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Many parents homeschool because their child has special needs. Homeschooling may be the best setting if traditional school has not met their needs well. Wings to Soar Online Academy equips and empowers your child with special needs to thrive.

Are you looking for homeschooling programs for a child with special needs? Or are they outside-the-box in their learning style? Do you have concerns about your child’s learning? Need after-school intervention? Whether your child with special needs has an official diagnosis, Wings to Soar Online Academy can help.

Don’t try to recreate school at home. Most struggling learners don’t do well with a pre-packaged curriculum that comes in a box. Most students have a wide range of skill levels within themselves. They don’t fit into a grade level curriculum.

That’s why Wings to Soar Online Academy creates a Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plan for each student. Start with requesting free Just-Right LevelAssessments. This allows them to start each student at their own Just-Right Level in each skill strand.

Wings to Soar Online Academy specializes in empowering dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners. They offer personalized education through online learning. They partner with parents in 34 US states and 10 foreign countries.

As you search for solutions to help your child, know that “perfect course” may not be the solution for your child. Academic courses are tools, not solutions to learning challenges. Course content and structure should always be your servant and your guide. It should not be your taskmaster. You are teaching a child, not a curriculum. Move as slow as needed, but fast as they are ready in each moment.

That’s how Wings to Soar Online Academy sees curriculum and courses. They meet each child where they are in their development. The child’s needs guide them. They start with what’s working and come alongside you to help with the things that aren’t.

What sets Wings to Soar Online Academy apart is that they

  • Investigate your child’s learning gaps
  • Compile a picture of your child’s strengths and challenges
  • Create a personalized learning plan to fill those gaps
  • Deliver high-interest content
  • Coach parents how to continue the skills we teach
  • Move your child forward through specialized instruction, intervention, individual attention, and accountability.

Wings to Soar Online Academy staff are passionate about empowering dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners. They help them gain the skills and confidence to not just survive but thrive in school and in life. They do this through their whole-person, personalized approach to education.

Wings to Soar helps outside-the-box learners break the chains of shame, failure, and inadequacy that so often surround learning challenges. They empower outside-the-box learners to become the best versions of themselves. They help them embrace their unique wiring and its flip-side strengths. While they specialize in dyslexia intervention, they love helping families thrive.

Enroll in only the portions of the curriculum you need

Choose parts of the curriculum that serve you best. You don’t have to enroll full time into a school if that isn’t the best fit. But that is an option.

  • Personalized Learning Plans for reading, spelling, language, vocabulary, math, and cognitive skills intervention
    • Wings to Soar uses a custom combination of effective online programs for each student. These may include Fast ForWord, Reading Horizons, Dyslexia Gold, Lexia, Headsprouts, Reading Plus, and more.
    • Each child starts wherever they are in each skill strand regardless of where they “should” be.
    • Build skills and fill in learning gaps.
    • This link summarizes their intervention programs. It also includes a few of their more popular packages.
    • Weekly and quarterly reports add outside accountability.
    • When students work in their personalized learning plan 4-5 hours per week, they typically see 1 ½-3 years reading gains within the first school year.
  • Self-Paced Video-Based Courses
    • All academic areas K to 12th-grade level.
    • You can add science, social studies, math, cognitive skills intervention, and electives.
    • Many courses have notes provided to support learners with special needs.
    • Office hours available for extra help when needed.
    • Choose whether you’d like a report and their teacher’s eyes on your child’s work quarterly, weekly, or daily.
  • Small group webcam classes They’ve designed these courses with students with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, in mind. They further personalize to the needs of each student’s special needs. Wings to Soar creates stronger, more confident learners.
    • Just-Right Writing Intervention for 4th-12th-grade age students (3 l3vels)
      • Part of the weekly live online class is for students to learn the writing and learning process.
      • Part is for moms to teach them how to best support their student in writing.
      • Besides the small-group class, 1-1 coaching further personalizes the learning.
    • Integrated Liberal Studies weaves together social studies, literature, composition, and study skills.
    • Biology and Life Science fall 2019


Learn more about Wings to Soar Online Academy and how they can help your family. They invite you to start with a free, customized Just-Right Level™ Assessment. Discover your student’s current levels. Placement assessments are available in each skill-based subject. These include reading, phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, language/grammar, writing, and math.

They set up a customized set of assessments for your child based on your learning concerns. Based on the results they create a custom Path to Success™ Learning Plan to meet your child’s needs. Check your email for your FREE Path to Success™ Guide with personalized recommendations.

Ask for your free Just-Right LevelAssessments today!

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