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The last year of our homeschool lives have been exhausting. With the pandemic, we’ve had to give up our normal routines of gymnastics, swimming lessons, piano lessons and more. With that, my husband and I have tried to give our kids fun things to do at home. This includes many different games and outside activities that are both fun and educational. Last week we had the opportunity to use Trivia Troll University and I can’t wait to share my Trivia Troll University review with you!

First of all, Trivia Troll University is fun and educational for the entire family. To be honest, we’ve only ever found a few apps that have been fun and educational for all of us at the same time. Most apps have a particular age level it is best suited for and if you are above or below that, it doesn’t keep my kids engaged. This app is different. Trivia Troll University is a trivia app that consists of ten subjects. Each subject consists of ten jigsaw puzzles. Your challenge is to “earn” the pieces that make up each puzzle by answering trivia questions. Once you’ve earned all of the pieces of a puzzle, you will have the opportunity to assemble the puzzle and identify what the picture is. The puzzles are representative of the current subject. For example, one of the puzzles for the “Geography” subject is a picture of Big Ben.

The trivia questions are drawn from a wide variety of categories and range from easy to difficult, so you can learn while you play. You can use this app individually or as a family. As I stated above, this app was fun for the entire family so we chose to use the app first as a family as part of family game night and then we also used it as a fun break from our regular studies throughout the week. It was a great way to have fun together throughout the day or when we needed a break from regular studies.

You can download the app here:

The Trivia Troll University app is both educational and extremely fun. You can choose from subjects such as American History, Geography, Science & Math, Animals & Nature, World History, Random Fact or Fiction, Bible, Fine Arts, Technology, and Politics & Civics. We enjoyed every single one of the subjects.

Our family started with American History as we just finished learning about World War II in our homeschooling. In the American History section, we had fantastic questions such as:

My kids were correct in their answers most of the time, which I felt great about, but even though they got the answer right, I very much appreciated the extra context around their correct answer. I got the feeling that for a few of the questions they guessed the right answer accidentally, but because the app gave my kids more context and history about why they were correct in their answer, I felt that they were actually learning something. As a bonus, I would quiz them throughout the week on questions we had in the app — so when we were driving to the grocery store a few days ago, I asked my kids about The Gettysburg Address and they were able to answer me correctly, succinctly, and accurately. It was such a fun way to test my kids and their knowledge!

In the app, if you get the wrong answer, it also tells you why it was incorrect and gives you the correct answer. As seen to the right. I appreciated this a lot because some apps we have used in the past will tell you that the answer you provided is wrong, but it won’t give you much context as to why or it will just provide you with the correct answer and no explanation or learning opportunity provided. I really thought this app was special because of the answers and the paragraph(s) provided that helped my kids actually learn when they answered incorrectly.

You can change subjects at any time and repeat subjects. When you repeat a subject the questions also repeat, so you can see if you learned anything the last time around! You can also create and join groups for some friendly competition with other trivia trolls. For example, you might create a private group for your homeschool support group.

The best part is that the app is FREE and provides many hours of family fun and educational value for both kids and adults. As a family who likes to be competitive with each other, this was a way for us to be together, learn, have fun and laugh. Something sorely needed this year as a family.

You can download the app here:

If you and your family are in need of something educational and fun, I cannot recommend this app enough. The developers really put a lot of thought and care into creating this and making it fun for everyone while being extremely educational. Why not download the app and try trivia games in the middle of the day while taking a break from your harder curriculum lessons? I guarantee you it will surely brighten the day for your kids, like it did with mine! It’s a fun way to break up the monotony of their every day academics and give them a break. Plus, family game nights could certainly benefit from the challenging and fun competition that this trivia inspires! One of trivia’s primary benefits is that it enables you to learn a surprising amount about a wide variety of subjects. It’s a great way to teach homeschoolers new subject or get them interested in subjects you have yet to cover in your homeschooling.

If your family is looking to test their knowledge or learn something new, consider this fantastic trivia game. Fun and learning don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts; get the best of both worlds with this fantastic trivia app! We highly recommend Trivia Troll University for any family, whether you’re homeschooling your kids or not!


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