Analytical Grammar

Analytical Grammar is a practical curriculum that helps students communicate more effectively by providing thoughtful instruction of English grammar. Rather than relying on memorization, this program uses activities that lead students to develop a genuine understanding of grammar.

Grammar is one part of a comprehensive language arts program and studying grammar and mechanics helps us become better communicators.

Like Demme Learning’s Math-U-See and Spelling You See, this program is designed to teach sequentially. Concepts are taught in a logical order, building on each other, for a complete understanding of grammar. No previous grammar studies needed!

Easy-to-follow lessons make things simple for both students and teacher. Each level includes helpful notes, exercises for students to practice, as well as answer keys. Activities, such as diagramming, help students see how the parts of sentences fit together.

You don’t have to teach grammar all year long. Grammar is taught when students are ready, which allows them to master concepts and commit to memory without years of study. Use the link below to find the right place to start for your student.


Analytical Grammar