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Looking for a comprehensive and engaging way to teach grammar to your children? Look no further than GrammarFlip, the ultimate online and comprehensive resource for grammar instruction from grade levels 4 to 12.

Expertly Crafted Curriculum

GrammarFlip is an online grammar and writing program that covers a wide range of grammar topics from the basic, foundational concepts through the building blocks that ensure continued success to finally an advanced set of grammar topics that guarantee a comprehensive understanding of the English language. Our curriculum aligns with educational standards and provides parents with peace of mind knowing that their child is receiving a quality education.

Easy to Teach, Easy to Learn, and Easy to Understand

GrammarFlip makes grammar easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to understand. With our user-friendly interface and intuitive design, homeschooling parents can confidently navigate the platform and support their child’s learning journey.  With a carefully designed curriculum, concepts are introduced in a progressive manner, making it easy for students to understand and retain knowledge.

Students Progress at Their Own Pace

GrammarFlip allows students to progress at their own pace. Whether your children are grammar enthusiasts or students who need extra support, GrammarFlip can address all student needs to ensure they grasp each concept thoroughly.

Interactive and Engaging Lessons

So, say goodbye to dull and boring workbooks and worksheets! GrammarFlip’s engaging video lessons, pre-tests, practice exercises, writing activities, post-evaluations, review games, and more will make learning, understanding, and applying grammar an enjoyable experience for your child.  See below for some of our features!

Video Lessons by Real English Teachers

GrammarFlip’s instructional video lessons allow students to learn grammar and writing concepts at their own pace. Videos are thorough, yet concise, and address all grammar topics, ranging from the basic to the complex. The ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward allows students to watch, review, or skim the videos on their own schedule and as many times as they need.

Grammar-in-Context Videos

GrammarFlip’s Grammar-in-Context videos provide an additional layer of instruction, learning, and relatability for students. GrammarFlip’s unique and memorable video footage helps solidify the understanding of challenging grammar concepts.

Slideshows for Quick-Review

GrammarFlip’s slideshows provide another modality for student learners.  Slideshows are perfect for students needing a quick review of material.  Similar to GrammarFlip’s instructional video lessons, the slideshows cover topics with enough detail for students to grasp the material but at a length and pace that keeps students engaged with their learning.

Practice Exercises with Instant Feedback

GrammarFlip’s practice exercises provide instant feedback for students to self-assess their understanding of each topic. Varied question formats engage different learning modalities to address every student’s learning style. With thousands of practice questions inventoried, students have ample opportunity to learn, practice, and check for understanding.

Writing Exercises to Apply Concepts

GrammarFlip’s writing activities allow students to demonstrate their mastery of the concepts. Once a concept is learned and practiced, it’s time to apply it in writing!  Engaging and fun writing prompts promote student participation and empower students as authentic writers.

Writing Portals for Detailed Feedback

GrammarFlip’s unique writing portals give parents immediate access to student writing while “quick buttons” allow for easy, 1-click feedback.

Progress Reports

GrammarFlip’s progress reports help parents identify areas where their children are succeeding as well as areas in which they need further assistance.  Color-coded and downloadable reports make it easy for parents to quickly track progress.

Virtual Badges for Encouraging Progress

GrammarFlip’s virtual badges motivate and reward students for reaching certain milestones in their learning. Graham the Owl and his contagious enthusiasm keep learning fun and provide incentives for students to keep challenging themselves.  Who knows what kinds of rewards Graham will pull out of his feathers next?!

Testimonials Speak for Themselves

“My students LOVE GrammarFlip. They think the exercises are fun and engaging. It makes them feel successful with grammar, and the writing exercises are great for application of what they are learning.”

  • Susan Stubbs, Elizabeth Davis Middle School, Virginia

“I love GrammarFlip! The videos are engaging, and the right length to both educate and keep interest. My students have noticed a difference in their writing, and I’ve noticed a difference in their skills. 10/10 would recommend!”

  • Emily Hintze, North Scott Senior High School, Iowa

“My students are loving GrammarFlip. They like that they decide on the pace. They like being able to review the rules via the slides. I like that the videos are short and that the quiz and writing activities are already created. I think it is great prep work for our standardized testing–way more fun than worksheets. I’ve shared GrammarFlip with my teammates and they all like it, too!”

  • Karen Moulton, Taipei American School, Taiwan

“This has been such a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. My 8 and 10 year olds are learning so much, and it’s done in such a quick and succinct lesson. I’m really happy with this!”

  • Reyna Malley, Homeschool

“Grammar Flip has been great for our Homeschool. My high schooler completed al 3 levels in a couple of months and it served as a great refresher and to fill in any gaps. My middle schooler is working their way through the program at their own pace and will complete all levels before next school year. The program provides short videos and tons of practice before quizzes. The lessons are easy to understand and provide a concise understanding of grammar. Great purchase and I recommend it.”

  • True Blue Homeschool

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