Learning Upgrade Review

Learning Upgrade review – What is Learning Upgrade?

Learning Upgrade is a fun way for kids K-12 to learn English and math.  The company offers 900 lessons – 300 English lessons and 600 math lessons.

So, why is Learning Upgrade fun?  Their lessons are fun/enjoyable because they employ:

  • colorful graphics (I’m a pushover for attractive graphics – my kids are too)
  • music (I LOVE combining music with lessons, don’t you?)
  • animation
  • video gaming
  • rewards (rewards are so important!)

And your kids can learn anywhere – as Learning Upgrade is available on smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and computers.  That’s important for our family!  I bet it’s important for your family too.

Here’s the English and Math content that’s covered in grades K-12 –https://learningupgradeapp.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/LearningUpgradeLessons.pdf 

And here are some screen shots from Level 16, Upgrade 1 – you can see how colorful/attractive the graphics are –

And here are some screen shots from Level 1, Upgrade 3

In addition to the colorful graphics, I like the sound of the videos (voice and music), the visual rewards for correct answers – and the gentle response given for incorrect answers.

Want to try a demo?  You can! – https://learningupgradeapp.com/homeschool/ 

Also, you can download their free apps from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store.

Learning Upgrade Review – What do I like about Learning Upgrade?

  • I like seeing the content up front, before we start – knowing what’s going to be covered, when it’s going to be covered, and in what sequence.
  • I appreciate that content is taught linearly, using animated cartoons and music to demonstrate key concepts, and game-based activities to develop student understanding.  The entire process is very effective.
  • The lessons are individualized and differentiated.  Even when you take the same lesson twice, you get different questions and in a different order.
  • The lessons are short, sweet and to the point.  My kids appreciate this – they don’t get bored.
  • Lots of companies say they offer graphics, animation, a video gaming feel, etc., – and honestly, they don’t.  Their graphics, etc., seem dated.  I LIKE THE LOOK AND FEEL OF LEARNING UPGRADE.  IT FEELS NEW.  IT’S COLORFUL.  THE SOUND IS GOOD.  YOUR KIDS AREN’T GOING TO FEEL LIKE THEY’RE WATCHING SOMETHING THAT’S 20 YEARS OLD.
  • The lessons are engaging for students of varying ages and abilities, so this program works well for homeschooling families with multiple/different aged kids.  Below are some Algebra screen shots.
  • Learning Upgrade grows with your child which I totally appreciate.  My young kids like it – so honestly, we’ll continue with it, probably for years!  If I can keep a curriculum from year to year – that means continuity for my kids, and less shopping around for me –  so that’s a win/win for our entire family.
  • Formative Assessment Reports – Learning Upgrade offers ongoing assessment and progress tracking. Your kids will know how they’re doing and you will too.

Really, there’s nothing about the program that I don’t like.

We enjoyed using Learning Upgrade and we’re going to continue using it!


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