Sparkling in Second Grade – Lesson Plans & Curriculum

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a seasoned pro, lesson plans and activities from Jen at Sparkling in Second Grade are a fantastic addition to any homeschool program or curriculum. You can view all of her digital curriculum and activities by visiting her Teachers Pay Teachers storefront.

Whether you have a Kindergarten first or second grade student, these resources will help your child advance in their education. Just a few best-selling options:

These are 1st grade fluency sentences. Students roll dice, pick a sentence, read it, and mark it off. This is a fun way for students to practice reading sentences fluently. Download the preview to see how to play and to try out a few free pages!

A fun back to school flap book to learn about your students

“All About Me” or “Todo Sobre Mi”

It’s easy to assemble and EDITABLE, so you can make your own categories about what you want to learn about your new students!

These are 28 engaging cut, paste, and sort activities for learning shades of meaning.

Students have to cut out the words, sort them by taking out the words that don’t belong, and leveling them by intensity. There are different verb and adjective families.

Roll & Add/Subtract within 20-Math Fact Fluency BUNDLE

Here is a fun way to practice math facts within 20! Students roll the dice, pick a column, pick a problem within the column, answer it, and mark it. This is a great way to practice those math facts to automaticity.

In these digital workbooks, students will be practicing and interacting with phonics patterns in different ways.

“What Word Doesn’t Belong?” is a whole group phonemic awareness activity. Simple, no prep slides to display for phonemic awareness practice specifically with CVC words.

These are phonemic awareness slides that parents can use to help their students develop phonemic awareness skills. There are 50 easy to display slides. All you need is a computer and projector. Students will not need any supplies to participate.

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Sparkling in Second Grade - Lesson Plans & Curriculum