ColorMinis Product Review – Color & Create Real 3D Art

Do you use coloring apps at your house?  Coloring apps help 1. build creativity, 2. color combination skills and 3. overall focus.  Plus, they’re fun – and many are free.  ColorMinis combines the fun of a coloring app with a 3D art project (think of a 3D coloring book but with realistic figures instead of paper). ColorMinis is a great product for just about everyone – and I do mean everyone!  My 4 year old loves it, as do my six and ten year olds. I have fun using ColorMinis – and so does my Mom.
You can check out a ColorMinis Kids Preview below

So, what are the ColorMinis app features?  With the app, kids can:

  • Color and design anime figures, animals, robots, dogs, castles, and more (The app includes a variety of figure styles and themes created by artists from around the world)
  • Create their own color combinations or use designer palettes
  • Combine color with gloss, shine, metal, glass, sparkle and more
  • Tap the materials and color, or pinch to zoom on the HD figure details
  • Swipe the figure to view from different angles
  • Add custom name tags and fill a collection shelf (see our castle example below)
  • Create animated gifs and pictures of their creations


ColorMinis Product Review – What do I like about the ColorMinis app?

There are so many combinations/options!  On the Little Missy figure you can change the dress color, the material, choose buttons or zippers, choose sock and shoe color, hair color, and more.  Here are just a few that my daughter has made.

ColorMinis Product Review - Color & Create Real 3D Art     ColorMinis Product Review - Color & Create Real 3D Art    ColorMinis Product Review - Color & Create Real 3D Art

Kids can also color castles, owls, robots and more.  Again, there are so many color options.

ColorMinis Product Review - Color & Create Real 3D Art

It works on apple and android products, and the app is easy to download.

Kids can work offline. No wifi is needed.

Because of this, this is a great activity when riding in a car, waiting at appointments, etc.

There is also a physical figurine your child can paint!  What do I like about the Simple Missy figurine?

  • After playing with the app for HOURS, my kids were truly stoked when a physical figurine arrived in the mail
  • The figure is made of high quality vinyl and is ready to paint, right out of the box
  • The Simple Missy figurine is great for kids of all ages – even young ones can have fun painting it
  • The ColorMinis figurine is easy to paint as it separates into parts.  Once painted, the figurine is a cinch to assemble
  • You can use any craft store acrylic paint (although the company does recommend Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic)
  • You can test your colors in the ColorMinis app – it’s a great way to choose the perfect color combination
  • You can add stickers, glitter and more
  • Painting the figurine is a fun, creative project
  • The figurine is really cute
  • It arrives in a charming, eco-friendly box

ColorMinis Product Review – In Closing

The ColorMinis app and figurine provide hours of creativity for your kids.  My four year old is so proud of her creations – and watching her focus when she’s on the app, kind of makes my heart soar.  Really!

Out of curiosity, I looked to see how many stars this app gets from other users.  It’s a very well received/well reviewed app.


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  • ColorMinis Product Review - Color & Create Real 3D Art

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