Historical Conquest Product Review

Historical Conquest™ is offering a FREE deck of Historical Conquest cards to anyone that would like to try their game (just pay shipping).

You can get your free deck of cards here.

Historical Conquest™ was created with the mission to bring history back into the lives of children through game play.  It’s a really fun card game that teaches kids:

  • history
  • strategy
  • bonus – it even helps with reading skills!

Players create personalized societies of heroes, villains, leaders, assassins, disasters, and armies – using and learning from the historical cards – and battle them against one another.

How to Play

The recommended age is 8 to adult. From the founder: “My son started playing at 6 years old. He is now 7, and is a master at the game, but this is not the norm. We suggest 8 years old for beginning play, because this is the age when most youth begin to really comprehend what they are reading. I used this game as an incentive for my son to learn to read, because his 8-year old sister was able to play. They are very competitive, so he virtually taught himself to read through his desire to play.”

Each player needs a Starter Deck of 50 cards to play. There are 6 starter decks to choose from.

Each Starter Deck has its own unique set of cards, not based on a particular theme or time period but spanning world history throughout time.  Each card has illustrations and interesting summaries of people, places, and events from history. The abilities of each card used in the game relates to the abilities the individuals had during their lifetimes.  While two players can play using identical decks, the game is much more interesting when different Starter Decks are used.

Expansion Packs, which are based on a historical era or event, have 20 cards each and may be used to enhance or customize a player’s personal deck. Examples of Expansion packs include the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW2, Wild West, and the Roman Expansion.

Due to the diversity of Starter and Expansion packs, the play and educational possibilities are virtually endless.

Here are some examples of cards – from a Starter and from an Expansion set

More on How to Play

The best package to buy for a family or group of 4-6 is the Ultimate Package because it gives you a 30% discount on the complete set of Starter Decks and Expansion Packs, and it includes 2 Play Mats.

Historical Conquest Product Review

Here’s an example of a play mat

Historical Conquest Product Review

And here are more examples

To learn more about the game, click here and watch the video below.

Historical Conquest Product Review – What I like about this game

  • You learn interesting history.  For instance – Attila the Hun’s empire stretched from modern-day Russia to Germany and Poland; and during FDR’s presidency, Eleanor Roosevelt gave press conferences and wrote a newspaper article.
  • The game has  Morale points and the Eleanor Roosevelt card reads – Eleanor inspires all women.  For every woman in your Civilization, increase your Morale by 100.  Gotta like that!  🙂
  • The game teaches strategy – and I’ve seen an improvement in my kids’ abilities to strategize, since playing this game.  Strategy = thought processes so this is pretty HUGE.
  • I like that there are Starter AND Expansion Sets  – BTW, here’s a master list of all the available cards.
  • As mentioned previously, due to the variety of packs, each game is interesting and different.
  • Play Mats – Historical Conquest™ Play Mats help teach players the layout of the game, track points, keep cards from slipping and getting scratched, and make it easier to play on any surface. Plus, the designs are really COOL, don’t you think?
  • Play Mat Storage Tubes (I love organization)
  • Deck Guards (kinda goes along with organization)

Historical Conquest Product Review

Why not make learning history fun? 🙂

  • Oops – I almost forgot to mention – learning while having fun is always a plus – and something else I like about this game.  When kids want to play, and have fun playing, they actually forget that they’re learning.  At least my kids do.
  • And because it’s a fun game, it’s also a bonding game.  My kids like playing it together – and we enjoy playing it together as a family.

In conclusion – you really might want to try this game!  🙂


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