State History from a Christian Perspective

Get your state history and state geography to teach from a Christian perspective with workbooks, tests, keys, and teacher guides. Teach all grade levels at once!  Teach different states simultaneously!

All students make a state history project notebook using text and color state symbol pictures that we provide, helping you teach your child state history and getting a Christian perspective of our great nation.


GRADES 3 – 12 : Our Student Booklet provides you with state history text, maps, and color state symbol pictures for your state.  The text covers state history, geography, map skills, weather, industry, agriculture, major cities, citizenship, state and local government, and state symbols. Students use this material to create their own personalized state history textbooks, adding pictures and information from free tourist literature.  Quizzes, Tests, and Answer Key are included. Our Master Lesson Plan Book gives simple instructions and flexible options. Choose between two project notebook optionsMy State Notebook by A Beka Book (grades 3-8) or a 3-ring binder (grades 7-12) or teach both options simultaneously. Plans for 6 weeks, 1 semester, 1 year, and continuing study.

See the printable detailed description of state history with examples at

AGE 4 – GRADE 2 : My State History Funbook is a color-cut-and-paste project notebook that provides fun activities for young students as they learn about their state.  This course is correlated to our upper level courses, so young ones can join right in with older students! Includes Activity  Pages with cutouts for your state!  More information at

Fifty States under God

GRADES 3 – 12 : FIFTY STATES UNDER GOD is a workbook study of all 50 states in the order of statehood. This “I love history” book emphasizes the role of God’s providence in shaping our nation. It includes a time line and a progressive map study along with the most interesting information from all 50 state studies. Color state symbol pictures for all 50 states included! Includes tests, keys, teacher guide.  VISIT OUR WEBSITE to download a FREE SAMPLE section!

AGE 4 – GRADE 2 : FIFTY STATES UNDER GOD for YOUNG LEARNERS is a color-cut and-paste workbook with a Christian perspective while introducing all 50 states in the order of statehood.  Color state symbol pictures and informational cutouts for all 50 states are included!  More info on our website.


GEOGRAPHY of the FIFTY STATES (grades 3-12) provides 4 pages per state in order of statehood. The growth of the US, state by state, is correlated with US geographical regions, showing how geography helped shaped history. Students learn US geographical regions and geographical features. Includes tests, keys, teacher instructions. More information on our website!


The front section of our Master Lesson Plan is a teacher-directed, 30-lesson plan that can be easily adjusted to your desired course length and difficulty level by using the Expansion Suggestions in each lesson.  In the Appendix are Independent Study Guides for a 6-week program and a one-semester program.  These are written to the student and are the only part of our entire program that may be photocopied within one class or family only. The Student Booklet may not be copied, so you will need one book per student.  For a high school level, you will want to have the students make the project notebook in a 3-ring binder (binder is provided by the student).  This option teaches organizational skills and allows flexibility for adding additional research projects. In any setting with more than one student, students can divide a list of topics for each research project, then share their research through oral and written reports that can be added to each student’s notebook. Our Student Booklet includes a study guide on your state constitution (assigned in the one-semester course or can be added to the six-week course).  It is an interesting and enlightening study on the Biblical concept of delegated authority and responsibility as well as inter-personal relationships.  You may obtain a copy of your state constitution online or from your library.  Students read through the constitution, answer the study guide questions, then take a test.  Another project that is included is a career study  to be done during the economy section. 

Testimonials about our State History Course

Homeschool Mom:  “Thank you so much for the wonderful material . . . . I saved an immense amount of time on library trips and research. Christian School Teacher:  “I just wanted let you know how much I appreciate the Indiana history material that you have written.  It is wonderful how it coincides with the A BEKA My State Notebook!  As a teacher, I loved how easy it was to teach from your material.

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  • State History from a Christian Perspective


State History from a Christian Perspective