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Studies Weekly makes homeschool learning fun, in a comprehensive curriculum that is adaptable for all learners!

With Studies Weekly’s K-6 Social Studies, Science, and Wellness materials, your children explore their world, connect their learning across topics, and become more excited, active citizens.


Through meaningful curriculum housed in a hands-on, kid-friendly periodical format and a safe online learning platform. 

Consumable Curriculum

What do we mean by consumable curriculum? Well, we don’t mean your children will enjoy munching on them for lunch!

When we say consumable, we mean cutting out images for a 3D Graphic Organizer or an interactive notebook. Or highlighting facts versus opinions, the main idea, or point of view in an article. Or using a Primary Source Analysis Tool (found as a graphic organizer in the print or online Teacher Edition) to observe, reflect, and question the source – all right there on the paper.

On every weekly publication, we include learning activities your children can do right on the publication — vocabulary crosswords, writing prompts, inquiry strategies and ‘Think and Review’ responses. Studies Weekly is the only newspaper and magazine-style textbook that students can cut up, highlight, and do multiple learning strategies right on the page or online. So your children can learn anywhere, anytime.

Paired Print and Online Materials

Every Studies Weekly publication is available in print and online so you can smoothly adapt to your children’s learning style or situation. For example, children who do better with print editions can highlight, cut, and write on the publications, while children who prefer working online can also highlight articles and save notes on their student accounts. All digital publications have the same articles, images, and illustrations so kids feel comfortable using the platform. 

In addition, Studies Weekly Online has thousands of videos, audio recordings, and other multimedia resources to engage students and extend learning. It is one thing to learn about the Civil Rights Movement; it’s another thing to listen to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech or see photos of the March on Washington. Primary sources spark children’s interest, engage them on an emotional level, and help them understand the significance behind what they’re learning.

It’s also one thing to read about a scientific experiment versus actually doing it – and our science curriculum gets kids up and doing. 

Studies Weekly Online, our digital learning platform, also includes these kid-friendly features: 

  • Variable-speed audio reader for all articles and assessments
  • The ability to highlight and annotate article information
  • Ready-made assessments

To make learning extra fun, Studies Weekly Online also uses a reward system where children can earn coins by completing assessments and playing educational games.

You can also utilize tutorial videos on the platform to improve your teaching and learn new strategies.

ELA Support Throughout All Subjects

Thanks to Studies Weekly’s English Language Arts integration, your children’s reading skills and literacy will improve every year. All units include expository, chronological, narrative, and/or argumentative articles to familiarize children with these text structures.

Each unit also has vocabulary words, which are bolded in the text so kids can easily see how they relate to the lesson topic.

Content Relevancy

Children become more engaged when they can connect what they learn to their own lives – often retaining information they find emotionally relevant far better than things that seem to have nothing to do with their experience. 

That’s why Studies Weekly Social Studies makes abstract concepts relevant through historical figures and their stories, familiar geographic regions, and age-appropriate economics. It’s also why the Science program starts each unit with a phenomenon that children can readily observe or relate to. In addition, all Wellness units start with an age-appropriate question or concept that makes an emotional connection. 

Social Studies Curriculum

Studies Weekly Social Studies is organized into themes and weaves language arts into the study of history, civics, government, geography, and economics. When you use the curriculum as part of your English Language Arts instruction, children gain valuable skills in decoding and comprehending informational text. 

Each publication is built upon primary and high-quality secondary sources in images, historical documents, and data. And each is built on grade-level appropriate chunks of information to scaffold and focus your children’s research and projects. Even further, informational text gives students valuable practice using reading strategies to encounter, unpack, and even wrestle with the content. 

Combining relevant content with reading strategies ultimately adds to a child’s background knowledge, literacy skills, and understanding of the world around them.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Images, illustrations, infographics, and maps help students explore concepts
  • Primary sources encourage students to examine and analyze
  • Lexiled text provides greater readability, accessibility, and differentiation
  • Inclusion of multiple voices allows kids to understand a variety of experiences

Science Curriculum

Studies Weekly Science builds the next generation of creative thinkers and engages children in discovery, with interactive lessons driven by guiding questions that push them to explore. Units balance experiential learning with informational text so kids gain a stronger understanding of concepts. Each unit also emphasizes age-appropriate interactive experiences because the best way to learn science is to do it.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Science and engineering practices throughout
  • Hands-on real-world examples & activities
  • Activity-based learning
  • ELA support

Wellness Programs

Studies Weekly Health & Wellness and Well-Being programs strengthen and help your child thrive! 

Kids are bombarded with so much today, and they need to develop physical, mental, social, academic, and emotional health and wellness skills to help them navigate their place in the world. Our curriculum helps them manage their response to stressors and challenges, while simultaneously developing skills and dispositions for long-term lifelong healthy habits and practices.

Topics include:

  • Responsible decision making
  • Managing emotions
  • Stress management
  • Self-regulation
  • Perseverance
  • Goal-setting
  • Resilience
  • Empathy
  • Exercise

Open and Go Teacher Editions

Each student publication has corresponding teaching materials designed for it, including a Teacher Edition with assessments, lesson plans, printable worksheets, answer keys, etc. The Teacher Edition comes free with all orders of 10 or more Student Editions, and helps you spend less time planning and more time doing what you love — teaching.

In your Teacher Edition, you have background knowledge, guiding questions, vocabulary, and writing prompts for each week’s lesson. In addition, the Teacher Edition gives educators tips and strategies on how to make the content relevant and accessible to all learners.

Learn more and view interactive samples at:

Studies Weekly: a better textbook for students hungry for an engaging learning experience.

Customer Reviews

“I love Studies Weekly. The articles are engaging and rigorous, and my struggling readers can read along with the articles online. I am also able to integrate reading standards into my Social Studies lessons by using suggestions from the Teaching Supplements. Having the newspapers for the entire year helps me to stay on pace in presenting the social studies curriculum.” – Kindergarten Teacher

“When I first saw Studies Weekly, I thought, ‘This is awesome.’ It’s not a huge textbook, so it’s not intimidating at all. My students can read it and highlight it, circle it and write on it. Then they can fold it, put it in their backpack, and take it home with them. It’s just the best product ever.” – Instructional Coach

“Our district uses not only the print materials from Studies Weekly, but we also engage our students with the variety of targeted digital materials that Studies Weekly provides for holidays and events such as Veteran’s Day and Presidential elections.” – Social Studies Curriculum Specialist, K-12

“The best part about Studies Weekly is having access to historical information written at a student’s reading level. Often times historians do not write in a way that preteens could grasp, I really like having a resource that is understandable and approachable for my students.” – Teacher

“The Studies Weekly team has been excellent in the sales, technology support, communication, and delivery of an outstanding Social Studies Curriculum designed specifically for our California History Social Science Framework and content standards. The Studies Weekly experts value customer input and concerns, and they are ready to positively respond. Innovation and service continue to be a company priority.” – Teacher


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