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Incorporating Art into your child’s education is one of the most beneficial things you can do for them. Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. I truly believe in incorporating Art into every homeschool and so that is why I was so excited to review the Alyra Arts Academy and share it with our readers. Alyra Arts Academy was founded by Cody. Growing up as a creative person in a small town, he had a wide set of interests, but his parents had a lot of trouble finding good teachers for them. So he had to spend decades accumulating the knowledge he craved through hands-on trial and error. It worked, but he knew there had to be a better way! So he set out to create Alyra Academy. He hand-picked the best teachers from around the world and worked with them to create the best arts classes in existence. Now, anyone who wants a world-class education in any arts subject need look no further! It’s an inspiring story!

So, what does Alyra Arts Academy offer?

They offer Arts classes for grades 3-11 in all types of categories, taught by the number one ranked teacher on the number one platform in the world. Cody, the teacher and owner of Alyra Arts Academy, has over 1,000 5-star reviews, and limits all classes to 12 students which equates to better learning experiences for students. All classrooms are digitally secured and all classes are recorded for safety and to allow students to go back and review the material at their convenience.

It’s a fantastic addition to any homeschool education and they have the following classes available now:

Animation Club – Grades 3-11Alyra Arts ReviewAnimation club is back! In this club, you’ll be practicing animation together. Some of class time will be dedicated to teaching new animation concepts, but the class will mostly be spent socializing and sharing our animations with each other. The goal is to foster an environment that is mutually supportive and helps young animators connect and make friends!

Becoming a YouTuber: How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel – Grades 3-9Alyra Arts AcademyTheir highly rated teacher will instruct students in starting their very own YouTube channels from scratch. First, you’ll learn the basics of recording videos so they’re high-quality and look/sound great. Then, you’ll learn about editing to put them together in a polished, professional way. Finally, you’ll learn how to grow a channel from zero subscribers, to thousands or even millions. Over the course of 6 weeks students will go from having no former knowledge to knowing everything that they need to be successful. They will cover the following topics: basics of video production, lighting, sound recording, editing, YouTube basics, the Top 10 Things Every New Youtuber Needs to Know (#4 is CRUCIAL), how to make catchy titles and thumbnails, keyword optimization, advanced algorithm tricks, trend-jacking, incentive techniques, reward spikes, promise payoffs, and more!

Film School in Two months (Intro to Filmmaking) – Grades 3-9Alyra Arts ReviewTheir 5-star reviewed instructor will take students from having never touched a camera before to making their own 5-10 minute short film. Unlike other film courses, students will learn every stage of the filmmaking process: pre-production, production, and post-production. In pre-production, they will learn about storytelling, Campbellian mythology, and the Hero’s Journey; they will learn about cinematography, including the different types of camera angles, how to get “coverage” on a scene, and how to make a shot list; they will learn how to record high quality sound with limited resources, including two different methods used by the pros; they will learn how to get actors and crew for their project, and how to make a production calendar and plan their shoot. In production, the students will learn how to run a film set, including how to set up for each shot and how to slate; they will learn how to direct actors, including the two big problems that actors face and how to solve them; and they will learn how to lead their cast and crew. And in post-production, the students will learn how to organize and label their project files; they will learn how to edit, including the two most important principles of great editing and how to use them to make exciting movies; and they will learn how to finalize and export their film so that it can be shared online or submitted to festivals or contests. The course will place an emphasis on the practical knowledge necessary to be a successful young filmmaker. No matter the student’s previous experience level, this course will be an excellent way to introduce them to the magic of filmmaking and begin their portfolio with their very own short film.

How to Make Awesome Animated Movies (Intro to Animation) – Grades 3-10Alyra Arts AcademyONE OF THE MOST POPULAR ONLINE CLASSES IN THE WORLD! With hundreds of recent 5-star reviews, their teacher engagingly introduces students to the basics of animation. Over the course of 5 weeks, students will go from having no former knowledge to having a grasp over the major concepts of the art form and knowing how to create their very own short animated films. This class gives students the skills to turn whatever fantastical things they can imagine into reality. We will learn the basics of animation, including the 12 Principles, movement and acceleration, frame rates, keyframes and timing, lip syncing, layers and parallax, how to use all the necessary software, and how to put it all together to make their very own films. Each week, we’ll learn some new concepts, and then spend the majority of class time creating an animation together that puts those concepts into practice. The homework each week will be to finish what we started in class, and if students follow along and complete the homework, they will end each week with a new short animation that shows off their new skills and their imagination. At the end of the class, the final assignment will be to put it all together into a final project where the students can create a longer animation about whatever they want and then share it with the class. Live classes will be held once per week, for an hour per session, for five weeks.

How to Stream, Record, and Edit Gaming Videos – Grades 3-9Alyra Arts ReviewWith hundreds of recent 5-star reviews, their instructor will provide students with everything they need to know in order to have their own streaming channel on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, or one of the other major streaming platforms. Over the course of 5 weeks they will go from having no former knowledge to having a grasp over the major concepts of and knowing how to create their very own content. This class gives students the skills to turn their dreams of becoming the next Tfue, Shroud, or Rubius into reality. While this class will have a focus on gaming, the skills we learn can be used to create any kind of streaming channel.

How to Take Breathtaking Photos (Intro to Photography) – Grades 3-9Alyra Arts ReviewTheir highly-rated instructor will teach students the basics of photography, not through rote lecture or exercise, but through doing. Over the course of the five weeks, students will gain all of the knowledge necessary to confidently use a camera to capture life’s most precious moments, and to capture them beautifully. Live classes will be held once per week, for an hour per session, for five weeks. During this time students will learn about exposure, focus, zoom, white balance, and the other elements of photography. They will also learn how to skillfully access and control these elements in whatever camera they have. Finally, they will learn some of the behind-the-scenes tricks to taking great photos that separate good photographers from great ones.

So, what are other parents saying about the Alyra Arts Academy?

This was an excellent class! My daughter is nine, and has been eager to learn about animation. Cody is a patient, kind, and caring teacher, who taught her a lot. – Sandra F.

My son really enjoyed this class and I think he got a lot out of it. He is excited to do the intermediate one as soon as possible! – Kate W.

I loved this class! Cody is super funny and teaches in a way that is fun and engaging. – Jamie T.

Great class. My 12 year old really enjoyed it! – Nina W.

My 10 year old son had an excellent experience with Cody. – Tim J.

My daughter absolutely LOVED this class! The teacher was fun, very interactive, and she felt she learned a lot of skills. She’s now enrolling for the continuing course. Thank you 😄 – Rebecca P.

This was an excellent class! My daughter is nine. Cody is a patient, kind, and caring teacher, who taught her a lot. He also teaches with a sense of humor, which keeps the kids engaged. My daughter is excited to take another class with Cody! – Lisa H.

Hi! I am a tween girl who recently attended and loved this class. I liked that it was a great learning experience, and found all the facts and tips very useful for future directors and actors. This class teaches you everything that you need to know to be a successful filmmaker. I appreciated that the teacher was nice, funny, and very knowledgeable when it came to learning about, well, everything! This class also gives kids the opportunity to make new friends, and act in little scenes together. I encourage everyone considering this class to click that subscribe button! – Zeanid N.

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