Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review

Bible Study for All Ages Review

Our family had the chance to put together a Bible Study Guide for All Ages review over the last few weeks and I am so excited to share this program with you. It consists of four separate levels that cover the entire Bible. It is non-denominational so many Christians can use this program in their homeschooling, or as a supplement to lessons they learn in church.

There are four different levels available and you can buy them one-by-one, or all at once. The teaching materials and student pages vary by level and I found them to be very age appropriate.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review – Beginner Lessons

Our Bible Study Guide for All Ages review started with my daughter using the Beginner lessons (appropriate for ages 3-6). The Quick Teacher Instructions were incredibly helpful as they provided me with the materials needed and some tips on how to make sure my little learner retained the materials.

Every lesson begins by directing the parent/teacher to the Beginner Time Line, which teaches students simple facts about major people and events within the Bible. This helps kids understand the basics and builds a foundation that will last them for years. The Beginner Time Line includes 34 full-color pictures with one question about each picture. It teaches young students one simple fact about major people within the Bible as well as major events and are extremely well made. My kids are hard on everything (yours too?) and I was appreciative of the quality of these cards. Thick and sturdy – great for little hands.

One thing I really enjoyed about the Beginner lessons are the songs. Our kids love Bible songs and they begged to listen to these songs over and over again. 90 songs are included and they helped my child better understand what she was learning as well as master the concepts I was teaching her.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review – Primary Lessons

The second step in the Bible Study Guide for All Ages review was having my second daughter get to work on the Primary lessons (great for ages 6-8) which include a nice summary, cartoon depictions (which help kids stay engaged) and there are review questions at the beginning of each lesson as well as topics to discuss how the Bible story applies to the student. With the Teacher Guide, each lesson starts off with a review. Then you move into memory work (my daughter’s favorite), a suggested song (you can choose to do this or not) and then you move on to the “Get Active” part of the lesson which is personally my favorite. It is interactive and gets the student thinking about how to apply the lessons they are learning to their real life. I loved seeing my kids learn this way. Once you’ve completed all of this, you’re ready to dive into the lesson for the day. The way that the author laid out the sequence is brilliant. The “Get Active” part gets your child to understand how these lessons apply to them, and then they get to learn about the stories and lessons in the Bible that further reiterate those learnings.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review – Intermediate & Advanced Lessons

The Intermediate & Advanced lessons are equally as impressive as the previous lessons we covered. Every lesson begins with a review that covers important details that students have studied in previous lessons and then moves into the “Memory Workout” section which contains a variety of activities that drive understanding about important people and events in the Bible.

Then you move on to the “Guess What” section that provides definitions of words and historical information that will help students better understand the lesson. My kids loved this section and would recite these facts to my husband and I throughout the week. We really enjoyed this!

The Intermediate & Advanced lessons use a timeline and maps as part of the lesson. I appreciate the geographical and historical aspect of this. Not only were my kids learning about the Bible, but they were also getting a geography lesson at the same time.

The “Get Active” part of the lesson is again, one of my favorites. It gets kids actively thinking, listening and observing. It also helps them understand the lesson better and apply it to their own lives, which not only helps their moral understanding but in addition, makes the lesson more memorable.

I haven’t written much about the optional timeline and map that we received, but I just have to say that I would highly recommend purchasing it with the lessons. It helps the lessons be even more interactive and the kids enjoy placing the stickers on the timeline and looking at the HUGE (wall-size) map and timeline in between lessons. If you have space on your wall, it’s worth the extra money in my opinion. It takes a bit to get the hang of, but once we understood everything we needed, the kids couldn’t wait to use it for each lesson. It really helps kids learn the context of everything they are learning.

Things to note: Some of the “Get Active” sections are geared towards church groups or classrooms so you may need to adapt the questions for your child(ren). I didn’t mind this at all, but it is something to mention.


Your kids will love the student pages. It’s their own workbook and they RUN to start working in their books. I honestly think that the size of the workbooks helps. It’s not just a 8.5×11″ piece of paper, but a large legal size workbook which makes them feel special.

The CD was something my littles really liked, but it is not needed, in my opinion, for anything other than the beginner level. My youngest child really liked the songs but my 7 year old always wanted to skip the songs.

Our Bible Study Guide for All Ages review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the timeline and the map. These are a must have if you have room on your walls. My kiddos jumped at the chance to add to the timeline or the map. It helps them get context about what they are learning and the geography lessons are super helpful as well.

I would be remiss if I also didn’t mention the Bible Book Summary Cards. They are essentially high quality flash cards with one or more pictures on the front that represent the main content or message of a Bible book. On the back, a brief description explains the pictures. The back side also includes questions that the teacher can ask when reviewing the cards. It helps to lay the foundation for lifelong biblical knowledge and is a great refresher even after you’re done with the curriculum. If you end up using the Bible Study Guide curriculum, the Primary, Intermediate and Advanced level Student Pages refer to the Bible Book Summary Cards in nearly every lesson.

Out of all the curriculum we’ve used this year, this is the one curriculum that they run to in the mornings. We now use this curriculum every morning and I have never seen my kids so excited and interested in learning about God and the Bible.

You can find this curriculum on their website, here, or go straight to their families/homeschooling section, here:

Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review – Testimonials:

“You have made teaching and learning Bible truths interesting, fun and exciting. The first thing my children ask when they get up in the morning is, ‘Can we do Bible first?’ ” -Robin

“I am SO happy with our Bible Study Guide. This is finally what I have been looking for all these years and we are all learning so much from my 5 year old right up to my 14 year old and myself. Thank you! Thank you so much!” – Karyn

“I want you to know that I love your materials. I love that the lessons are totally scripturally based. I love all of the ways each lesson communicates the truth so a child can understand it. I love having God’s truth covering my walls (time lines and maps). I love that it’s all already planned out for me. Thank you for providing a product that helps me teach the truth to my children. I really can’t think of much more important than that.” – Reyne

Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review – Video Tutorial:





Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review
  • Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review

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