Math Galaxy Preschool & Kindergarten Math

What’s different about Math Galaxy?

  • It’s like having your own personal tutor for K-12 math, guiding you through the exercises at your own pace.
  • It connects the abstract concepts of math to concrete experiences, with graphical illustrations at each step to help you remember.
  • It gives you unlimited practice and detailed explanations.
  • Like Singapore Math it uses block modeling to model word problems, and like Khan Academy it uses a variety of approaches to help students understand our numbering system.

“The French mathematician Jacques S. Hadamard found, in a study of 100 leading mathematicians [including Einstein], that the majority of them were primarily visual in their approach.”


Scientific American, Sept., 1984, p. 56.


Preschool & Kindergarten Math

“My 4 year old loves the Froggie Jump and Tracing Numbers games!
The colors, fun images and sounds all work well to get him excited about numbers.”
Our Little Bunch

“This was Kandy’s (2) favorite Math Galaxy app.”
Domestic Diva

“Probably my favorite of all the ones that I downloaded was Preschool Math.
The graphics on this app are cute and engaging for the youngest of kids and this app includes counting, matching numbers – click on a number and the corresponding visual (love this), matching sums which is very similar, but with addition, tracing numbers, Froggie count, and Froggie jump.”
A Mother’s Random Thoughts

“Our users found the application a delight to use and kept playing the games again and again… they particularly enjoyed the differentiation of gameplay, there is something for everyone!”
“The developers can be congratulated on the variety of maths topics the application offers.
The application is easy to understand and gives an educational focus for each of the games.”
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Math Galaxy Preschool & Kindergarten Math