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What is Oak Meadow?
Founded in 1975, Oak Meadow offers an affordable, well-rounded, complete education for children in kindergarten to grade 12. Families use our progressive, experiential homeschooling curriculum independently or by enrolling in our accredited, teacher-supported, distance learning school. You can create your own rhythms for learning and integrate your child’s education into your family’s lifestyle.

The Oak Meadow curriculum is built on strong academic standards that can be adapted to meet the needs and interests of the developing individual. We understand that students learn in different ways—some by doing, others by listening, still others by seeing or reading. The curriculum is print-based to reinforce solid reading comprehension and study skills. Technology is thoughtfully integrated through the grade levels.

About the Curriculum Materials
When you purchase their curriculum materials, you receive everything you need to homeschool your student for an entire school year. Curriculum materials may be purchased as a package or individually. Craft kits and lab kits for grades K to 8 may be purchased separately. Lab kits are included with High school lab course materials.

Each coursebook includes weekly lesson plans for a full year, with a variety of assignments, activities, and readings. The K-8 coursebooks include assignment checklists, planners, materials lists, and learning assessment rubrics to track student progress. High school coursebooks provide assignment summaries, learning objectives, and prompts to help students explore topics in more depth.

The lesson plans are flexible, allowing both homeschooling and enrolled families to adapt the material to meet their student’s interests and abilities. Teacher manuals and other supplementary materials are available for further guidance and enrichment.

View sample coursebook lessons and Teacher Manual pages on Oak Meadow’s website.

Using Oak Meadow Independently

Elementary (K-4): Purchase the curriculum and follow the weekly lesson plans for a comprehensive experience, or adjust the lessons to fit your child’s individual needs, interests, and skill level. The curriculum in each grade covers all subjects and is written to the home teacher, and the resource material provides guidance to help you teach your child successfully.

Middle (5-8): As the home teacher, you will continue to oversee the weekly lesson plans, but the curriculum is now written directly to the student, allowing the child to increasingly take more responsibility for completing the work. At this level, you can purchase a full package or select individual subjects. Teacher manuals are available for each subject for parents who would like additional guidance.

High School (9-12): Motivated, independent students can follow the course materials on their own or, with their home teacher’s guidance, customize lessons to match their interests and learning goals. Teacher manuals are available for most courses. Oak Meadow offers a recommended course schedule for a typical college prep academic program, or students can also take individual courses to complement other studies.

Enrolling in Oak Meadow Distance Learning School
Elementary (K-4): While the parent of an enrolled student is the primary teacher for the child, the Oak Meadow teacher supports the parent in the teaching process, including customizing lessons as desired. The teacher reviews your child’s work on a regular basis and completes written assessments. Semester- and year-end narrative evaluations become part of your child’s official cumulative record maintained by the Oak Meadow registrar.

Middle (5-8): Students may enroll fully or in individual subjects in the middle grades. Parents shift from their role as primary teacher and the student now receives one-to-one teacher support. As in the early grades, teachers suggest supplemental activities to accompany the lessons and can help adjust the curriculum to your child’s specific needs and interests.

High School (9-12): Enrollment in our high school program provides more structure than homeschooling, one-to-one teacher support in each course, and an accredited transcript. Students may enroll full time and earn an Oak Meadow diploma, or take individual courses for enrichment, credit recovery, or transferable credit. We offer creative ways to earn credit, such as our Life Experience Elective Credit, Advanced Study Project, and dual enrollment. College counseling is included with tuition.

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