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Fascinating Education

Fascinating Education offers online curricula for high school in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Medicine. Learn them – THE EASY WAY brought to you by Dr. Margulies

Confused by high school science? Don’t be. Dr. Sheldon Margulies has created a curriculum for each of these courses to make it easier than ever to understand these often confusing subjects.

Incorporating both Anatomy and Physiology and The Logic of Medicine. Dr. Margulies is a neurologist and understands how the brain works; including how we learn, how we focus our attention, how we retrieve information, and how emotion and motivation affect learning.

Dr. Margulies, a neurologist, developed these courses using an audio-visual technique to teach science in a step-by-step manner using plain English and clear illustrations. This “right- hemispheric” learning approach takes advantage of the brain’s ability to process images more efficiently and more effectively than just reading text.

Science just got easier!

In his science courses, Dr. Margulies:

  • Assumes students know nothingabout chemistry, biology or physics
  • Slices the information very thin
  • Presents the material slowly andclearly – in plain English
  • Follows a story line
  • Shows how chemistry, biology andphysics explain or solve real lifeobservations or problem
  • De-emphasizes terminology

    “I was so incredibly relieved and excited when I discovered the Fascinating Education high-school science curriculum several years ago. We have used and are using all three of Fascinating Education’s science courses– biology, chemistry, and physics–for our five home-schooled children. The courses have provided an excellent foundation for two of our sons’ college-level science courses. FE’s lectures are thorough and organized, and the post-lecture quizzes have helped us hold our children accountable for retaining (actually learning) information. My husband is a university professor in the sciences and is also impressed with the quality of FE’s courses. I recommend FE for every family home-schooling through high school.”

“Our daughter found the Fascinating Biology interesting and informative. We were very pleased with the product. She was able to work at her speed and level, could review as needed, and found it easy to understand, without being simplistic. We give it “two thumbs up!”. I felt it was a thorough curriculum and was very satisfied.”

Dr. Margulies brings you Fascinating Education

Fascinating Education makes each subject relevant to the learner, eliciting curiosity in an environment that is more interested in teaching you scientific principles than in making you memorize facts and definitions. This is a great alternative for anyone wanting to learn the sciences, prepare for a test, or prepare for an upcoming school year in advance… whether it’s chemistry, biology or physics.

A course from Fascinating Education is a quick study; useful for any student enrolled in public school, private school, home school, or just plain interested in science.

Included are lessons, scripts, online tests, access to pdf files for families that prefer to self-administer tests, and (for Chemistry) some labs. The illustrations used by Dr. Margulies are original and in many cases, animated to illustrate activity.

“I homeschool and my son needed chemistry. Yikes!  The one subject in school I never understood myself. I looked everywhere for a curriculum that might cover “the top 10 things you need to know about chemistry,” and I was having no luck. I attended the homeschool expo in Atlanta and I placed finding a chemistry curriculum at the top of my agenda. When I saw Dr Marguiles’ seminar “you can learn chemistry in 30 minutes,” I thought if he can teach me chemistry, he can teach anyone. It was amazing! I left the seminar having an understanding of the periodic table that I’ve never had before. In less that an hour I had a basic understanding of chemistry. My son and I went through the online lessons in 1 semester. Some lessons took 2 days and some took 5-6 days to complete. Dr Marguiles begins most lessons with an interesting dilemma. For example, Who will live longer: The man fully clothed thrown into above freezing water or the man completely naked left outside in below freezing temperatures? It makes what he’s teaching relevant, compared to memorizing a lot of vocabulary and terms (which is what I had in high school.) In addition to plenty of visuals, charts, and some math, each lesson includes a test of mastery. Dr Marguiles stressed in his seminar that he desires everyone to see the world at a molecular level. I can attest that he has accomplished that for me. When I cook an egg and it turns white I recognize I am witnessing a protein chain unfold. When my daughter told me someone was testing a vaccine for Ebola that included silver, I instantly pictured silver on the periodic table and could understand how it might be used based on its many rings of power and number of electrons. In the end, my son got an A, and I feel empowered just knowing I CAN understand chemistry.”

Dr. Margulies pauses several times throughout each course to provide “Catching our Breath” slides that provide easy breakpoints and reviews the material. He also ends each lesson with a “What you know so far” summary of the lesson.

Correlations have been done with the Next Generation Science Standards and every standard for these subjects is covered. Particular attention is paid to showing how each lesson explains everyday phenomena.

Each lesson lasts less than an hour, and each exam with its explanations takes another hour or so. With fewer than 20 lessons, each curriculum could be completed in as little as 40 hours; however, most students complete about a lesson per week.

Priced modestly and the curricula can be viewed by any number of children in a family. Reduced pricing for groups of students is also available. Subscriptions are priced on an annual basis, with additional discounts provided for purchasing 2 or 3 courses.

Dr. Margulies has taught over 2500 medical students and residents using a visual based approach. Using the Fascinating Biology curriculum just 1 hour a week to teach 96 juniors at Dunbar High, Dr. Margulies was able to raise their prior 40% passing rate to an impressive 87% passing rate.

Dr. Margulies believes that seeing and hearing what the teacher is trying to convey makes science education so much easier than trying to decipher a textbook. We think you’ll agree!

Now through September 30, 2018 – use coupon code IHSnet2018 for a $30 discount. Valid on any single course or multi-course combination purchased directly on the Fascinating Education website.

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