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Code Wizards HQ prepares kids (ages 10 and up) for success in the digital world by teaching them how to code (no prior coding experience is required).  Their online coding approach combines the ease and convenience of online classes with the benefits of teacher-led instruction.  Plus, their curriculum is based on hands-on learning.

So how does Code Wizards HQ work?

CodeWizardsHQ is a comprehensive online coding program that uses project based learning (which I LOVE) to teach kids how to code. The program is beginner friendly and requires no prior coding experience. (However, if your child has some coding experience, she might be able to join at an intermediate point based on her demonstrated skill level. The site can work with you to find the right starting point for your child.)

The program starts with the basics and progresses towards building complex websites, apps and games. 70% of class time is dedicated to writing code (hands-on) using real-world languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc.  Learning these languages is a good next step if your child has been enjoying Scratch, Minecraft, or – and is ready for a more structured coding education.  Class projects are built around popular subjects like Pokemon, Snapchat, Taylor Swift, Michael Jordan etc. – all designed to keep your child interested and engaged.

And kids make their own personal websites as they learn how to code.  How cool is that?

Classes are for 1-hour a week and your child receives an assignment to complete on his/her own between classes. In addition, every lesson has an accompanying quiz that the student takes. Assignment grades and quiz scores are made available so students can self-assess their progress towards certification and parents can track their child’s progress. Additional projects and activities are available for students to explore based on their interest and time availability.

Below, is info specifically about the Code Wizards HQ homeschool program. Yes, they have a program just for homeschoolers!  Yah!!

And with Code Wizards HQ, you get a complete homeschooling coding solution. Parents don’t have to pick individual courses and have to worry about what to do next. It is a total 3-year programming curriculum with a capstone project/internship in the end that prepares students for school, college and career success. WOWZA!

As you can see:

– There is significant savings with the company’s homeschool pricing. With every student the monthly price per student drops by $5/month. If a number of homeschool families or a homeschool co-op signs up 8 students for a class, then the monthly price drops from $149/month per student to $114/month (~25% Savings!).
– Second, you get to pick the time of the class. It is extremely convenient for homeschoolers to schedule into their weekly plan.

Code Wizards HQ

To sign-up for the Code Wizards HQ homeschool program, visit –

Code Wizards HQ Review – So, What was our experience with Code Wizards HQ?

Before even looking at their program, I downloaded their online pamphlet shown below.  Yes, it’s a sales pamphlet – but it also has some great info and really good points included in it.  It’s definitely worth a read.

Code Wizards HQ

From this pamphlet I learned that knowing how to code has huge positive implications that I wasn’t aware of.  For instance:

  • Coding teaches kids how to think. Learning to code teaches kids how to take a big-picture problem, break it into smaller chunks, form a plan, execute the plan, learn from their mistakes, fix them, complete the task, and have something to show for it.
  • Coding is a safe, fun way for kids to take risks as it creates an environment where kids can take chances, fail, correct, and try again, without catastrophic consequences.
  • At the same time, coding teaches children the value of getting things right the first time. As kids take chances in their safe environment, they develop a sense of the effort and frustration of doing it over and over again to get it right. They naturally begin to realize that if they’re careful and get details correct the first time, they can progress toward their ultimate goal faster and with less frustration.

Wow – these are huge life lessons – not just coding lessons.  Who knew?!

The site doesn’t offer a free trial, but they do have a 30 day money back guarantee, (so, really, it’s almost the same as a free trial),  sibling savings (yah!), and even a homeschool co-op savings plan (at least six kids need to sign up together and take the class before 3:30 EST).

FYI – below, are the curriculum options offered by Code Wizards HQ. I like the whole idea of Wizard levels don’t you?  Who doesn’t want to be a wizard?

Code Wizards HQ Review – Below, are just some of the reasons why I like this particular program:

  • Real Instructors: The weekly classes are led by friendly and knowledgeable instructors that know how to interact with students to help them overcome challenges that would otherwise cause them to get frustrated and give to give up (I’m so happy about this – as coding is not one of my strengths).  Did you know that lack of teacher-support is the #1 reason online self-paced courses have a very low completion rate? I know this first hand, as I just signed up for a technical course, spent six-ten hours on it, and then gave up.  Perhaps if there had been support, I wouldn’t have thrown in the towel. Through the Wizard HQ coding platform, instructors can view students code in real time and offer direction and encouragement when needed.
  • Consistent Schedule: CodeWizardsHQ classes occur at the same time each week, which provides students with a consistent routine.  We’re not a routine oriented family – so I’m not sure this is a plus for us, but I realize that most families appreciate a routine of some sort.
  • Video Recordings to Review and Catch Up on Missed Classes: Every class is recorded as it is delivered. These recordings make it easy for students to have another look at the material or catch up on a missed class.  I like the opportunity for review, or since we’re not good with schedules – make up a class if we totally forget about it.

More reasons I like Code Wizards HQ

  • Small Class Sizes (6-8 Students): This is an ideal size to enable teamwork and peer feedback, as well as personalized attention from the instructor. In addition, this learning environment helps kids develop the teamwork and interpersonal skills needed to succeed when when working with others.
  • I love the graphics – they’re fun and keep my child engaged (see screenshots below).  Shoot – due to the graphics, I want to take the course!
  • The entire course that my child took was FUN, engaging, and interactive. I appreciate the  fun story-telling formula the classes have. And every three minutes, there is some type of interaction with the student.  Thus, kids stay engaged – with the class content, their teacher, and their fellow students. BTW – kids get points for participation (yah!).  And kids have a chance for weekly show & tell of their projects. I love ALL of this!
  • All the classes are project based. 
  • Capstone Project: At the end of each 12-week course, students are assigned a capstone project that incorporates all the skills learned during that course. Every student who successfully completes this capstone project receives a certificate of completion, recognizing the skills they’ve learned and the level of mastery they’ve achieved.

Even more reasons I like Code Wizards HQ

  • Resume-Building Projects: CodeWizardsHQ students are completing projects with code that can be showcased when applying for scholarships, grants, jobs, internships, and schools. Having a portfolio of work has become a real differentiator and makes a great impression in job and college applications.
  • Kids can easily and quickly see the outcome of their code. The “cheat sheet”/solution screens are very helpful.
  • Resources, Community & Enrichment: Instructors add content, activities and contests to complement their regular classes. That’s fun.  In addition, CodeWizardsHQ offers an online private community where students can earn by interacting with each other.
  • 24/7 Community Support & Live Instructor Help Outside Class Time: Students get plenty of support even outside their scheduled class time – and at no extra charge. Wow!  You might want to read that sentence again!  🙂  CodeWizardsHQ offers a private and well-moderated online community where your child can connect with instructors and other students 24/7 (great for families like mine that might do schoolwork at any time throughout the day), to get help with their coding projects. Even on the weekends, instructors have open office hours and are available to offer live 1×1 help to students.

Still more reasons I like Code Wizards HQ

  • Points, Levels & Recognition: To build fun and motivation into your child’s learning Code Wizard HQ offers a reward system of points, levels, badges and other recognitions.  And a student “Wizard of the Week” is chosen to be featured on their website.  I appreciate this – who doesn’t want a pat on the back for work well done?
  • Regular Parent Updates on Student Progress: Each week CodeWizardsHQ lets you know how your child is doing via a progress report. You are always in the know about what your child is learning and how she is doing.
  • Re-dos: Kids can re-submit projects if necessary, for extra points, re-take a quiz, etc.  And if kids don’t pass a class with a score of 80% or more, they can repeat the course – free of charge and with a different instructor.
  • No Driving Required: OK, I admit it, this is a bennie for me (and for you!).
  • Money Back Guarantee and no long term contracts: Another bennie for you. 🙂 As mentioned previously, the website offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Plus, there are no long term contracts. You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

Here are some screenshots, fyi.

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