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I’m really happy to do an Alpha Omega Publications Monarch Homeschool Christian Curriculum Review and share the exciting items my family found with you.

First though, I’d like to tell you a little about Alpha Omega Publications or AOP. Founded in 1977, Alpha Omega Publications is a provider of PreK-12 homeschool Christian curriculum, educational resources, and services to Christian schools and homeschool families.  If  you’re looking for quality Christian educational materials, here are the options that AOP offers:


This review is going to be a  Monarch Curriculum Review

Monarch Curriculum Review – Here are just some of the things we really like about Monarch:

  • It’s very easy to set up and AOP gives you lots of introductory info, including a Teacher’s Guide and a Student’s Guide. The Teacher’s Guide is 190 pages!

I was able to add a theme to my dashboard, which I liked.

  • Subscriptions include access to five subjects/50 courses. The five subjects include Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science.
  • The lessons are dynamic/media-rich and include video clips, audio files, challenging games, interactive exercises, and more.
  • Since Monarch Curriculum is online, you don’t need to install a thing. I really don’t like installing programs to my computers.
  • And Monarch Curriculum is PC and Mac compatible – which is a plus if you have multiple laptops in our home.
  • Kids have access to their online homeschool curriculum around the clock. This is especially nice for teens that might have a job and sports responsibilities in addition to their educational responsibilities.
  • Monarch Curriculum provides automatic grading and record keeping which makes my job easier.  This gives me more time for the important stuff  – like hands-on teaching – and enjoying my kids.
  • You receive update e-mails, including assignment alerts if your kids don’t complete assigned lessons.

  • Subscription options include individual and family plans. And if you want, you can purchase individual courses.  I like options.
  • You can cancel any time. I like this too. Because you jut never know what’s going to happen next month.

FYI – below, you’ll see what we worked on today.

My youngest studied 3rd Grade Geography and Science today. 

Here is part of her Geography lesson – notice the highlighted words


I LOVE this.  She can read the text or have it read to her.  In the graphic above, the highlighted sentence was being read, and the purple word is the word that was being read when we took the screen shot. 

So, Monarch takes learning styles into consideration when developing their curriculum.  This is a HUGE plus. Alpha Omega Publications has done a great job here!

My daughter worked through the lesson and then took the quiz at the end of the lesson.  You can see that she scored 100% (the green checks). 

This tells me the lesson was presented well.  It wasn’t too difficult and she learned the information. Just what you want in an online curriculum.

My daughter’s Science lesson was titled Your Body Breathes Air.  Again, we took screen shots for you.

Note the religious aspect of this lesson.

Here is the vocabulary for the lesson.

Again, she scored 100%.

Of course, she studied more than two subjects – but I’m only showing screenshots for two lessons – otherwise this review would be way too long!

Now, onto my older child’s lessons. She’s in the 7th Grade.

Here is the Bible lesson my daughter worked on today.

Did you know – The word worship comes from an Old English word that means “worthship.” I did not!

From the lesson – Worship, therefore, is an activity directed toward something or someone that has worth, or that is worthy. The Bible tells of some men and women who worshiped idols. The people who worship an idol believe that the idol is worthy of their worship. They often worship the idol because they believe it is powerful and will bless them. Therefore, the idol has worth to them; they believe it can do them some good. The Bible also tells of men and women who worshiped God. God is worshiped because He is of great worth. A person would never worship something that he believes is of little value or worth.

I like that the Bible passages are cited and she could click on them easily.

Worship is the act of giving reverent recognition, love, loyalty, or high honor to someone or something. You are worshiping God when you give Him recognition, supreme respect, and the highest honor. To give Him proper respect and honor, you must have reverence and humility. In true worship you place yourself in subjection to God and therefore willingly serve Him. If you have reverence and humility, you will act in worship.

By bowing on your knees in worship, you are showing reverence, humility, and subjection to God. Bowing and kneeling are the opposite of “control” positions; they are postures of submission and surrender. This attitude is all but forgotten today. The Bible presents many instances when people bowed their knees and worshiped God. Consider the actions of the wise men who came to see the Lord Jesus: Read Matthew 2:11 – 11 (Matthew 2:11). Ezra worshiped the Lord: Read Nehemiah 8:6 – 6 (Nehemiah 8:6). The Psalmist said, Read Psalm 95:6 – 6 (Psalm 95:6). When a person bows before the Lord, he is saying that God is his King. Every knee will bow one day to the Lord Jesus (Philippians 2:10).

My daughter needs to review this lesson, and maybe take it over again.  I think her mind was wondering.

From her 7th Grade Math lesson –

I love the comic – it’s a very effective way to start the lesson, don’t you agree?

Here are the objectives of the lesson and the lesson vocabulary.

I like that she could watch a video with or without the transcript – again, this is good for kids with different learning styles.

The quiz results for this lesson are below.

My daughter chose one incorrect answer and at first, we just couldn’t figure out why the one answer was wrong.  Can you see her (our) mistake? It’s a reading error – not a math error.

OF COURSE, H J K and L are negatives! But we both missed the M when we read the sentence.  Clearly, we have to pay better attention.


Today, we’ll be moving forward with additional lessons. Hopefully, my older daughter can concentrate a bit more today.

I can’t wait! 

In conclusion, I just loved homeschooling my kids during this Monarch Curriculum Review and I really appreciate the help Alpha Omega Publications offers our family.  We hope you enjoyed reading this Monarch Curriculum Review.

This Monarch Curriculum Review was brought to you by How to Homeschool.

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