My School Year

My School Year is the premier homeschool record-tracking and keeping system. In one place, you can plan, record, track, and report all your students’ progress throughout all their years of homeschooling. Our visual indicators help you to quickly spot areas that your student is currently excelling in as well as areas that need a little extra attention. With Family and Community editions available, we have all your schooling needs covered.

Easily create assignments with our powerful Create-A-Plan lesson plan generator, meet the needs of any government record-keeping regulations with our professional reports, and send lesson plan reminder emails to yourself and kids.

All features are 100% mobile-friendly so that you can access and record anything, anywhere! Waiting in the dental office? Create lesson plans. Hanging around for sports practice to end? Check your student’s progress and make lesson plan changes. At a college visit? Download and send a transcript. The possibilities are endless.

My School Year is quite versatile! You can track chores, auto-calculate grades, manage to-do lists, search & share lesson plans, link into Google or Apple calendar systems and so much more.

The Family Edition allows homeschoolers to track extra-curricular activities, reading lists/logs, standardized test scores, volunteerism, and more! Always know your child’s progress with our visual tracking tools of the “Homeroom”, the “Planbook” or the Calendar.

The Family Edition also allows you to create student logins with different levels of access so that they can review their upcoming lessons and mark it complete if you choose to let them – encourages students to learn responsibility and accountability.

The Community Edition assists private, umbrella, and coop schools in managing teachers’, students’, and guardians’ access to the tracking, grading, and viewing of lessons. Pay only for the number of active students with no upfront or recurring admin costs!

With monthly and yearly memberships, organizing has never been so cost-effective. We also have a one-of-a-kind price lock guarantee – we promise never to raise your annual membership with continued, uninterrupted membership.

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My School Year