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Introducing Young Learners to the Joy of Reading: The Little Lions Literacy Decodable Books

The Little Lions Decodable Books are a wonderful collection of beginning reading books made just for young learners. These books are based on the Science of Reading, so they are designed to make learning to read both fun and effective. Each book is full of colorful characters and engaging stories that capture children’s imaginations and make reading a delightful activity.

Each book is carefully structured to introduce new phonics skills step-by-step while reinforcing letters, sounds, and comprehension strategies.  This thoughtful approach helps young readers build a strong foundation in phonics, which is essential for their overall reading development. These books are perfect for Pre-K through 1st-grade students, giving them a chance to practice and improve their phonics skills in a fun and engaging way. They are also great for 2nd graders who need a little extra practice with phonics.

The Little Lions Decodable Books are designed with both teachers and parents in mind. They offer a comprehensive and effective way to support early literacy development in the classroom and at home. Not only do these beginning readers focus on phonics, but they also emphasize reading comprehension, helping children understand and remember what they read. With vibrant illustrations and appealing storylines, these books turn reading from a challenging task into a joyful learning adventure, encouraging a lifelong love of reading in young learners.

Building Reading Skills with Little Lions Decodable Books: A Phonics-Based Journey for Young Learners

The Little Lions Decodable Books are designed to make learning to read a smooth and enjoyable journey for young learners. Each book focuses on one specific phonics skill at a time, following a carefully controlled pattern. This approach helps children build on what they’ve already learned, making it easier for them to practice, apply, and master their reading skills step by step.

In these books, children learn to read by sounding out words from left to right, rather than relying on pictures. This method encourages them to focus on the letters and sounds. The decodable text starts with simple words that follow a consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) pattern, such as “hat,” “sit,” and “cub.” As children become more comfortable with these basic words, the books gradually introduce more challenging concepts like double vowel syllables found in words such as “feet,” “boat,” and “rain.” This phonics-based progression helps children steadily develop their reading skills.

Boosting Confidence and Joy in Early Reading: The Little Lions Decodable Books

The Little Lions Decodable Books are wonderful for building a beginning reader’s confidence. When children feel confident while reading, they are more likely to enjoy the experience and want to read more. This confidence boost is crucial because the more they read, the better they become at it.

Imagine a young reader starting with simple, familiar words. As they turn the pages and recognize more words, they start to feel a sense of accomplishment. This feeling of success motivates them to keep going, tackling more complex words and stories. The structured approach of the Little Lions Decodable Books ensures that every new challenge is manageable and that every achievement feels rewarding.

Each book in the Little Lions series is thoughtfully designed to support this gradual learning process. The stories are engaging and filled with colorful characters that keep young readers interested and entertained. By focusing on one phonics skill at a time, children can concentrate on mastering each skill before moving on to the next. This methodical approach not only makes reading easier but also more enjoyable.

A Valuable Resource for Parents and Teachers: The Little Lions Decodable Books

Parents and teachers will find the Little Lions Decodable Books to be a valuable resource. The books provide a clear path for young readers to follow, helping them build a strong foundation in phonics and reading comprehension. With each new book, children reinforce what they’ve learned and gain confidence in their reading abilities.

There are 48 titles to explore!  The Little Lions Decodable Books contain 3 sets of cumulative books, beginning with the most basic – the short vowels, and then working up to advanced spelling patterns.  Each set builds on the next, introducing new phonics concepts in addition to those previously taught.

Set 1 focuses on words with short vowels (sat, hot, bug), digraphs (th, sh, ch), blends (tent, frog, slip), and the “Floss Rule,” which helps children remember when to use a double consonant at the end of a word (will, off, miss).

Set 2 teaches words with long vowels (lake, bike, cute), 2 syllable words (sunshine, cobweb, napkin), and “glued” sounds (ing, ang, ung).

Set 3 has students read words with long ‘i’ patterns (fly, try, spy) and long ‘e’ patterns (candy, happy, jolly), vowel team syllables (rain, teeth, beach), r-controlled vowels (park, fork, helper), closed syllable exceptions (ink, ank, unk) , and suffix ed (helped, started, played).

The Little Lions Decodable Books are not just about reading words on a page; they’re about creating a positive and supportive reading experience. When children open these books, they embark on a journey of discovery and learning. They meet new characters, explore new worlds, and develop skills that will serve them for a lifetime. With each turn of the page, they are building the confidence and competence they need to become successful readers.  Each individual book includes:

  • Phonics concepts
  • Sight words
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension questions
  • Extension activities
  • FREE online resources

By making reading a fun and rewarding activity, the Little Lions Decodable Books help foster a lifelong love of reading. When children enjoy reading, they are more likely to choose books over other activities, continuing to develop their skills and knowledge. This love of reading will benefit them throughout their academic journey and beyond.

Enhance Learning with FREE Online Games and Activities from Little Lions Literacy!

The Little Lions Literacy website offers an array of FREE online games and downloadable activity pages designed to complement each book. These resources are crafted to provide additional reading, writing, and spelling practice, ensuring that children can reinforce and extend their learning in a fun and engaging way.

The FREE online games available on the website are interactive and colorful, designed to capture the attention and imagination of young learners. These games are not just entertaining but also educational, focusing on key phonics skills and reading strategies introduced in the Little Lions books. Children can play these games independently or with the guidance of a parent or teacher, making them a versatile tool for both home and classroom use.

In addition to the online games, the website offers a variety of FREE downloadable activity pages. These pages are filled with exercises and activities that reinforce the lessons learned in the books. From coloring pages that bring the characters to life to worksheets that challenge and entertain, these activities provide a hands-on approach to learning. They help children practice their reading, writing, and spelling skills in a way that feels like play rather than work.

For example, after reading a Little Lions book that introduces new phonics skills, children can go to the website and play a game that reinforces those skills. They might sort words based on their phonetic patterns, match pictures to words, or solve fun puzzles that require them to use the new skills they’ve learned. These games make learning dynamic and enjoyable, encouraging children to spend more time practicing their reading skills.

The FREE downloadable activity pages are equally beneficial. Parents and teachers can print these pages and use them as part of a reading lesson or as additional practice at home. Activities might include tracing letters and words, completing fill-in-the-blank exercises, or creating their own stories using the new words they’ve learned. These FREE hands-on activities help solidify the phonics skills taught in the books, making learning more interactive and effective.

Little Lions Decodable Books are a great tool for early elementary classrooms, reading intervention programs, and homeschooling. It helps students develop the essential skills needed for reading and writing. Each book builds on the one before it, allowing for steady learning progress. 

For more information about the Little Lions Decodable Books and how it can boost early literacy, visit the website at  Little Lions Literacy.


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