How to Use Lapbooks

By: Valerie of Georgia Grown Kiddos

Have you heard homeschoolers talking about lapbooks?

A lapbook is an interactive, hands-on learning tool that allows your child to organize and display important information she is learning about a specific/chosen topic.

While the end product is a valuable educational tool, I think the process of making a lapbook is even more valuable. That’s because making a lapbook requires your child to:

  • Discern what information is important/pertinent
  • Organize the information
  • Determine the best way to present the information
  • Decide on aesthetics
  • Depending on the age of your child and the subject matter, new skills such as graphing might be tackled

Regarding lapbooks:

  • Any grade level can use them, although young students REALLY enjoy them
  • Lapbooks can be used on an individual basis
  • In small groups
  • In larger groups (in a homeschool co-op, for example)
  • For independent study and review
  • For teaching and scaffolding lessons

A Lapbook Video

If you have questions regarding lapbooks, you can check out this short video from Knowledge Box Central.

Can I Purchase a Lapbook Template?

There are a multitude of templates available online.  Educents carries templates for a variety of subjects.

What are Homeschoolers Saying about Lapbook Templates?

My kids love to learn about weather and this lapbook did not disappoint. Great product and have shared this in my homeschooling group.  Patricia P

My son is obsessed with spiders. I’m a fan of lapbooks.  Barb L

I used these great, easy to assemble lapbooks with my homeschooled sons while we learned and reviewed the metric system!  Rachal P

Interactive, educational and fun!  You should give them a try!


How to Use Lapbooks
  • How to Use Lapbooks

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