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I am so excited to share a fantastic way to introduce music into your homeschool. This Musik at Home review will tell you all the reasons we love this program so much! Studies have shown that music plays a crucial role in the development of young children. Engaging in musical activities can enhance cognitive abilities, improve memory, and foster creativity. Music also helps with language development, as it exposes children to various sounds and patterns, aiding in the development of linguistic skills. Furthermore, participating in music classes and learning to play instruments can boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Musik at Home is the perfect way to introduce your child to music as they deliver developmental music classes for infants to elementary-age children, providing them with convenient access in the comfort of their homes through various platforms like the web, mobile app, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. With no need to commute and no rigid lesson schedules, families can navigate the classes at their preferred pace, allowing them to harness their child’s musical potential during the critical period from birth to age 10.

By introducing children to music from an early age, Musik at Home provides a holistic approach to their growth and development, nurturing their musical talents and contributing positively to their overall well-being. A Musik at Home membership serves as a valuable music education foundation for young ones, supporting them throughout their elementary years. It incorporates piano instruction and offers unlimited access to professionally produced video classes featuring an extensive range of over 500 musical activities. Courses are taught by Kathryn Brunner, the Founder of Musik at Home, who is a recording artist and music educator whose students have graced Carnegie Hall.

So, why is this program a great way to incorporate music into your homeschool, and who teaches it?

Specialized courses are offered individually, giving children a head start in music. Participants have the opportunity to learn from exceptional instructors, such as VeggieTales Music Director, Kurt Heinecke, and his daughter, Gretchen Demonbreun, an elementary school teacher, in the captivating program called “Ukulele Adventures.” This course focuses on mastering the fundamentals of the Ukulele, encompassing chords, rhythm, and melodies. By the course’s conclusion, students will possess the necessary skills to play a vast repertoire of hundreds of songs. Included in the package is the Ukulele Adventures Practice Book, enhancing the learning experience. It’s important to note that this is a digital product, allowing for easy accessibility and convenience.

In addition, the new Musik at Home Piano Lessons, Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures, provides a year of beginning piano lessons that are based on Nordic themes in children’s literature and imaginative musical experiences while providing keyboard skills that teach students how to improvise and compose their own music. This course is available in the Musik at Home Membership

We reviewed the online membership, plus two of their units. Unit 1, My Home Place, and Unit 2, The Woodlands. Both of the units are for ages 4-7. All of which were amazing. There are many other options as well and you can find them here: We spent a few weeks reviewing this program in our household and have to say that it provides hours of entertainment and learning, and it is a fun way to interact with your child. Additional specialized courses are offered separately in the Musik at Home Academy and may be purchased without a membership.  

Why do we love this program so much?

Musik at Home offers an array of courses, thoughtfully divided by age range, and tailored to suit diverse developmental stages. The available options encompass Babies and Toddlers (birth to 24 months), Mixed Ages (1-5), Preschoolers (3-5), and Family Music for ages 4-7, ensuring a personalized experience for every child.

Each level boasts a collection of 6-9 video lessons, designed to captivate young minds without overwhelming their attention spans – each lesson being under half an hour. The beauty of these courses lies in their simplicity, as they encourage the use of basic musical instruments like shakers and drumsticks, as well as a scarf or a large piece of fabric. Notably, these can be easily substituted with everyday household items – a plastic container filled with rice for the shaker, sticks from outside or wooden spoons for the drumsticks, fostering resourcefulness and creativity.

Moreover, the courses encompass engaging dancing and singing activities, making the learning experience dynamic and entertaining. Navigating the website to find the perfect category and lesson for one’s child(ren) is an intuitive and seamless process, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable journey into the world of musical exploration.

The provided content is a fantastic resource for incorporating imaginative play into one’s daily activities, offering opportunities to explore singing games and nature in a delightful manner.

We love Musik at Home because it is designed to cater to different age groups, with courses tailored for Babies and Toddlers (birth to 24 months), Mixed Ages (1-5), Preschoolers (3-5), and Family Music for ages 4-7. We love their emphasis on making music accessible and enjoyable through simple musical instruments, such as shakers and drumsticks, as well as the use of scarves or fabric for creative movement activities. The platform encourages parents to use household items as substitutes for the suggested instruments, promoting resourcefulness and creativity.

By incorporating dancing, singing, and interactive activities, Musik at Home seeks to create a fun and enriching musical experience for children. If you’re interested in helping your child’s development, including cognitive, emotional, and social aspects, we highly recommend giving Musik at Home a try. You can get access to their free trial here:



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