Boundary Stone Basic American Government Homeschool Curriculum Review

Boundary Stone’s Homeschool Government Course is a fantastic American Government curriculum for any homeschool family with teens. This American government course is designed for 11th-12th grades and focuses on conservative founding principles while acknowledging our country’s Judeo-Christian roots.

This self-paced course is based on Clarence Carson’s Basic American Government book which offers a vibrant exploration of government by contextualizing its study and delving into the individuals and ideas that shaped our system. Unlike dry facts, Carson brings the subject to life. He accurately distinguishes our government as a republic rather than a democracy, crediting the Judeo-Christian perspective on human nature for this choice. Recognizing the propensity for human vices, the republican form of government incorporates checks and balances to curb abuses of power.

Carson fearlessly addresses the expansion of federal authority at the expense of states’ rights, exemplified by the Seventeenth Amendment’s shift towards direct senatorial elections. He demonstrates how this move deviated from the intended republicanism and moved closer to democracy.

The book consists of 480 pages of actual text, with the remaining pages dedicated to glossaries, notes, documents, and an index. While the length may be daunting for some high school students, the content is generally captivating.

Organized into four sections—Introduction and Examination of American Government, Background of Political Thought and Practice, American Government in the 19th Century, and Leviathon: American Government in the 20th Century—the book allows for modular usage. One can focus on specific sections in tandem with world or U.S. history studies. Typically, the book is completed in a single semester, but it can be spread out over a couple of years.

To enhance the book’s utility, Boundary Stone, the publisher, offers a study guide for students and a teacher guide written by Cathe Cleveland. These additional resources, including study questions and answer keys, significantly improve the textbook’s accessibility. Both guides are available in PDF format. The student guide provides space for written responses, chapter assignments, and review questions, streamlining information retrieval. The teacher guide encompasses all student guide content and supplements it with detailed lesson plans, quizzes, and answer keys.


Boundary Stone also provides an online course that mirrors the student and teacher guides. Self-paced and completed within a semester, the course grants 12 months of access. The online version contains more content than the textbook course and offers step-by-step assignments, YouTube videos, flashcards, online response formats, and printable study guide pages. Tests and quizzes can be taken online or on paper.

We highly recommend the full course for most homeschooling families which includes the online course, as well as the study guides and the Basic American Government book by Clarence B. Carson. We highly recommend this online course bundle because it provides the most robust way for your teenagers to learn about the importance of Government.

In this course, your child will:

  • Acquire knowledge to understand and defend the American constitutional form of government.
  • Explore the conflicts leading up to the writing of our unique constitution, which was a significant leap forward in world history.
  • Study the history of successes and failures of elected officials in upholding our constitution.
  • Engage in an honest examination of past bad decisions and their consequences.
  • Evaluate current policy proposals in terms of promoting the greatest human flourishing for all.
  • Develop a clear understanding of rights and their origins.
  • Recognize the importance of a citizenry with moral foundations based on Judeo-Christian principles.
  • Learn how to research and write a research paper on a government policy topic through the optional mini-course included.
  • Acquire study habits and skills that will be valuable for future college courses.
  • Gain principles that empower you to challenge the teaching of liberal college professors and maintain your convictions.

So, what are the benefits for Homeschool Families?

  • Self-paced learning, allowing flexibility to accommodate personal schedules, including travel.
  • Clearly laid out semester lesson list for easy planning.
  • Customizable grading spreadsheet to calculate final grades.
  • Independent students require minimal oversight as long as they stay on track.
  • Boundary Stone, a family-run company, is willing to accommodate unique situations when possible.

What is included?

  • Basic American Government hardback textbook
  • Student access to the online course
  • Student Study Guide PDF
  • Student access to the Policy Project Mini-course
  • Teacher’s Guide PDF
  • Separate online course access for the teacher so you can review anything in the course without affecting student progress.

In conclusion, this American government online course offered by Boundary Stone provides students in 11th-12th grades with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Designed from a conservative perspective with a strong emphasis on the country’s Judeo-Christian roots, the course offers valuable insights into the American constitutional form of government and its historical context. The curriculum covers topics such as the conflicts leading up to the writing of the constitution, the successes and failures of elected officials, the examination of bad decisions and their consequences, and the exploration of current policy proposals for human flourishing.

Students will gain a clear understanding of rights and their origins, as well as the importance of a citizenry with morality rooted in Judeo-Christian principles. The course also equips students with research and writing skills through an optional mini-course focused on government policy topics. Additionally, the study habits and skills developed throughout the course are valuable for future college-level courses.

Boundary Stone, being a family-run company, is committed to accommodating the unique situations of homeschooling families whenever possible. The course bundle includes a hardback textbook, online course access, a student study guide in PDF format, and access to the Policy Project Mini-course. For those interested, sample lessons are available for preview.

It is important to note that while the course provides enough material for a rigorous semester-long (1/2 credit) or year-long (1 credit) course, academic credit is not awarded by Boundary Stone as it is not a school. Therefore, it is recommended to check with the relevant oversight authority to ensure compliance with state requirements. The Teacher’s Guide includes a course syllabus and lesson list for reference.

In summary, Boundary Stone’s American government online course offers a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum that provides students with a deep understanding of the subject matter. With its conservative perspective, emphasis on historical context, and self-paced nature, this course equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in informed discussions and make informed decisions about government policies.

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