Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

Sonlight is a complete, literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum offering every subject for students from preschool through high school. 

Their comprehensive curriculum uses real books to deliver an engaging and complete education, far richer than textbooks and rote memorization. This fully-planned curriculum comes with all the materials you need, including thorough lesson plans and notes in the award-winning Instructor’s Guides, so that you can stop planning lessons and start enjoying successful homeschooling. In fact – Sonlight guarantees you’ll love the curriculum!

As the leaders in literature-rich homeschooling for thirty years, Sonlight provides you everything you need to homeschool with excellence.


Books Are at the Center of Sonlight

A Sonlight education is built around great stories— living books. And you won’t find better books than Sonlight recommended titles. Sonlight uses quality literature (like historical fiction, biographies, and award-winning titles) to teach subjects such as history, Bible, and science. Children respond more positively to great literature than to textbooks because stories give context to the information they are hearing/reading. These stories create an emotional connection with students and help them to retain the information.

Sonlight also offers academically excellent products for other subjects, including math, handwriting, language arts, hands-on activities, electives and more. Get your entire curriculum in one easy order!

All of the Sonlight homeschool materials are organized and scheduled for you in the customer-renowned Instructor’s Guides. 

Stop Planning Lessons and Start Enjoying Your Homeschool

At the core of every Sonlight program is the Instructor’s Guide (IG). The IG weaves your books and materials together into a cohesive, full-year curriculum. It is your roadmap for the entire school year… with virtually all of the planning done for you. Sonlight’s award-winning Instructor’s Guides eliminate the stress of everyday homeschool planning. Available for History / Bible / Literature, Language Arts, and Science, each IG includes a customizable schedule, complete lesson plans with notes, discussion questions, teaching tips, activities, and more for the entire year. Just open-and-go, knowing exactly what to teach every day … without any prep work! 

100% Money-back Guarantee

Order your homeschool materials with confidence! No other homeschool company offers the kind of guarantee Sonlight offers. You can take up to one year to actually use the program… then if you don’t love it, you can return the entire package for a full refund.

For 30 years, Sonlight has guaranteed their literature-based method of education will bring your family joy and academic success or you get your money back! 

Teaching Multiple Students with Sonlight Is Easy

Because quality literature is not age-specific, you can teach multiple children with one program. You’ll save time and money, and build lasting family relationships because your children are learning together. Want to know more? Visit their website to learn how to teach multiple children with Sonlight.

Curriculum Customized to Fit Your Family.

Sonlight offers every subject you need to teach.  Curriculum packages are completely customizable to meet your family’s needs. You can purchase any subject alone or for the best price and deepest discount, choose a package (History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Package) and customize it at checkout. Request a FREE catalog to get started.

Experience the Sonlight Difference

 Sonlight is built on five big ideas:

  1. Literature-based: Your brain processes a story in the same way it processes a real-life experience. This makes learning with literature almost effortless. Your children will thrive with this proven, highly effective approach. 
  2. Christ-centered: Sonlight helps you raise children who honor Christ in word and deed as you discover God’s love for all people. 
  3. Family-oriented: Sonlight Curriculum helps families connect as they read, talk, and learn … together. 
  4. Global outlook: Sonlighters learn about people from around the world and students are prepared to share the love of Christ with everyone around them. This curriculum equips you to raise ambassadors for Christ, with a heart for the world.
  5. Academic excellence: Sonlight is highly engaging and enjoyable. It is also rigorous, offering a liberal arts education with an emphasis in critical thinking and multiple points of view. Sonlight graduates are now engineers, missionaries, soldiers, doctors, pastors, politicians, entrepreneurs, homeschool parents, and more! 

Have Homeschool Questions?

Sonlight’s homeschool advisors have answers. You can contact them, free–anytime, to get personalized homeschool advice, encouragement, curriculum suggestions, and much more! You are not in this alone!


See what other people are saying about Sonlight #sonlightstories #sonlightboxday:

Sonlight is the best decision I’ve made. It’s what I envisioned homeschool to be, but even better. We plan on homeschooling for a long time and continue using Sonlight to guide the way!” -Ashton B, Granbury TX

We love Sonlight because it’s a literature rich curriculum and the stories get our kids thinking about different people and places all over the world as well as providing discussion points that are great for character building. We’re so grateful to have found Sonlight because we couldn’t imagine homeschooling without it!” – Elisa C, Hampton, UK

I will never cease to praise Sonlight’s easy-to-use Instructor’s Guides. With an entire year of lesson plans conveniently organized and completed for me, the stress of preparation is completely eliminated, allowing more time to nurture my kids’ blossoming passions.” — Tanya S of Austin, TX

NEW Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Check out the new age-appropriate Kindergarten program, done in Sonlight’s signature style!

In this 36-week History / Bible / Literature program (Exploring American History), you’ll give your students their first taste of American history. Discover the stories of key events and important people in American history. 

You’ll cover the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, “The Star-Spangled Banner,”, and much more. Add on Science and get your Kindergartener thinking like a scientist!

Available in either 4- or 5-Day.

Exploring American History
History / Bible / Literature K

Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics, and Engineering Design


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