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Why Is It So Important to Teach America’s Founding Principles?

Studies show that Americans today do not possess adequate civic knowledge about our nation’s founding history, principles, and governing institutions. This widespread deficiency is a serious matter in a self-governing republic such as ours, which relies on an educated citizenry to govern itself. If these trends continue, America will not be able to endure as designed by our Founders.

The American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF) is a trusted non-profit organization that provides FREE, award-winning, patriotic K-12 lesson plans and teaching resources—on America’s founding documents, history, and philosophy—for teachers and homeschoolers. AHEF also provides signature, critically-acclaimed readings on the Bible’s historical influence on America’s governing principles and values. These supplemental resources will strengthen any K-12 curriculum in Social Studies, U.S. History, U. S. Government, Civics, American Philosophy & Political Thought, Western Civilization, & Historical Influence of the Bible.  

With American Heritage Education Foundation’s resources, students will better understand America’s founding ideas and values, what it means to be an American and their own responsibilities as citizens. As a result, they will more likely become productive, contributing members of society, participate in civic activities and be well-informed voters. These outcomes benefit our nation and the future.

American Heritage Education Foundation’s resources are available as free PDF downloads or for purchase in print on AHEF’s website,

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