Origins Curriculum

Origins Homeschool Curriculum is an unschooling-inspired and research-based online curriculum.

No more spending hours researching and lesson planning. For a low monthly rate, subscribers will have access to a secular award-winning, nature-based, year-round, fully comprehensive, and holistic curriculum.

Origins Homeschool Curriculum is an adventure into global education. Students will dive into global biomes and learn about the regions in depth. They will learn about the people, the plants, and animals, about water cycles, food systems, weather patterns, soil types, climate, environments, and how these regions are connected to the greater global web. These topics will be explored through the lenses of reading, mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, music and art, and more,  all the while weaving in eco-literacy and mindfulness.

Origins students will develop critical-thinking skills toward solving real-world problems while gaining confidence in their identity, meaning, and purpose. 

Origins Homeschool Curriculum

Your bundle includes Lesson Plans and Resources covering every subject, Workbooks,
Homeschool Educator and Student Planners, Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Support Tools, Journals, Poster Set, Library of Movement, Music and Guided Meditation Videos, + SO much more!

*For our K/1st grade subscription we have Handwriting Resources and a Comprehensive Reading Curriculum to assist beginning readers. These are available to 2nd-5th graders as needed and upon request!

Choose your plan to fully educate your child at home!


Origins Curriculum