Praxis Apprenticeship Program Review


Praxis is a one-year startup apprenticeship program and career accelerator for entry-level career candidates, where you gain mastery of professional skills, apprentice at a high-growth startup, and build the network and experience you need to create a great career.


Praxis combines a rigorous 6-month bootcamp and a 6-month paid apprenticeship. The company places participants at high-growth startups working alongside entrepreneurs while also completing their online education experience, which includes one-on-one coaching, self-guided projects, skills training, and more.


The immersive apprenticeship and coaching program offers more training and experiences than either an internship or an entry level job.  Participants have the opportunity to network with professionals and mentors all around the country and to take on highly valuable professional projects at their business partners.  Praxis is much more than an internship.  And much more than an entry-level job.  Praxis is an opportunity to build a career.


Praxis is work experience + a live, vibrant community of learners + individual coaching + project based mastery.

Praxis participants do real work in real startup companies.


So, who can participate:

A wide variety of young people can participate, including:

  • high school graduates with no college degree (a great gap year activity)
  • those with a an undergraduate degree
  • or graduate degree
  • or those anywhere along the college continuum
  • recent grads searching for a job – individuals tired of tossing out resumes and waiting for a response
  • those interested in an intense professional development program and startup career
  • those working in a job they hate – individuals longing for a change

So, really, this isn’t an internship?

The short answer is NO – it’s a lot more.   It’s an apprenticeship.  And it’s more than that too.

Apprenticeships are designed around learning by doing, immersing the employee in a level of work that provides meaning and value and also gives the employee an opportunity to learn.  Just like the traditional apprentice model, Praxis participants have somebody from whom they can directly learn, get feedback, get coaching, and be provided resources.  The Praxis advisor fills in for the Master in the old apprenticeship model, while the business partner provides the environment in which the participant can engage in meaningful work.

During the program, Praxis participants have the opportunity to:

  • Get customized job coaching from Praxis advisers and entrepreneurs in their fields
  • Learn transferable skills like sales, marketing, social media, business writing, invoicing, pitching, management and customer service from various departments
  • Lead self-directed projects that create value for their business partners
  • Learn firsthand how to run and grow a successful business
  • Get real-world job experience, sidestep traditional gatekeepers like college, and begin an exceptional career – now

So, really, this isn’t an internship? (continued)

In addition, participants learn how to distinguish themselves from others in the workplace, how to create value and showcase what they have done, how to interact with a wide range of professionals, and more.

Participants leave the program with a portfolio of marketable skills and quantifiable value adds, as well as a host of intangible personal skills.

And Praxis participants are often hired on full-time at their business partners when the program is over.  In fact, 96% of Praxis grads get hired at the end of the program and the average salary is $50,267. WOW!  That’s really impressive.

Tuition for the full program is $12,000 while earnings during the apprenticeship come out to $14,400 or more.  So you can see, participants walk away with a net gain – not with student debt.  And as mentioned above, most walk away with a very nice salary.


The graph below shows the Praxis timeline. It’s kind of like 2 years of work experience in less than one year.

Click here to check out what Praxis alumni have to say about their experiences.


And, you can apply here.


Praxis Apprenticeship Program Review – What do I LOVE about this program?

  • Everything listed below!  Really impressive, right?

  • It provides amazing experiences.  Much better than those found in an internship or in an entry-level position.
  • The education program is custom tailored to the needs and goals of each specific participant. Rather than following a set syllabus, participants work with an advisor to determine learning goals, build a plan, and “ship” those goals in the form of a concrete project every single month.
  • The project-based approach to learning and proving your worth are embedded
    in the Praxis experience.  As homeschoolers we love project-based learning. 🙂
  • The hands-on monthly projects.
  • Participants graduate with a portfolio of these projects and the skills and experiences they need to continue along a path of lifelong learning.
  • Praxis offers so much support during the apprenticeship!
  • The Praxis experience is a real job in a real role creating real value. It lasts long enough so that you aren’t just in-and-out at a company (unlike many internships, which only last a semester or a few months).
  • Amazing results – start to finish.
  • It provides so many options.  It’s a great way for your child to figure out what s/he wants to do in a career.
  • It’s efficient – “It’s kind of like 2 years of work experience in less than one year”.

Praxis Apprenticeship Program Review – MORE things I like about this program

  • Students love it.  Below are some testimonials.

“Praxis not only helped me land an awesome job that I love doing, but helped me develop a mindset of personal growth and value-creation. Thank you, Praxis!”
-Salem Marrero, Data Analyst

“Praxis was a quarter million dollar decision for me. I completed the program and was promptly promoted by my business partner to VP of Business Development.”

-Mitchell Broderick, VP of sales

“Just 1 month in, I already have several promising apprenticeship prospects. I definitely recommend looking into the program to anyone who is curious about it.”

-Jackie Blum, sales development rep

  • It pays for itself!  Tuition for the full program is $12,000 while earnings during the apprenticeship come out to $14,400 or more, so you walk away with a net gain.  No student debt.
  • And 96% of Praxis grads get hired at the end of the program with an average salary is $50,267.  Again – this result –  no student debt.
  • There’s an Alumni Network.  Community is really important in this program.  As a graduate, your student receives invitations to special events around the country in addition to access to the Praxis curriculum and a lifelong network of Praxis business partners, staff, alumni, participants, and advisors. – You can apply here.


See below, to read more about each component of the Praxis experience.


About the Bootcamp:

The bootcamp is 100% remote, so participants can live anywhere and work during the process. The bootcamp prepares participants to get the most out of the apprenticeship and accelerate their professional development.
Participants meet online with their program advisor regularly, start to build a professional portfolio, and develop skills and mindsets companies appreciate.


What Participants Do:

During the bootcamp, participants:
  • Build a valuable personal brand and learn how to market their strengths and skills
  • Complete educational modules that prepare them to be a value creator in any situation and for their specific apprenticeship
  • Work closely with a program advisor to set professional development goals and map out what projects and skills to build throughout the program
  • And more!

Personal Branding & Placement Training

Participants build a professional and interactive personal website, complete a project that develops and shows off their marketable skills, and go through training that prepares them to stand out during the apprenticeship placement process and establish program goals.


Placement Process & Building Successful Mindsets, Habits, and Skills

Participants complete an intensive month introducing core mindsets, habits, and skills they need to succeed throughout the apprenticeship and beyond. They complete daily and weekly challenges that improve their professional writing, entrepreneurial thinking, and verbal communication. Participants also prepare to interview with business partners to be placed in their apprenticeship.


Industry-Specific Professional Development Projects

Next, participants complete focused projects to gain and demonstrate the skills needed to succeed from day one in their apprenticeship. These projects alone have landed participants great offers right away.


About the apprenticeship:

The 6-month paid startup apprenticeship provides an opportunity most people never even realize is available to younger people: a job with a high-growth company and intimate experience learning how to build, launch, and grow a business.


Participants live and work full-time where their business partner is located, and Praxis works with participants to find the best possible fit. (most business partners are dynamic, high growth startups with 5-100 employees, and are located in every major city around the country).


Participants shadow the founder(s) of the company, complete self-driven projects, and get to see what the real day-to-day of growing a company looks like. The involved companies are not just looking for apprentices; they’re investing in future employees.


About the education experience:

Educational experiences include:
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions:  Participants have a personal coach who helps them navigate creative challenges they face on the job and in their education efforts. Participants each have a program advisor who helps clarify goals, spurs self-examination, and brings accountability to achievement of the program outcomes through regular one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Professional Development Projects:  Participants complete a 30 day professional development project (PDP) with deliverables. A PDP is a short-term set of challenges with the goal of developing new skills, gaining self-knowledge, and building successful personal and professional habits.
  • Curriculum Modules:  Praxis curriculum modules provide participants with an extensive database of resources to help develop critical skills to excel professionally. Module topics range from Philosophy, History & Culture, and Economics, to Business, Finance, and Digital Skills. Participants can choose to integrate modules into their monthly PDP’s and access them any time for as long as they want as part of the Praxis Alumni Network.
  • Group Discussions and Workshops:  Participants engage in bi-weekly group discussions with founders and thought leaders where they hear stories, get advice, and ask questions. Praxis team members also host professional development workshops where participants and alumni receive actionable ideas on a variety of topics and skills. You can apply here.


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Praxis Apprenticeship Program Review
  • Praxis Apprenticeship Program Review

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