iBrics Imagination Kit (STEM) Product Review

I came across a really cool, new product today and I’m so impressed that I’d like to share it with you.  What is it, and why am I so enthused?
Glad you asked! 🙂

iBrics is an intelligent building block system that provides hands on STEM learning opportunities.

iBrics experiments are designed to stimulate curiosity and teach fundamentals of core math and science concepts as well as basic electricity and electronics.  The experiments provide progressive challenges, build tangible physical solutions from abstract concepts, and develop critical thinking skills. Plus, the age-appropriate nature of the engineering design process (EDP) maintains a high “fun-factor”- iBrics are interactive, engaging, and can involve the entire family.  And your kids don’t need to know how to code to play with iBrics.  The modules come ready-to-play – most incorporate pre-programmed electronic circuits.

iBrics modules are compatible with each other, including future modules. Over 20 unique modules have been designed and manufactured; over 80 have been designed for future sets.

iBrics can also be integrated with other building blocks, such as Lego.  That’s really nice!

What is the first iBrics Learning set?  The Imagination Kit!

The Imagination Kit includes 8 iBrics modules, 10 experiments with guides, and a tutorial on the iBrics EDP.  The 8 modules include:

  1. Power Module: The power module connects to a computer USB port or to standard USB chargers to provide safe, low voltage power to iBrics modules.
  2. Switch Module: The momentary switch module provides a binary control signal to downstream iBrics modules.
  3. Breather Module: The microprocessor controlled Breather module provides a sine wave control signal to downstream modules. The Breather module includes a rotary controller to change the frequency of the output signal.
  4. White LED Module: The LED module uses a voltage follower Op-Amp to illuminate a white high intensity LED (light emitting diode).
  5. Speaker Module: The microprocessor controlled Speaker module has three modes. The first two modes play two different melodies. The third mode generates tones whose frequency is defined by the value of the input signal.
  6. Bar Graph Module: The microprocessor controlled Bar Graph module has a string of ten LEDs (four green, three yellow and three red LED’s) which illuminate based on the value of the input signal.
  7. Light Sensor Module: The Light Sensor module includes a light sensor, a controller to adjust sensitivity and an inverting Op-Amp. The output from the module is dependent on the intensity of the light detected by the sensor. A selector switch toggles the output from Bright: High Output to Bright: Low Output.
  8. Wire Module: The Wire module allows iBrics modules to be separated from each other, allowing students to build more creative artifacts or to better integrate with other elements in their solution.

iBrics Imagination Kit Product Review – Why do I want homeschoolers to know about iBrics?

  • With iBrics, students learn academic subjects such as math, science, technology, basic electronics, engineering and more.

The iBrics system also develops creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills – skills our kids need in their future.

  • I have five kids – all with different interests, and I can see the benefits of iBrics for all five of my kids. As you can imagine, that’s kinda HUGE!  🙂
  • iBrics experiments make use of familiar everyday experiences to teach and build understanding of underlying concepts.  I LOVE this!
  • For instance, the iBrics Gravity module and the accompanying experiments allow students to explore, understand, and learn how a Smart device knows which side is up. Another experiment uses the Light Sensor module to explore the auto brightness functionality of smart phone displays. (My kids love the phone experiments). And the iBrics conductivity module and accompanying tutorials let students compare apples and oranges.  Really!
  • As you can see, kids learn so much!
  • Parents do too.  We’ve had several family “Eureka” moments!
  • iBrics engages students (and their parents!).  This product provides hands on learning (which my kids love – and so do I).
  • I also appreciate the practicality of this product. iBrics modules are compatible with each other, including future modules.  New modules can be incorporated to expand learning opportunities. iBrics are also compatible with other building blocks – that’s pretty major.  We have a ton of LEGOs at our house (you too?), and using what we already have is an economical plus.
  • iBrics modules do not require any coding experience – but encourages your kids in STEM – so they’ll want to learn to code.  Yep, that’s the next step at our house!
  • This is a product that actually prepares your kids for tomorrow’s technologies and economy.

iBrics Imagination Kit Product Review – Where can you find iBrics?

In conclusion

I love this product (I think you will too).  

My kids love this product (and I bet yours will too).

It’s so educational!

It’s so fun!  

I like fun learning – especially when it’s STEM related.  Don’t you?


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iBrics Imagination Kit Product Review
  • iBrics Imagination Kit (STEM) Product Review

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