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Silly Street makes character-building and social emotional learning products that help kids develop skills like grit, curiosity, empathy and creativity – skills that support their cognitive learning and help them throughout their entire lives.  Silly Street products include games, a Silly Street app, and so much more.

Silly Street Games (Silly Street and Animal Act)

Silly Street –

Playing Silly Street helps kiddos with all kinds of things like social skills, communication, creativity, resilience and confidence.  It includes many types of play: dramatic, communication, creative, interpretive, competitive, and teamwork.  The game comes with 1 giant 40″ puzzle board, 55 silly cards, 4 solid wood pieces, and 1 cotton storage bag.

Players move down Silly Street by choosing a card and simply performing as the card suggests.  Sounds simple, right? Not so!  Some cards award YOU points, some cards make you COMPETE for the points, and some cards have you award points to another player!  ALL cards encourage silliness!  🙂


Material: Cardstock, cardboard
Playing Time: 15-20 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Suggested Age: 4 Years and Up
Number of Players: 2 or More Players


Here’s an explanatory video


Animal Act

Animal Act creatively combines verbal and physical communication in a game that celebrates and fosters bravery and creativity.  Animal Act is a fun way for kids to explore their creativity and non-verbal communication skills, flexing their brains to try new ways of expression and movement. Using a variety of performance styles (like acting, singing and miming), players try to get the group to guess their card before the time runs out.


Material: Cardboard, cardstock
Playing Time: 15-20 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Suggested Age: 4 Years and Up
Number of Players: 2 or More Players
And here’s another video


BOTH games teach:

You can purchase the Silly Street game here

and you can purchase Animal Act at this link.


The Silly Street App

This app helps kids build creativity, grit, empathy, curiosity, bravery and communication through movement, song, storytelling and again, major silliness.  🙂

Kids can play alone or with friends. Up to 6 players – Pass ’n Play utilizes technology to facilitate interaction with friends and family.
Game play involves the real world, not just the digital world.
It’s a narrated game, so pre-readers and readers alike can play and lear.n
Additional Card Packs can be purchased to keep play fresh and to help kids with specific developmental needs.
The Silly Street Learn & Play App can be used as digital decks of cards alongside the Silly Street board game.

A variety of card packs, including:

A Wild Cards pack that lets kids explore animals and build creativity, communication and grit…oh my!
A pack of Big Heart Cards that are all about love and empathy.
The deck of Pirate Cards…these cards let kids take to the seas and prove their courage.
The Into the Woods deck helps players build creativity and adaptability.
A deck of Boardwalk Cards which takes players on a stroll and encourages challenging performances.
The pack of Sensational Cards tickles the senses, and uses each sense in funny ways to help kids build awareness.

The app is available in the App Store for iPhone…and for a limited time, it’s FREE!




Again….a video!

“I love that this is an app that gets my family up, moving and laughing together! We spend less time looking at the screen and more time looking at each other.”

“A great way to get your kid motivated to get up and be goofy, instead of simply staring at an iPad. Now I wish more mobile games had a physical play component like Silly Street does.”

“We have the companion board game and we love it. This app which expands your card deck and allows you to play on the go is fabulous!”


Silly Street Character Builders Toy Set

This theater-themed set encourages emotional exploration through pretend play.  And it develops creativity, confidence, empathy and communication skills.  Kids can create their own mini-performances featuring mix and match magnetic wood figures which express 6 distinct emotions.  This toy is made in partnership with Mindware.

The set includes: 3 double-sided, mix-and-match wooden figurines, 8 costume accessories, 6 cardboard backdrops, 2 floor options, 1 stage, 2 plastic clips and instructions.



What do I like about ALL of these products?

  • They focus on character building and social emotional learning.  Play challenges are designed  to help kids build important character skills like empathy, grit, resilience, creativity and bravery.
  • They’re fun.
  • And silly!
  • And charming!
  • Kids can play on their own or with others.
  • Since the games are for kids 3-7 (and beyond), this is a great game for kids of different ages to enjoy together (think siblings).
  • Think parents too!  My kids love seeing me (and their Dad), doing silly things/being uninhibited.
  • The physical products are of very good quality (they’ll last).
  • Great artwork….very colorful.
  • Really fun voices on the app.
  • I love the magnets on the wood figures/Builders Toy Set.
  • Kids can curate games based on things they like (Cats? Unicorns?  No problem!)
  • And parents can personalize the experience to their kids’ needs.  So, if you really want to focus on empathy you can.
  • The app’s password-protected Parent Portal is nice.  It ensures kids won’t run into an annoying purchase opportunity anywhere in the game. Plus, adults can access the Parent Portal to download new card packs. This keeps the game fresh.
  • No two games are alike.
  • The app’s interactive game allows parents an opportunity to help their kids build a healthy relationship with technology.

In conclusion

Kids benefit from being silly.  And from character education.  The combination of the two is MARVELOUS!


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