Learn Math Fast System Review

Learn Math Fast Review

I’m a Math Geek.  And honestly, I want my kids to be Math Geeks too.  So, I’m always looking for good Math resources – curriculum, story books, STEM projects, ANYTHING Math!  So, I was totally excited when I learned about the Learn Math Fast System – and given the opportunity to review it. So here is the Learn Math Fast System Review from How to Homeschool.

Normally, when I do a review, I start out with info about the company and then go into what I like about a product (and what I don’t like).  But this time, I’m going to mix things up a bit.  That’s because Learn Math Fast has A LOT to offer, and as a result, this review is a tad long.  Honestly, I’m worried you might not read to the end for all the reasons why we love it.  SO – FIRST I’m going to ooh and ahh a bit – and then I’m going to follow up with general info.  A little backwards, but bear with me.

So, here are many of the reasons our family loves the Learn Math Fast System:

  • The system focus on MATH – just MATH – and covers different MATH subjects in a logical, sequential order. I’m a fan of logical and sequential.
  • The books give thorough explanations and lots of examples.  Concepts are easy to grasp.  Yah!
  • The books  are self-directing – the system encourages independent learning. I LOVE to encourage independent learning – that’s one of the main reasons I’m homeschooling. So, these books are a total fit for our family.
  • Because the books are self-directing, there’s no need for an instructor or a Teacher’s Handbook (although you are involved, especially with Vol I).
  • All the answers and complete solutions are in the back of each book. If your child isn’t grasping a concept, having the full solution REALLY helps!  At least it does at our house!
  • Students are encouraged to look at the answers in the back of the book and to learn from their mistakes.  Again, this reinforces independent learning.
  • Students are encouraged to spend as much time on a lesson as they need – and to repeat lessons when necessary. Again independence (and self-evaluation/judgement) are being taught. I appreciate it when my daughter says, “I really need to look at this lesson again.”  It seems so mature to me.
  • With this system, a student can advance several grade levels in just one school year. That’s absolutely amazing! An older student can complete six books in about one year, but it may take several years for a younger student to learn all the material.  (Of course, everyone is different, so the actual time line varies between students.)  One of my kids is studying for the SAT and being able to cover so much material so quickly – and so effectively – well, it’s just wonderful!
  • After completing Volumes I-VII, a student is good-to-go and ready to take the SAT, ACT, GED, or any College Placement test.
  • This is a system that can grow with your child – if your child likes Vol I, she can easily move to Vol II, etc.  I always want resources that can grow with my child.  Continuity is a plus.
  • It works for all kids – whether they’re behind or gifted. It works for parents too! (I needed a Geometry refresher.)
  • It works for all learning styles.  This is so important when homeschooling kids that have different learning styles – like mine. I’m sure your kids have different learning styles too.

I admit it – I love these little stick figures!  There’s no reason to include them in the review – except that they make me smile  🙂

  • I’m a fan of manipulatives and supplemental resources –  if I LOVE a program, I frequently want all the extras to complement it.  So, as you can guess, I’m totally thrilled with the Geometry Kit, the Smart Cards and the Big Big Bookmark. (Technically, these aren’t extras – they come with the program – but you can purchase extras – and we have!)
  • It’s an economical program because the books can be re-used – one set can be purchased for an ENTIRE FAMILY! You can print extra worksheets and tests from the Learn Math Fast website – and the site also offers extra free printables.  I actually like my kids having their own workbook – even though it’s more expensive  – but I understand the value of having one set work for an ENTIRE FAMILY.  
  • The books are a good price/good value. You can purchase all seven volumes, Grades 1 – 12, for $289 or you can purchase the books individually for around $50 each.  And they have an introductory offer –

Buy Volume I for $45 and get Volume 2 for only $10 more – plus free shipping!

  • The books are of nice quality with wipeable covers, which is a  must in our home. My kids have a knack for spilling – and to be honest, I do too.
  • Every book comes with a full 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee (less shipping). I appreciate money-back guarantees.  It tells me the company believes in their product, stands behind their product – and the company has integrity.
  • I like supporting quality products from smaller companies (vs. big publishing houses).  And I like buying from U.S. companies that use American English in their text (otherwise my kids are always looking for the “misspelled” English words, which of course, aren’t misspelled at all – but it’s distracting.)  And triple whammy – this company is in my home state – so I’m supporting a local company as well.  What can I say, I’m a conscientious consumer.  My guess is –  you are too!

Now, on to general info about the company/products

The Learn Math Fast System is a series of seven books that teach 1st to 12th Grade Math – VERY QUICKLY! The company states that it’s not a supplemental or a stand-alone curriculum –  but something in between.  That’s because it has all the math your child NEEDS to know, but since there are a few topics missing (like how to tell time) it isn’t 100% stand-alone.  Your older child will find everything she needs, and for a younger child, you’ll just need to supplement a few things. As a homeschooler, I supplement all the time – so to me this isn’t a big deal.  The pluses of this program outweigh this very small minus – and really, I don’t think it’s a minus at all – it just is.

A Little Bit About Each Book


Volume I Teaches Math, and is for Grades 1-3, and for ALL students

Volume I covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – plus it gets into fractions.  Also included: place value, greater/less than, rounding, multiplying and dividing with decimal numbers, averages,  and U.S. measurement.

Per the Learn Math Fast System, ALL students (beginner – older students struggling in math), should start with Volume I.

Volume I is 8 1/2″ x 11″ with 277 pages.  Inside you’ll find 49 lessons and worksheets, 4 chapter review tests, a final test, and all answers.  Students should take as long as necessary on Volume I – as it’s the foundation for the following volumes – and for learning Math FAST!


Volume II Teaches 4th and 5th Grade Math

Volume II covers the following topics – adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers, improper fractions, reducing fractions, cross canceling, reading a ruler, decimal numbers, percentages, replacing words with math symbols, and negative numbers.

Volume II has 160 pages which includes 23 lessons and worksheets,  3 chapter review tests, a final test, and all answers.  It can easily be completed in just a month or two.

Once a student masters the first two volumes, s/he will have all the tools necessary to start learning Pre-Algebra.


Volume III Starts with an Intro to 6 – 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Volume III begins by explaining WHAT  IS  X and HOW TO SOLVE FOR X. Additional topics include ratios, proportions, exponents, square roots, terms, expressions, like terms, order of operations, distributive property of multiplication, graphs, the y-intercept, slopes and linear equations.

Volume III has 157 pages with 25 lessons and worksheets, 3 chapter review tests, a final test, and full solutions/answers.

Volume III can usually be completed in about three months at only an hour a day.


Volume IV is 3rd – 7th Grade Basic Geometry

Volume IV comes with a math kit of manipulatives (I LOVE the manipulatives!) to help students visualize geometric shapes and tricks.  Topics include:  angles, lines, the 3 special triangles, area, circumference, diameter, perimeter, radius, hypotenuse, Pythagorean Theorem, volume, pi, (and why pi) and the metric system.

Volume IV is 139 pages and includes 21 lessons and worksheets, 5 chapter review tests, a final test, and full solutions/answers.

A student who completes the first four volumes has a solid understanding of math up to the 8th Grade level and is ready for Algebra.

Volumes V and VI teach Algebra I and II

Volume V covers Algebra I with a special focus on quadratic equations and formulas. Topics include terminology, absolute value, terms with exponents, simplifying expressions, multiplying and dividing terms with exponents, square roots, cube roots, Laws of Algebra, multiplying polynomials, factoring polynomials, factoring out a common factor, prime factorization, quadratic equations, a perfect square, completing the square, quadratic formula, and intro to functions.

Volume V has 243 pages, 36 lessons and worksheets, 7 chapter review tests, a final test, and all answers and  full solutions.

This book takes about 4-5 months to complete.

Volume VI teaches how to BUILD an equation in order to solve advanced story problems/difficult problems similar to those found on the SAT.  Topics covered – probability, inequalities, mixture problems, quadratic equations, simultaneous solutions, distance formula, and similar triangles.

There are 232 pages with color ink added to create a color coded system to help students read/understand Algebra.


Volume VII covers High School Geometry

Volume VII covers High School Geometry in 30 lessons.  Topics include supplementary and complementary angles, congruent triangles, proofs, theorems, postulates, sine, cosine, tangent trig functions, interior and exterior angles of polygons, how to find the area of a polygon, and what an apothem is, quadrilaterals and circles including arcs, chords, secant and tangent lines.


The seven books can be purchased separately or as a group. 

Each volume is self-contained; complete with worksheets, answers, and tests.   

A teacher’s guide is not required.

Sample pages for Volumes I – VII can be found here – http://learnmathfastbooks.com/sample-pages.html

Not sure which book your child needs?  The company offers a free placement test – http://learnmathfastbooks.com/placement-test-i.html


Want to check out some of our pics below –

As mentioned, these manipulatives are WONDERFUL!


And here are examples of lessons

(I apologize – I cut off the bottom of a few pages)


Learning Math FAST – what a great idea – and what a great curriculum! 

I honestly think we’re going to use it for years and years.


Thank you for checking out the Learn Math Fast System Review from How to Homeschool!

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