Teacher Gems

Teacher Gems

Do you have a child who excels in one subject area while another struggles? Maybe you feel like you focus all your time and energy working with the child who struggles while missing opportunities to provide appropriate challenges for the one who is ready to be pushed.

Hi, I’m Kelsea, founder of Teacher Gems. I’m a former teacher turned homeschool mom of five with a wide range of experience from special education to academically talented. I started Teacher Gems as a collection of educational resources to share with other homeschool moms. It has grown to include over two hundred engaging educational resources designed to meet the needs of a variety of learners.

I believe that children are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3) and each child is equipped with his/her own unique gifts and abilities. While it is definitely a privilege to homeschool, it can also be difficult and time-consuming to plan five separate activities to accommodate for each child’s abilities and unique learning styles. That’s why I love when I can have all my children working on the same activity but at their level. Teacher Gems activities are designed to do just that! Each child can work on the same color by number picture, for example, but one can be practicing single-digit addition and subtraction while another is working on two-digit addition and subtraction and a third child is practicing multiplication and division facts. Teacher Gems resources are differentiated providing the appropriate amount of support AND challenges for learners.


  • Multi-Sensory (considers a variety of learning styles)
  • Hands-On (great for kinesthetic learners)
  • Differentiated (considers a variety of abilities)
  • Interdisciplinary (incorporates multiple subject areas)
  • Engaging (makes learning fun)
  • Low To No Prep (saves you planning time)
  • Self-Checking Built In (students can check their own work)
  • Supplemental (use as stand-alone curriculum or to compliment/supplement any curriculum)


Do you have a child who struggles to come up with ideas for story writing? Teacher Gems’ build-a-story writing center is a simple way to solve that problem! Your child can pick out a setting card, a character card, and an event card (all with picture prompts) and make up a silly story about them. With 30 cards in each set, that’s over 27,000 possible story combinations! This is a great independent writing activity with endless options for writing every day of the year and it’s just one of many writing centers available.

What buyers have to say…

                “We call these “Silly Stories” and the children literally beg for them!” – Kelsey B.

                “My students LOVED it! It is a really great way to get them thinking about writing a little differently. I could also see this working for many grade levels which is a great benefit as well. It’s my first purchase, and I am very thrilled with it!” – Buyer

                “I bought this to help my kids expand their sentences, and it really has helped!!! They are having fun while they do it! THANK YOU!!!” – Buyer


Multi-sensory hands-on learning is not only more engaging for any child but can make a world of difference for children who struggle. Teacher Gems resources incorporate both! Teach children to master phonics skills and build a strong foundation for reading with Teacher Gems hands-on phonics mega activity packs. Children engage in write the room activities where they uncover words that are hidden around a room and record them on their paper/clipboard. Other activities include putting together flip books of short vowel words, reading sentences, identify and graphing all the long vowel words, using stamps and magnet letters to write words, breaking a secret code to reveal mystery words, and much more! These activities are also differentiated to meet the needs of a variety of learners and interdisciplinary, incorporating language arts, math and science.

What buyers have to say…

                “This has been such a useful product to use with all different ability levels! Thank you so much for sharing! :)” – Taila F.

                “LOADS of ENGAGING activities for FUN practice!  We’ve started with the Write the Room activities and can’t wait to get going on the others.  GREAT product! :)” – Lorena S.

                “As a new teacher to 1st grade this has truly been a GEM!  Thank you for putting in so much time to create a fantastic resource for me to use.  My students and I love it!” – Yvonne M.


Students needing an extra challenge will enjoy Teacher Gems logic puzzles. These grid-style logic puzzles are a great way to engage and challenge students while improving higher-order thinking skills. The grid-style provides a scaffold support great for both the beginner and advanced puzzle solver!

What buyers have to say…

                “My students LOVED these.  We wanted more!” – Nancy B.

                “I used this product as an enrichment class for homeschool.  It was perfect for my 10 year old who isn’t easily impressed.  He said it was in his top 3 favorites for the year!” – Buyer

                “My students loved these puzzles.  I used them during our mystery unit.  Great way to practice close reading and inferring!” – Brenda G.

Check out all that Teacher Gems has to offer or go directly to the resource page here.


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