Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are an amazing and unique teaching tool and hands-on learning product. Fun, colorful and easy to use for all ages.

Made of a special non-toxic wax and yarn, they stick to paper, all smooth surfaces and each other with just fingertip pressure… no glue, no mess, no preparation and no clean-up. And, if something is incorrect, Wikki Stix are easy to peel up, change and reposition. So “mistakes” virtually disappear! (No tears!)

At the early ed level, Willi Stix are ideal for learning letter and number formation, basic shapes and more…while developing fine motor skills and cognitive learning abilities.

For math and science at the next level, Wikki Stix make the tough stuff fun! From fractions to the DNA Double helix, Wikki Stix are an amazingly versatile product that can truly enhance the homeschool experience.

Early Childhood:

From ABC to STEM…learning letters is important! And Wikki Stix provide an easy, hands-on tool for all of it.

Soft and pliable, bright and colorful, Wikkies are easy for little hands to manipulate and because they are “mistake-proof”, they help build self-esteem.

They can be used right on the pages of a Big Book, or Poetry Card and peel off with no mess. Ideal for fine motor skills and pre-writing activities, Wikki Stix are so much fun that kids don’t know they’re learning. With Wikkies, doing IS learning!

Letter and number formations, basic shapes and colors are all easy to learn with Wikki Stix. Truly an educational toy at this level, Wikki Stix are a great teaching tool for younger children.







Language Arts:

Wikki Stix can be used right on the pages of a book, or poetry card, or poster paper and leave no mark when removed. They are an ideal teaching tool highlighting parts of speech, punctuation marks, digraphs, rhyming words and more. Use one color for each concept. It’s exciting to bring a story to life by creating a diorama or story web. Hands on learning with Wikki Stix help reinforce the message of the story. For teachers and educators, we recommend trying our Bulk Class Pak Original.

When reading scientific text books or stories about science or animals, you can use Wikki Stix to add an artistic touch and bring them to life! That’s the ‘A’ in STEAM!


Wikki Stix are perfect for STEM activities at any level!

For preschool and lower levels Wikki Stix are soft and pliable and easy for young hands to use.

For Middle School STEM activities, from cross-sections and diagrams to 3-D creativity, Wikki Stix are mistake-free, which helps build self-confidence. Use them on poster board, and press down with just fingertip pressure. To make changes, they can be easily peeled up and repositioned. Students can work individually or in cooperative learning programs, as part of a team. Great team-building fun!

Making the DNA double helix is a snap with Wikki Stix!


Math…an important component of STEM… becomes fun and easy with Wikki Stix!

From fractions to algebraic functions, Wikki Stix are “mistake free” which makes math less intimidating and more fun. And for so many of the touch type math programs, Wikki Stix are ideal.

Because Wikki Stix are a “no-prep” product, they are easy to use in any class, and at all levels. From simply learning number shapes and basic counting, to more complicated mathematical functions, Wikki Stix are a great go-to teaching tool, and perfect for all aspects of the fast-growing STEM concept. Vectors are a snap with Wikki Stix! And so is graphing!






Social Studies:
Wikki Stix bring creativity to Social Studies!

Mapping and tracing routes are easy to do right on a map or by creating the entire project on poster board. Use Wikkies to show where Lewis & Clark travelled and define the outline of the Louisiana Purchase.

Create a world map, learn about the world’s explorers, and the geography and culture of countries near and far. Make African masks. Create replicas of historic structures… the Great Wall of China or ancient Grecian ruins. Use Wikki Stix to create the Greek Islands. Or outline the boundaries of the Roman Empire. Wikki Stix are ideal for spatial relevance.

History, geography and culture can be readily displayed with Wikki Stix!



Wikki Stix