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StoryJumper is a site that gives teachers, students, parents, and authors a fun set of intuitive tools for writing and illustrating stories.  It’s a wonderful way to add some educational FUN to your homeschooling experience. Plus, IF you’d like, you can order your child’s story as a professionally published book. My daughter LOVES her recently published book – and she loves it when I read it to her at night.

Also, think about the present possibilities (Grandmas and Grandpas will LOVE these books)!

So, how can you use StoryJumper educationally?

  • StoryJumper can be used to jump start Creative Writing lesson plans.
  • Homeschoolers can also use StoryJumper for the following types of books and assignments –

  • Really, you can use StoryJumper for English, social studies, foreign languages, math – any subject you can think of.  Here are some examples:
  •  Also, the site provides teacher lesson plans that homeschoolers can use.
  • You can also use the books to document special homeschool projects, field trips, family vacations, holidays, etc.
  • And of course, you can share them and give them as presents.

Is it difficult to make a book?  Not at all!

StoryJumper has several story templates (having a template is nice!) that provides students suggestions and ideas to get their mental gears turning.  And the StoryJumper art library is stocked with thousands of full-color props and scenes, including everything from simple shapes to complex mythological animals and characters. Your child can upload his/her own photos or drawings (my daughter uploaded pics of the family, her dog – even her tree house!)

You can watch the video below to see just how easy it is to create a book, and the website offers author and teacher guides for extra help.

FYI – here are some template pages for an All About Me book.  You can see how easy it is to fill in the blanks.  You can also change the look/feel of the book, change questions, etc.

And here are actual pages that are in books, published on the StoryJumper site.

Plus, you can add voice to the books!  This is really cool.

So now I’ll always have a recording of my daughter reading her very own story at 7 years of age…at 11 years, etc.  I LOVE this.

Your child can even make group books with friends!  Friends can collaborate on the same book in real time. To make collaboration easier and faster, friends can video chat inside the StoryJumper editor to plan their work and provide feedback to each other.  How fun is that!?!

OR, all of your kids can make a Father’s Day book for their Dad! I know…I’m kind of obsessed with the books as presents idea!  🙂


And you can read books on the StoryJumper site

Really, StoryJumper is a reading and writing community. Students can use the site privately, or if they want to be part of the community, they can  read books from the StoryJumper Library.  The Library  includes books that been created and publicly shared by other StoryJumper members (e.g. students, parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.).  After they read and listen to books from the library, they can provide supportive comments/feedback – and there’s a good chance the author will respond (how cool is that!).  Another way your child can participate in the community is to share one of his/her books in the Library, so it can be enjoyed by others. Within a week, you can search for it on Google or on the StoryJumper site, and your child will start getting positive feedback from the community.  This positive feedback boosts self-esteem.  Now, that’s a nice perk!

Here are some of the books we’ve read.  Quite, a variety, right? These are books you won’t find anywhere else – not even at your local library.

To write a StoryJumper book, you do need to use a computer. However, you can read StoryJumper books on any device today (phone, tablet, computer).

So – what do you think?  Isn’t this a GREAT way to add educational fun to your homeschooling experience?  

Your kids will be so proud of their stories!   

And again….Grandma and Grandpa will love their book(s)!  🙂


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