Stanford Online High School (OHS)

Stanford Online High School (OHS) is a highly selective independent school offering courses for grades 7–12, where dedicated instructors help talented students worldwide pursue their passions in real-time, online, seminar classes.

Expect the Extraordinary
Stanford OHS creates a worldwide learning community of diverse, intellectually passionate students and teachers. Through vibrant seminars, the rigorous curriculum challenges students to reason analytically, think creatively, and argue critically.

How It Works
Stanford OHS places students by ability – not age or grade. Students have the flexibility to explore other academic and extracurricular endeavors with options to enroll full-time, part-time, or single course.

Our seminars, averaging 12 in a class, allow students to engage in every aspect of a course using real-time discussions where teachers and students are highly interactive with each other. A rotating camera maximizes engagement as students see and speak with classmates and instructors during the seminar. Instructors work with students in a lively setting that goes beyond the capabilities of brick-and-mortar classrooms. Students engage by raising their hands to speak to instructors and peers, marking up onscreen class materials, and collaborating in small groups.

An Innovative Curriculum
Our curriculum offers discipline-specific knowledge along with broadly applicable skills: an understanding of evidence; strategies of criticism and persuasion; facility with the analysis of data; and critical listening, thinking, and reasoning. Our four-year Core Sequence challenges students to write, reason, and engage in argumentation through study of human nature, science, science history, political theory, and philosophy.

Scholarly Instructors
Our instructors, of whom 65% hold Ph.D.s, are distinguished by their expertise in their academic disciplines; by their passion and skills regarding the teaching of highly talented students in a demanding, interactive online environment; and by the high expectations they have for their students and for themselves. Their innovative pedagogy, developed to make optimal use of all available teaching tools and technologies, turns students’ varied locations into a virtue and ensures that everyone is fully present and participating in each seminar.

Supportive Community
Our supportive environment fosters independence, strength of character, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge while students cultivate lasting friendships. Academic Advisors support the educational experiences of each student, helping them to chart their academic paths. Counselors ensure that students’ academic, social, and emotional developmental needs are met. College Counselors provide individualized support for graduating students and community-wide workshops about the college process. Additionally, the Writing & Tutoring Center creates an academic community of confident writers through labs, workshops, and individual sessions with peer tutors or staff.

How to Apply
To learn more about Stanford OHS, visit Please note the following application deadlines: January 16, 2019 for Round 1 and March 15, 2019 for Round 2.

Stanford Online High School (OHS)


Stanford Online High School (OHS)