Night Zookeeper

Transform your child’s reading and writing with Night Zookeeper!

Is your child a reluctant writer? Do they struggle with reading? If your answer to either of these questions is “YES”, then it’s a great time to check out Night Zookeeper!

Used by over a million children worldwide, Night Zookeeper is an online learning program offering a full language arts curriculum for children aged 6 to 12 years old. 

The program’s unique gamified approach eliminates the “boring” aspects of traditional education, keeping kids engaged and focused on developing awesome reading and writing skills, all while having fun and unlocking their creativity!

It’s so fun, children don’t even realize they’re learning!

How does it work? 

Night Zookeeper’s award-winning content has been created by education experts, to ensure that children improve their language arts skills, including writing, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary-building

There are thousands of fun and engaging lessons, challenges, and games to choose from. The most popular features of the program include writing prompts, word games, creative challenges, and interactive lessons

There is a wide range of activities across each grade level, guaranteeing that there’s something challenging, yet achievable for each child. 

You can also tailor your child’s learning experience in various ways, as the program offers a safe community section where children can help one another, share their work and learn together!

Children receive personalized feedback from our team of expert tutors on written work within 48 hours of submission. These comments are full of encouraging phrases and helpful suggestions on how to improve their work. Not only is this great for children, but it also cuts down some of the work for the adults – they do all the grading for you!

And, to add to the excitement, there’s a range of in-game awards and competitions on offer to keep children motivated while progressing on their learning journey. 

Night Zookeeper for homeschooling

The feedback from tutors is designed to make things a little easier for homeschool parents and to provide children with the encouragement to lead themselves through their learning experience.  

Speaking of making it easier for parents and homeschoolers, Night Zookeeper provides a very detailed, real-time progress tracker, which can be accessed through your very own parent dashboard. You will be able to easily monitor and keep updated on your child’s writing and reading development, achievements, and the feedback they receive from their tutor.

The program can be accessed both online and offline. Whether you choose to use it on a PC, laptop, or tablet or choose to opt for printable resources, Night Zookeeper can be adapted to suit your homeschooling plan.

The program is also fully flexible and easily adaptable to your child’s learning needs. The interactive interface works really well for children with special needs, including dyslexia, autism, and ADHD.

One homeschool mom said:

“This has been great! Writing can be a difficult homeschool task because my kids don’t want to write something just for me. They gripe and just want to do the bare minimum. This gives them a very engaging reason to write. I love that they get feedback. My younger child needs some extra help still as she is struggling with reading but I like that she wants to do this and will ask for help. They have so much fun creating. They even told their cousin all about it and he had his mom sign him up too.”

Like the sound of Night Zookeeper? 

If Night Zookeeper sounds like the perfect learning program for your child, you can try it using this link. When you register, you’ll get a 7-day, risk-free trial – the perfect deal to get you and your child started on your Night Zookeeper adventure.

Your Night Zookeeper membership will include: 

⭐️ Thousands of hours of fun, educational content for Grades 1 to 6

⭐️  Parent dashboard to track progress and set your own assignments

⭐️  Personalized feedback from a dedicated team of tutors

⭐️  New weekly interactive lessons 

⭐️  Publishing opportunities and weekly competitions with real-life prizes!

⭐️  Monthly printable resources

⭐️  Much more!

Whilst the Night Zookeeper learning program is both an invaluable education and entertainment resource, there is also a book series and a TV mini-series that all centre around the magical world of the “Night Zoo”.

Try Night Zookeeper today and make reading and writing fantastically fun for your child!


Night Zookeeper