Thrively – An Online Personalized Learning Platform



Thrively is an online personalized learning platform that helps you help your child discover their inner ‘genius.’ Thrively’s platform puts your child’s unique strengths and interests at the center of their learning journey. We believe in developing the whole child, and thousands of teachers across the U.S. using Thrively agree that our platform unlocks each child’s potential. We enable you and your child to identify strengths, find purpose, build skills, and create personal impact.


Thrively starts with a free strengths assessment. Created by two board-certified pediatric neuro-psychologists, the groundbreaking Thrively Strengths Assessment identifies your child’s unique strengths and interests.

After the free 30-minute assessment, you and your child can reflect on his or her Strengths Profile through their digital journal entries on Thrively’s website. Your child can then explore a wide range of interest-based learning content, including short videos, quizzes, and activities related to their strengths and interests.

Parents/teachers can also create playlists for their child, helping guide students on their path to self-directed discovery and interest-based learning. Parents are also invited to review their child’s progress and connect to resources available through Thrively’s platform that supports their child’s personalized learning journey.

Among other offerings, parents looking to further develop their child’s skills can find thousands of extracurricular and after-school programs tailored to their strengths – all on




  • Thrively - An Online Personalized Learning Platform


Thrively - An Online Personalized Learning Platform