the games on Flowlab.io are created with Flowlab, you can open them in the editor to see how they work inside.


Flowlab contains thousands of sprites that can be used to get started making your games, and supports uploading art and animations from other sources.

Most developers will want to create their own game art, however, so Flowlab includes a built-in pixel art editor for making custom sprites and animations. Edit your game’s sprites directly, and see the results in the game immediately.

Music and Sound

Flowlab contains a large and expanding library of licensed game music and sound effects from any genre for use in your games. You can also easily upload or link to your own music and sounds to play within your games.

Runs in the browser

Because Flowlab runs in the cloud, there is nothing to download or install. It runs on any device, including Chromebooks, and there is no need to worry about updates – you’re always using the latest version automatically.

This also means that the games you create are easy to share with family and friends. Just share a link with anyone, and they can instantly start playing your games.

Easy App Export

Flowlab games can easily be exported as native apps for PC or Mac computers, or as Android or iOS apps. After exporting, you can publish and sell your games on any of the major mobile app stores, or game marketplaces like Itch.io or Steam.

Teaching Tools

The education version of Flowlab provides additional tools and features for using Flowlab in a teaching environment. The Teacher dashboard has tools for creating and managing upgraded student accounts, and managing their permissions and passwords


Flowlab Game Creator