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Creative Lives is pleased to share a new, holistic approach to teaching and parenting based on author Ellen Tadd’s discoveries about the human energy (chakra) system and its fundamental role in learning and development.

As early adopters of this Framework, we have seen firsthand the profound impact this approach has on children, teens, and the adults who teach and raise them.

After taking our training:

95% of learners report an increase in their ability to access joy and inspiration – and foster the same in children as they learn and grow

89%  report an increase in their ability to feel self-assured and communicate with co-parents and teachers

100% report they are better able to help children/students foster focus and make wise decision.

Homeschool parents are uniquely positioned to support their children in every aspect of their lives – body, mind, and spirit. You recognize that your children live in challenging times and must learn to navigate a fast-changing world as they move into adulthood. You want to help your children tap their full potential to learn, develop their gifts — and lead rewarding lives.

Applying Tadd’s Framework will help.

For example, in this short video, a 10-year-old boy discusses applying a Framework strategy to navigate an upsetting experience with peers and why he thinks everyone would benefit from learning this strategy.

About A Framework for Wise Education®

The chakras are seven interconnected energy centers that align with specific places in the body, from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Each chakra deals with a different aspect of our nature, including our capacity for wisdom, creativity, healthy relationships, and hard work.

Through observing thousands of individuals, Ellen Tadd has discerned the strategies, actions, attitudes, and environments that help the chakra system function well. In turn, good function across the chakra system supports optimal learning and development for every individual. In other words, when the chakras function well, children do well. When chakras function poorly, serious challenges can arise.

Applying this Framework helps you cultivate your wisdom and well-being—and supports your children to:

  • Foster inspiration, wonder, and imagination
  • Develop focus and concentration
  • Make wise, caring decisions
  • Value themselves and be curious
  • Cultivate emotional stability
  • Skillfully relate and collaborate
  • Build discipline and responsibility
  • Become more resilient
  • Strive for excellence

These essential skills help young people learn, develop positive relationships, tackle challenges, and share their unique gifts.

As a brief example:

The crown chakra at the top of the head deals with inspiration, a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves, and enthusiasm for learning. Poor function in this center might manifest as discouragement, feelings of isolation, or depression. Alternatively, a child might become easily over-excited or make unwise decisions.

The third eye chakra, located in the forehead, deals with focus, discernment, and the capacity to make wise decisions. When this center is functioning well, children are unafraid, can better retain and apply learning, and perceive the consequences of their choices. When it functions poorly, children may struggle with focus, develop fears and anxiety, or have difficulty putting their wisdom into action

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Foundations 1: Ellen Tadd’s Framework for Wise Education 
Next session runs June 16th — August 17th, 2024
with Zoom meetings held Tuesday evenings.

This course is the first training in our certification program. Over nine weeks, this training provides a comprehensive understanding of the Framework and its applications for you and the young people you serve. You will:

  • Discover a new Framework category and its corresponding chakra center each week
  • Study and apply essential tools, strategies, and attitudes that support well-function in each category
  • Learn to mitigate specific challenges to learning and development (within the settings you serve)
  • Deepen your powers of self and student/child observation

Engaging reading and audiovisual assignments, meaningful partner work, and written reflections will help you fully integrate this impactful methodology. Our weekly Zoom calls bring opportunities to discuss your learning,  practice new skills, and deepen your experience with the fundamentals of the Framework approach.

We Hope to See You Soon!

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