Debunking Evolution – Genesis Apologetics

Debunking Evolution – Genesis Apologetics

Appropriate for grades 5 to 10

The “Debunking Evolution” consists of a main book (useful for parents or advanced students), DVD, and a Student Guide with fill-in-the-blanks for students. This program is ideal for preparing home school students for the 10 main evolutionary topics/theories they will experience in state parks, museums, television, and movies. Because the program addresses the evolutionary teaching that’s included in public school textbooks, it’s also useful for homeschool families that wish to teach how Biblical Creation contrasts with the secular ideas behind origins, biology, geology, and other areas.

The program includes six lessons and 12 videos where study partners (John and Jane) explore the challenges to the evolutionary theory encountered in their public school textbooks and why the Bible provides a more compelling case for our origins, biology, and geology. Through the fun conversations of the actors and visual aids, this program provides solid answers about creation, evolution, the fossil record, extinction, adaptation, natural selection, common ancestors, branching & homologous, and human evolution.

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Debunking Evolution - Genesis Apologetics