Little Thinker Adventures Product Review

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When was the last time your kids (ages 4 – 10) were able to let their imagination run free – free to go to Outer Space or the Circus, free to travel through time, to see Dinosaurs up close, or the action of the Old Wild West?

Little Thinkers audio stories encourage your kids’ imaginations to do just this – to run free.  That’s because Little Thinkers uses a combination of dramatic storytelling, and suggestions for picture drawing, that tap into your child’s imagination.   Plus, Little Thinkers helps your child develop better listening skills.  That’s a plus!  🙂

You can check out the video below for more detail. 


And you can listen to snippets of various MP3s at the bottom of this page.

This is a WONDERFUL product!  You may remember it from your childhood.


Little Thinker Adventures Product Review – What do I LOVE about this product?

  • My kids really enjoy these CDs!  They love the stories, Miss Nancy, and the pictures they draw.  My refrigerator is running out of exhibit space!
  • There’s a wide range of subjects/stories.  There’s something for everyone! My daughter and son like ALL of them, but they definitely have their favorites.

  • They’re educational (the sun is a great big fiery ball).
  • The stories are totally G rated.  No one in the stories gets hurt or injured. The Little Thinker and Nancy (the narrator) always get home safely.
  • The product encourages creativity – now, that’s a plus!
  • As mentioned previously, the stories encourage active listening – wowza!
  • And they encourage activity in general.  They’re certainly interactive.
  • The stories are very descriptive.
  • And dramatic.
  • Music is an integral part of each and every story, which I really like.
  • The sound effects are fun.
  • Kids have an option of what they want to draw.  They aren’t told what to draw.
  • And kids have enough time to draw whatever they want.
  • You can purchase individually or as an entire set (with a discount).  I like options, don’t you?
  • You can purchase as MP3s or CDs.  Again, I appreciate options.
  • The company offers cute carrying cases – the one we have is a soccer ball.  It’s great for in-car use.
  • You can use these any time – even when you’re on the go.  We do a lot on the go – I bet you do too.

In Conclusion

I’ve already mentioned it – but it’s worth mentioning again – this is a really WONDERFUL product!

Again – Get a 25% DISCOUNT on Little Thinker Adventures! 

Use coupon code is “homeschool”


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