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I have always wanted to subscribe to MyEduCrate!  So, I was SO HAPPY when I had a chance to spend some time on a MyEduCrate review, and so were my kids!

MyEduCrate Review – How Does It Work?

In case you didn’t know, MyEduCrate is a subscription service that sends educationally themed boxes every month (each month there is a new educational theme), directly to your home.  The content within the boxes is educational and it engages and entertains your child (it includes reading material, hands on science activities and more).  These boxes work great for kids 6-11 years of age.

Below are some graphics that explain a bit more about the product/service (I’m a fan of infographics, so I decided to include them – I think it’s more interesting for you, the reader):

MyEduCrate Review

MyEduCrate Review

MyEduCrate Review

Now, onto theMyEduCrate review!

This is the box we received – The Rainy Day educational kit.

The puzzle pictured on top is so difficult!  We still haven’t mastered it.  But we’re going to keep trying!

MyEduCrate Review

Here’s a much better picture of everything that’s included!


MyEduCrate Review

MyEduCrate Review – Our box included:

  • Science activities – We explored our kitchen and discovered its scientific secrets – and with the box’s included items and directions, we made a lemon clock.  Plus, the box came with FIVE science cards with directions for the following experiments – This Way – That Way (a light bend/refraction experiment), Levitating Paper Trick (negative and positive magnetic fields) The Magic Finger (surface tension of water), The Magic Balloon (shows how carbon dioxide is formed when a chemical reaction takes places between baking soda and vinegar), and the Broken Pencil (a light refraction experiment).  The crate came with just about everything we needed to do the different experiments. This included scissors, balloons, etc.  – and LOTS of colorful straws for the Hexburg Maze Challenge (mentioned next).
  • A STEM creative build project – the maze challenge.  For this project, we used the Bug nano kit, and we even used the MyEduCrate shipping box. The concept of re-using/recycling is a concept my kids need to grasp, so of course, I turned this into a teaching moment!.
  • Language Arts – two hard cover/quality books came in the box –  Fireflies A Writer’s Notebook (plenty of free space for creativity and helpful “spark starters to light the way) and Freaky Fact or Fiction Inventions (can you tell the difference?).  The Writer’s notebook contains prompts like – If you were to write your life story, what would be the highlights so far? and What dreams do you have for yourself, for your future?  Here’s a Freaky Fact or Fiction – Ejector seats in planes were invented for fighter aircraft…Early designs were simply a coiled spring beneath the seat but later on explosive devices were created to launch the chair away from the plane.  True or False?  TRUE!  Having an explosive device under my bum might be a bit concerning!  What do you think?
  • Brain Break – This IQ-Blox brain teaser game includes 120 challenges (single-player, easy to expert).  My daughter is still working on this – she really enjoys it.
  • Plus, for you – MyEduCrate includes  a product card with details about the items in every box, as well as tips on how to make the most of their boxes.
  • Each crate offers new challenges for your child to complete and then enter a contest for a chance to win the ultimate prize box.  I love this incentive!

MyEduCrate Review – So, what did we like?  (spoiler alert – EVERYTHING!)

  • My kids loved getting a package in the mail. We get Amazon packages all the time and sometimes they have toys and books in them – but usually they’re household items.  My kids liked getting their very own box. They liked it so much, they want one every month – something for them to look forward to and get excited about.  I really like it whenever they’re excited about learning!
  • Every month there is a new theme – this keeps things interesting, and knowing my kids, I’m sure they’ll be trying to guess the theme before the box is even shipped!
  • The content is educational and fun.
  • Since the box contains multiple items, it’s easy for a homeschool parent to create a mini-unit on the themed topic.  I love this — especially for a rainy day.
  • I also like…no, I LOVE that the included items weren’t even on my radar.  This means my horizons are being expanded, and so are my children’s horizons.  How cool is that?
  • The items in the crate are of good quality.  Even the box is super durable!
  • You can purchase current or past crates in addition to the boxes in your subscription.  This is nice – it just gives you options – and lets you choose a specific theme you know your kids will love.

Out of curiosity, I googled the MyEduCrate items on Amazon and other retailers and I found that it would have been more expensive for me to buy these items on my own (in addition to the work required to get all of these experiments and ideas laid out). The monthly box (if you only order a month at a time, and there are cheaper ways to order) costs $39.95.  With the box you get numerous science experiments, ideas and products you’ve never heard of before – and the fun of getting a box in the mail – it’s certainly worth the price!

Learn more about MyEduCrate here:

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My EduCrate Review
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