Juni Learning Review – online coding classes

Juni Learning provides online coding classes, for kids 8 – 18 years of age.  The best part – the classes are 1:1 with a real coding instructor! Each student meets with their instructor once or twice a week, privately or in a small group setting (up to 3 students).

AND the Juni Learning program offers:

  • Flexibility in scheduling (they pretty much offer 9am – 9pm every day in both EST and PST)
  • They are location agnostic (they have kids taking classes from all over the world)

Juni Learning was developed by Stanford graduates and Google alumni – I’m impressed!

Regarding Juni online coding classes –

  • Juni Learning instructors are all vetted for their teaching experience, subject expertise, and track record in improving student outcomes. All instructors have professional experience in the field they are teaching and experience working with young students.
  • Juni offers rolling enrollment with start dates every Monday throughout the year.
  • Classes are scheduled at a recurring time each week.
  • You can sign up for private or group classes.
  • Group classes are formatted in the same way as private classes, with a couple more students added so it is more affordable and collaborative for students. Families can form their own groups, as can co-ops – or the Juni can match you to other families, and place your child in an appropriate class.
  • Students start on one of their tracks and progress through levels as they advance. Each track typically takes 3-6 months to complete, with additional project modules if students desire a more in-depth experience.
  • The company offers shorter-term intensive courses – you can contact Juni if you’re interested in this intensive alternative.

Juni Learning Review – You can check out the Juni Learning classes below.

Juni Learning

Juni Learning

Juni Learning

For sample curriculum, you can email hello@learnwithjuni.com.

Plus the company offers a free trial class.

Oh – and they also have summer camps!

Juni Learning review

Juni Learning  Review – What I Like about Juni Learning

  • I LOVED my trial class!  I had a wonderful instructor (thank you Ruby). She explained everything very well, and although I was embarrassed because I didn’t remember basic geometry (I had to direct the program to make squares and triangles and what angles to use), she didn’t make me feel stupid at all (Well, I was a little embarrassed, who wouldn’t be – but she was very nice).

        Here is what I made at the end of my trial class.


Juni Learning review

And here are some screenshots from other Juni online coding classes

Juni learning review

Juni Learning review

  • I really like that there is instructor interaction/help.  It makes the difference between learning coding and giving up.  We’ve tried online coding classes without help – and they weren’t optimal. And I’m not able to help my kids – so going straight to an expert makes sense for our family.
  • Because of this expert help, I’m convinced ALL of my kids can learn coding and be proud of themselves for doing so.  And of course, that will have a major, positive impact on their lives moving forward.
  • Not sure what level to put your child in?  They can help with that!
  • As a Mom, I like the flexibility – I can sign all my kids up for the same class, I can work with my co-op to form a class/classes (I’ve already talked to them about this), or I can enroll my kids in different classes. Plus, I like the rolling Monday start dates.

FYI – here are the costs associated with the Juni online coding classes

Juni Learning review

 Juni Learning Review – I am really impressed with this company.  Your kids will learn SO much!

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