Apologia supports homeschool families with Christ-centered, K-12 homeschool curriculum designed to engage your student as they experience the awe and wonder of Creation and their Creator.

Curriculum Designed with Your Student in Mind

Developed by leading scholars, Apologia’s textbooks serve as the teacher and are written in a conversational way that engages students and promotes hands-on activities. In addition to our quality textbooks, we offer online and on-demand classes, self-paced learning, and audio and video components to accommodate every student’s unique learning style.

By equipping homeschool families with the tools they need, parents and students can achieve their academic goals and develop an understanding and love for God that informs how they navigate the world for the rest of their lives.

Written from a Biblical Worldview

When considering a homeschool curriculum, it is important to ask the question, “Does the worldview of the curriculum align with that of our family?”

Apologia’s curriculum is written with a Biblical worldview that is designed to help students learn, live, and defend the Christian faith. Shaping the lens in which children view the world with a God-honoring education will allow them to grow not only academically, but also to flourish in their faith.

Engages Students With Hands-On Learning

A solid homeschool curriculum should include a hands-on component that is easily performed in a homeschool setting. Textbooks are necessary to help students acquire facts, yet it is essential for students to actively participate in the process of discovery to gain a personal awareness of their world. Hands-on experiments and activities help students link collections of facts to their natural world. We strive to create experiments that use common household items so that students can actively participate in their learning.Also, if your student has plans to attend college after high school, it is important to note that most colleges require at least two science courses with labs in the high school years, which is included in Apologia’s curriculum.

Online and Self-Paced Learning 
Apologia also offers online learning through live classes, self-paced digital learning, and audio and video supplements to accommodate every student’s unique learning style.

Embraces and Supports Different Learning Styles
  • Independent Learners – Apologia textbooks and notebooks are written to your student in a conversational tone so there are no cumbersome teacher guides. Students can easily navigate through the curriculum on their own. Our homeschool curriculum helps students methodically learn, self-check, and master difficult concepts before moving on.
  • Auditory Learners – Sometimes, students learn best when they can see AND hear what they are studying. Apologia audiobooks let the student follow along with the audio while reading.
    Visual Learners – When learning complex subject matter, it is easier to comprehend when the topic is animated and presented to the student. Apologia’s video instruction component brings an engaging teacher into your home to teach the subject matter in a visual format.
  • Tactile Learners – When it comes to learning, you can’t beat a hands-on experience that lets a student own knowledge from direct involvement with materials. All of Apologia’s science and math courses include hands-on learning through activities and experiments. Most use common household items, while upper-level sciences will require lab equipment.
  • Social Learners – Some students learn best when they are able to interact with others and ask questions of a live instructor. Apologia’s Live Online Classes gives your student access to interact live with one of our many professional instructors in a structured virtual classroom from the comfort of home.
  • Self-Paced Learners – Self-paced courses in your homeschool help build independence, allows your student to pace themselves and review content that may be more difficult for them, and frees up your teaching to focus on other students or courses in your homeschool. Apologia’s Self-Paced courses include a digital version of the course textbook, audio narration, video instruction, and assessment and exams that are automatically graded.
Free Bonus Content Included
Because we live in an age where discoveries are a daily occurrence, you want a homeschool curriculum that is not only factually correct but also current. Apologia doesn’t just offer your family a static curriculum. Each of our texts has a unique Book Extras website with Internet links that connect your student with the most up-to-date information in the scientific community. We seek out sites where experts explain the newest concepts. These extra links help your student see the connection between the facts in their textbook and the discoveries in their world.

Trusted by the Homeschool Community
Reviews and awards are an important part of evaluating a homeschool curriculum. The homeschool community knows what works and what doesn’t. Do some research to find what your fellow homeschool community is saying about the curriculums you are considering. Apologia has been voted #1 in the homeschool community for over 12 years.

Reviews for Apologia’s Award-Winning Curriculum

“Thank you for giving homeschooling families books that bring our children closer to their Creator, widen their knowledge, expand imaginations, and build character.”

“We have used Apologia since beginning our homeschool journey six years ago, and I will continue to use Apologia until graduation. I have shared my love for its Biblical and intellectual standpoint with many homeschooling friends and family members!”

“My children beg for Apologia. In fact, my oldest refuses to use anything else!”

“We love how easy Apologia is to read and understand!”

“I love that Apologia’s books are beautiful, not visually overwhelming like many textbooks.”

“I could go on and on to tell how blessed we are for having Apologia in our homeschool. We are thrilled to learn how BIG our Creator is to hold the stars, the planets, and all that is above us.”

“Apologia’s courses have everything we need all in one place. This curriculum is comprehensive and covers it all. I’m so glad not to have to piece together resources to meet the requirements for school credit!”

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Bible – https://www.apologia.com/bible-curriculum-for-homeschool/

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